Revlon Moon Candy – Meteor

Very quick post today, with the last of my recent frenzy of Moon Candy wearing.  This is Meteor

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Meteor is a dark olive green, a real murky colour with a green and gold flakie top coat.  This is actually one of my favourites.  The topper here applies more smoothly than some of the others in the range, meaning extra thick coats of top coat are not required.

Anyway, the base creme is almost a one coater, like the rest of the range.  Although I did two to prevent streaking when applying the top coat.  Its worth waiting until the base colour is dry before applying the topper, otherwise the colour drags and you get light spots.  But this one was a dream to apply.  I used Seche Clear as a base and Seche Vite as my top coat.

Revlon Moon Candy can be found in larger Boots stores for £7.99 or via their website.  They aren’t listed on the Revlon UK site, but you can see the range on the US site here but note only seven shades appear on the Boots website currently.

Have you picked up any yet?


Revlon Moon Candy

Now that my beloved Revlon Moon Candy polishes are available in the UK, I thought a recap post was in order.  I haven’t swatched every single one in my collection, but I have collated what I have below for your quick reference.

1. Galactic.  Dark navy polish, blue/green shiny topper

2. Orbit. Deep purple polish teamed with blue and purple topper.

3. Milky Way.  Dark gray creme with a silver and holo topper.

4. Moon Dust.  Black creme with a green and goldy flakie topper.  This one is less flakie and more glittery than the others.

5. Satellite.  Wine red creme with pink and gold topper.

6. Meteor. Olive green with a blue green topper.


Just to recap on availability, Revlon have FINALLY released these into the UK market.  As first seen on British Beauty Blogger these can now be purchased in Boots for £7.99, along with the Neon Nail Art sister polishes.

Which ones catch your eye?

New Things I have Spotted #47 – Invogue, Revon & Sinful Colors

My oh my, have I seen some things you are gonna L.O.V.E!!

First up, a new range to Superdrug Invogue, a budget line with its range of effects polish including concrete, suede and feather (last one not pictured below)


Now its getting exciting, with MORE new Revlons appearing in the larger Boots stores and online. Firstly, Revlon Moon Candy. RRP £7.99 each


Secondly, Revlon Nail Art Neons. RRP £7.99 here too. Just LOOK at the green and orange!!



Finally, Revlon Nail Art Expressionist. Again, RRP £7.99


And, finally for this edition of Spotted! Sinful Colors land in the UK! RRP £1.99 each. I caved and bought two, along with a Revlon in the current 3 for 2 offer.


What do you think about the new ranges and what catches your eye??

Revlon Moon Candy – Galactic

A US friend who I keep stocked in Barry M recently sent me the three outstanding polishes from the Revlon Moon Candy Collection.  As you can imagine I was thrilled with them, so here is the first one of the three.  Galactic.

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Now I know I have said it before, but my word, the quality of these base polishes is amazing.  This one is a dark blue, a really deep rich navy colour.  It is a true one coater and drying time was excellent.  The Moon Candy part is a blue flakie mix and you put this over the top of the dry base colour.  I love this one, it provides a super pop of glitz and bling.  It is a little bit tricky to work with as the little flakes are quite bit in places and so they have a tendency to point up and catch on things.  I coated with Seche Vite and then as it got a bit tracky I pressed the raised ends down into the drying Seche.  I would say you either need to spend time getting it to lie flat or you go for two thick coats of Seche.

I jus tlove these effects and it is a shame that you cannot just buy the nail toppers on their own, but beacuse the base colour is so amazing it is totally worth it.

Now, there is some EXCITING news for us UK gals.  No longer are these polishes reliant on you having an amzing US Nail pal.  Revlon have FINALLY releassed these into the UK market.  As first seen on British Beauty Blogger these can now be purchased in Boots for £7.99, along with the Neon Nail Art sister polishes.

Revlon Moon Candy – Moon Dust

This is a little beauty I picked up from my trip to the US last year, but I hadn’t got around to taking pictures of it but the second time I didn’t forget.  I have a bit of a thing for these doble ended Revlons and I only need a couple of Moon Candy Polishes to make my collection complete.  The other nice (and timely) thing is that Revlon have updated their US website with all these double polishes or Nail Art as some of them are classed.  So, for your perusal, click on the highlights for the Revlon page.  Moon Candy, Nail Art Expressionist and Nail Art Neon.

Anyway, onto the polish pictures!

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First, I base coated with Seche Clear, then added one coat of the black.  The formula on the creme is fantastic, thick and a real one coater.  Plus it dries well and evenly.  Then once dry, you pop over the shiny sparkly part.  In this case, it is a green shimmer, glitter and flakie mix.  It looks awesome over the black, seriously awesome.  Its a bit on the gloopy side, so I did two thin coats and when the glitter was a tad thin in places, I used the dotting/blobbing technique.  Once dry, which didn’t take as long as I thought, I added a thick coat of Seche Vite.  It is a slightly bit bumpy in places but nothing a good top coat cannot overcome.

I think my only negative comment, is that these are quite small bottles.  I know you get two, but I have a LOT of black cremes and it would be great if Revlon would do just the top glitter coat on its own.  Maybe they will, but obviously the colour pairing they have put together work well.

If you live in the US, you can purchase these directly via the Revlon links above or in drugstores.  In the UK and Europe, you are reliant on a US based pal or eBay (where I have seen some but lets not forget the US postal rates have recently gone up significantly).  I really want to complete the set now, including the pink!

Revlon Moon Candy – Satellite

Another Moon Candy post for you today.  This one is Satellite, a lovely deep red creme polish with a pinky/golden flakie top coat.  Goodness these Revlons have just captured my heart!!  We have already seen Orbit  and Milky Way

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Now, I experienced significant shrinkage with my Seche top coat.  It is a bit gloopy and so I may need to invest in some Seche Restore (do let me know in the comments if you have used Restore before) because I will not leave half a bottle of perfectly useable topcoat.  I think the fact it is that gloopy has made tip wear worse than usual as I often only see a little bit of it, if any at all.

But all that aside.  Wow, this is a lovely deep maroon red creme.  A one coater.  One coat.  Yes, one.  Just one.  Amazing.  Why this formula isn’t part of the main Revlon line, who knows.  Great drying time and fab colour.  Then the top coat really brings home the bling.  Love it.  Really happy with this look, no sharp little bits which a thick (and in my case gloopy) coat of Seche.

US only Ltd Edition. But they are starting to appear in swap groups and blog sales if you keep your eyes out.

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Revlon Moon Candy – Orbit

Up today is the second of my recent acqusitions from the Revlon Moon candy range.  I’m such a sucker for these double ended polishes.  This is orbit, a dark purple creme polish with a blue flakie overcoat.

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The actual creme polish with this one is fantastic, really good, again like the last one, almost a one coater.  I am very impressed.  It dried well and levelled off well.  You can see in the pictures how dark and intense the purple is, lovely in its own right.  The top coat layer does make the blue tones in the purple come up.  I suppose you could call it burple.  It does take a bit of careful application here to make sure that the bits in the top coat are evenly spread, but I hope you can agree it is worth it.  The depth of colour and effect isn’t really picked up in the images, but it is incredibly eye catching.

I used my trusty Essie all-in-one base coat and top coated with a good thick coat of Hong Kong Girl (which you can buy HERE!).  Wear was great, I got a few days out of it with minimal tip wear before I changed my polish.  Love it, love Moon Candy.

Sadly, these only seem to be available on US Shores and from what I understand are limited edition.  Do you have any or have seen something similar?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Revlon Moon Candy – Milky Way

For today’s post, I have a polish from a collection I have been simply LUSTING over, ever since I saw the first images of them.  We are back to one of my favourite polish brands in Revlon.  These Moon Candy polishes are just so cute, eye catching and enticing.  I was very fortunate to arrange a swap with a lovely fellow polish fan in the US.  In return for some Barry M’s and a few other assorted UK brands, I got what you see below.


Milky Way is the second polish up from the bottom.  What you get is a super lovely double ended polish, with a creme polish in one end and a sparkly flakie-ish or glitter top coat in the other end.  In Milky Way you get a lovely super saturated gray polish that is simply wonderful.  It is almost a one coater and the colour in it is fabulous. It is a dark cement gray and dried darker on the nail than in the bottle.

The Top Coat is made up of lots of little silver shards in a clear base.  Application was a bit tricker here, but a good dollop followed by a careful spreading of the glitter worked well.  Also, a word to the wise, make sure that shards are flat as they are actually quite painful if they stick up and you accidentally gouge yourself. However, they certainly amp up the look on the nail and they are so sparkly and eye catching.

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I just love these double ended sticks, I’m not sure if they are still available in the US as I understand that they limited editions.  So if you have a US polish buddies, you had better shout out quick or start stalking blog sales….

What do you think?  A gimmick too far?