Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons – Chic Chartreuse

I really really wasn’t going to buy the Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons collection – I mean what do I want with pinks??? Or pasteley neons for that matter.  But there they sat on the shelves, taunting me and then fellow bloggers started posting awesome swatches and I was hooked.  Had to have them.  In fact I got all four in one of those BOGOFF sales in my local Boots.  But anyway, I digress….. this is Chic Chartreuse.

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Ahhh just look at it!  So pretty on the nail, unlike in the bottle when its a bit *meh*

Formula was OK, it is a bit streaky, but this is two coats applied carefully.  When I looked closely I could see the odd dragging/bald spot, but seriously I can live with that.  Drying time was on the quick side and these do try a bit matted.  So I used some G&G HG Girl to top coat that to a glossy shine.  Underneath I’ve been using Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer as my base and it does seem to be reducing the incidence of nail peeling and splitting.  I may even get them a bit longer!

I have still seen these about, about they are limited edition, so if you want them, strike now.  There are four in the collection and I have worn them all (yes even the pink) and I do also think that they would make a nice base for some nail art or stamping too.

Do you have this?  Or did you give them a miss?  Let me know in the comments!

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Milani Neon – Awesome Orange

Ugh, the weather here is awful.  Rain rain and more rain.  How depressing.  The only positive is that is is not snow.  So todays polish is a kick back against that and this one is one of the last few from the US nail haul.

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Awesome Orange is just that, an awesome orange shade that is very neon.  In fact, the pictures really do not pick up on how neon it is.  If I had put it over white, I am sure it would be very intense.  Formula was good, just a tad on the watery side, but what you see above it three thin coats of polish.  As with lots of neon polishes it does dry slightly matte so I pop on a good coat of G&G HK Girl to make it shin.

The other thing worth noting is that the slight visible nail line you can see in one or two of the images is not so apparent in person.  I do love a good orange and this one is a good one.

What is your favourite orange shade?  Let me know in the comments!

Things I bought in the US

As promised, here are my purchases from my recent trip to the US.  We had a wonderful time, lots of things to see and do and I got to visit my first Harmon’s – very exciting! First up, some pics of the ranges I was hoping to see.  First up, Revlon Parfumerie.  I just love these. 20131214-121934.jpg Then, more Revlon.  With the new Matte effects and Sun Candy ranges. 20131214-121949.jpg Followed by new Wet N Wild megarocks! 20131214-121959.jpg And now my purchases…..I’m going to add links to other blogs, in particular Nouveau Cheap, so that you can see the full range.  These are all US polishes and for Europe/UK ladies, you either need a trip to the US, a swap buddy or a look on eBay to get your hands on these.

These are the Color Shows I picked up, from the top Beaming Blue, Crushed Crimson and Amethyst Couture from the larger US Brocades range, beneath them Styled Out from the Denim Range and Dotty from the US Polka Dots range. 20131214-103256.jpg Here we have my first new Covergirl polish in 315 Timless Rubies, Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer in Cinny Sweet (see the Fall 2013 range here), Wet N Wild megarocks in Slap the Bass and Milani Neon in Awesome Orange.20131214-103313.jpg No judging… I’m still not done…  L’Oreal in Hidden Gems and I Like it Chunky from the Gold Dust collection. 20131214-103306.jpg More Sally Hansen goodies now, from the top right Fa-La-La-Lavender (Holiday 2013), Satin Glam in Silk Onyx and Sun Sheen (rest of the range here), Insta-Dry in Chop Chop Copper (Fall 2013).  Beneath them Twinkle Toes-ty (Holiday 2013) and Xtreme Wear in Rosey Shooter, Sea-ly String, Frazzle Dazzle and Green Rocket from the Fall 2013 range (see more info here) 20131214-103233.jpg I’m very excited to try out these two from the new Sephora X collection.  This is Spark and Bombshell. 20131214-103248.jpg And then, finally…. more Revlon.  Parfumerie in Autumn Spice and Winter Mint, Revlon Elusive, Revlon Sun Candy in Lava Flame and some spider nail art stencils that I think are Halloween 2012 or 2013 (sale item). 20131214-103242.jpg So there you have it.  My addiction laid bare.  Anything catch your eye and what you would like to see first??  Hit me up in the comments!

Revlon – Ultra Violet

And I’m back from holiday!  Did you miss me?  Buy any good polish??  Let me know what you have been up to in the comments section!

This is a polish I received in a swap with a US buddy,  as I *may* have mentioned (a million times before) I am a SUCKER for these double ended Revlon polishes.  We have already seen the double tone French sets arrive on UK shores.  But the Neons are super lovely.

Image from

This is Ultra Violet, the purple tinged neon from the collection.  Now I know its not the most Neon of the collection, those will come as I have the blue one, the yellow one and the darker orange one.

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What you get are two polishes in one, first you apply the white base coat and then you apply the neon polish on the top of that.  The idea being that the white base helps the neon pop and prevent hideous staining.  The white polish in this pair it quite thick and gloopy, it also dries super quickly and so speed is of the essence here.  It does take two coats to get an even coat, which you will need so that your neon polish does not look streaky.  As it is thick, double coating whilst tacky causes nail drag.  So give it time to dry.

Once your base is good (and I hear from other polish fiends that is an excellent white polish as a base or for stamping) apply the neon colour, in this case, Ultra Violet.  This is a vivid rich plum colour, very close to the colour in the publicity shots.  This was much easier to apply and two good coats provided good coverage. I used CND Stickey as my base with this one.

Again, I found it dried really quickly and had a slightly matte finish.  I used my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat to make it really shiny and lovely.  I did experience tip wear quite quickly, but I think the colour is lovely and I’m happy with the finished look.  Tip wear isn’t such an issue for me as I tend to change my polishes every 24 to 48 hours.

This is my first foray into Neons properly, so I’m happy with it, even with a gloopy base coat.  I am looking forward to trying the other three I have in my possession.

What other neon polishes would you recommend?

New Things I have Spotted #7 – Nails Inc & Barry M

Its that time of the year when every visit into a store brings something new, its exciting but potentially hard on the wallet.  Here are some more things I have Spotted! on my travels about.


Here are the new Neons from Nails Inc the colour of these was Pop! Hello!  Already the green was decimated, so obviously popular.  Still no sign of the Fishnet Magnetic Polish is Green.  They also seem very popular on the website with little availability.


Finally, more Barry M.  These are three of the four new polishes released along with the Magnetics Collection.  The fourth one, not shown, is a copper with a green sparkle in it.  Sounds mad, but its super pretty will try to get pics to prove it.  The ones about are Teal, an iridescent purple and a black with sparkles.

Edit – I’m wearing Nicole by OPI, Shoot for the Maroon in the image above, just a fyi and all that…..