Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Mythe

Another older Chanel for you today, this is the very lovely Mythe.  I have no idea when this was released but its been part of my stash for many many years……

Lets go straight to the pics

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This is just stunning, a classic Chanel edition where the colours and finish are just a bit different.  Its a glorious wine colour rippled with a vivid violet, it really sings in the bottle shots.  What you will notice is that that lovely ripple doesn’t come out as strongly on the nail.  It is visible in person, but its nowhere near as intense as you might hope.  However, that aside, formula is just lovely (even after all these year) and I used three thin coats over Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu!  I did top this one with a thick coat of Dior Gel Top Coat as I find it works exceptionally well with older Chanel Le Vernis.

Hope you like this, what are your favourite older Chanels?