Revlon Moon Candy

Now that my beloved Revlon Moon Candy polishes are available in the UK, I thought a recap post was in order.  I haven’t swatched every single one in my collection, but I have collated what I have below for your quick reference.

1. Galactic.  Dark navy polish, blue/green shiny topper

2. Orbit. Deep purple polish teamed with blue and purple topper.

3. Milky Way.  Dark gray creme with a silver and holo topper.

4. Moon Dust.  Black creme with a green and goldy flakie topper.  This one is less flakie and more glittery than the others.

5. Satellite.  Wine red creme with pink and gold topper.

6. Meteor. Olive green with a blue green topper.


Just to recap on availability, Revlon have FINALLY released these into the UK market.  As first seen on British Beauty Blogger these can now be purchased in Boots for £7.99, along with the Neon Nail Art sister polishes.

Which ones catch your eye?


Revlon Moon Candy – Moon Dust

This is a little beauty I picked up from my trip to the US last year, but I hadn’t got around to taking pictures of it but the second time I didn’t forget.  I have a bit of a thing for these doble ended Revlons and I only need a couple of Moon Candy Polishes to make my collection complete.  The other nice (and timely) thing is that Revlon have updated their US website with all these double polishes or Nail Art as some of them are classed.  So, for your perusal, click on the highlights for the Revlon page.  Moon Candy, Nail Art Expressionist and Nail Art Neon.

Anyway, onto the polish pictures!

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First, I base coated with Seche Clear, then added one coat of the black.  The formula on the creme is fantastic, thick and a real one coater.  Plus it dries well and evenly.  Then once dry, you pop over the shiny sparkly part.  In this case, it is a green shimmer, glitter and flakie mix.  It looks awesome over the black, seriously awesome.  Its a bit on the gloopy side, so I did two thin coats and when the glitter was a tad thin in places, I used the dotting/blobbing technique.  Once dry, which didn’t take as long as I thought, I added a thick coat of Seche Vite.  It is a slightly bit bumpy in places but nothing a good top coat cannot overcome.

I think my only negative comment, is that these are quite small bottles.  I know you get two, but I have a LOT of black cremes and it would be great if Revlon would do just the top glitter coat on its own.  Maybe they will, but obviously the colour pairing they have put together work well.

If you live in the US, you can purchase these directly via the Revlon links above or in drugstores.  In the UK and Europe, you are reliant on a US based pal or eBay (where I have seen some but lets not forget the US postal rates have recently gone up significantly).  I really want to complete the set now, including the pink!

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish Haul

If you read a lot of nail blogs, like I do, then you can’t have missed lots of posting about the new mini Max Factor Max Effects polishes for Spring 2012.  In particular, one is getting a LOT of attendion, No. 45 Fantasy Fire.  Seems this one is akin to ‘Unicorn Pee’ aka Clarins 230.

So I pick up some bottles for myself this weekend, and out of the selection on the stand, four reached out to me.

No 41 Metorite, a sparkly lilac with a deep shimmer

No 42 Moon Dust, an iridescent light purple with a hint of gray/green

No 44 Graffitti, a metallic teal with shimmer

No 45 Fantasy Fire, an iridescent puple/pink/rose that has the most amazing colour shifts.

Swatches to follow, but check out the pretty pictures!

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