Sinful Colors – Mystery Moonshine Fall 2014

Earlier this week, I showed you Echo Dark, one of my US purchases.  I also picked up a number of glitter toppers, including this Sinful Colors.  This is part of the Fall/Halloween 2014 releases and I nearly died when I saw them as I had seen them on a number of US blogs and REALLY wanted it.

Anyway, here is Mystery Moonshine.

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This is a shard topper, so its pieces of glitter material but its not glitter.  Hope that makes sense!  Its made up of orange, blue and green pieces, the blue does have purple tendencies.  Its not the same as the toppers from the Revlon Moon Dust polishes, where there are iridescent shards in the translucent base.

It was surprisingly easy to use, what you see about it two thin coats over Echo Dark an then sealed in with one of the Essence Better than Gel Nails top coat (I’m using up half bottles of top coats now…. trying to clear some space!)  What was great, was that none of the shard bits stuck up annoyingly or folded over to create lumps on the nail.

Wish I had seen more shard toppers, there are super unusual and I don’t have any others in my stash.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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