Spotted! New Essence The Gel Nail

I was in quite a large Wilcos and having seen a new leader for The Gel Nails, I thought it best (for you my dear reader natrually) to pop by the Essence stand and see if the Gel Nails had actually landed. And they had! Along with some of the other new products….

So first up, just to say that this Wilcos has two bays making up it Essence display, so you may need to either visit a stand alone pop up or a larger store to get a bigger range.

As you can see, the whole top row on this bay and the next, is given over to the new polishes.  Every polish is the Essence core range is now a Gel Polish.    Here you can see is still includes the special finishes, such as the matte one you can see above.  Here you can also see the base and top coat needed to make the nails Gel.  The price point is excellent, polish is £1.60 and the top and base are £2.50 each. Also new to the stand, and I’m only focussing on the nail items here, are updated top coats.  From the left, holo glitter, sparkle sand, satin-matt, pastel ombre and the (not new) crackle top coat.  NB if you want to see all the new products, you can on this page on the Essence Website. Above you can see the wider range of pastel shades – these are not gel polishes, it appears to be the core range with the little colour cap that match the polish inside.

And finally, just another shot of the two required base and top coats for the Gel Nails.  This does mean that

I did pick up a few things, namely two gel polishes, the top and base coat for the gel nails, the ombre nail topper, the holo glitter topper and a foil transfer liquid (not picutred).  I have one of the gel nails on now for a wear text, so pop back in the next week or so, or sign up to alerts either by following me via email or through one of the links below.

Anything catch your eye?  Have you picked up any of these new items yet?

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New Essence products

I just received an email from Essence with some of the new products coming out this autumn and I thought you might want to see some of them.  I’ve picked a few bits from the email, but do go onto the Essence website to look out for new and forthcoming products!  There are some additions to the colour & go line and some new additions for nail art – lots to pick from!

First up, Thermo Nail Polish. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first available in the high street thermo polish! Exciting!!

weather expert! this nail polish reacts to outside temperature changes and changes color accordingly. and the color-change works the other way around, too. cool nail polishes with a guaranteed wow-effect!

electrified effects! exciting and fashionable effects like glitter jewels, sugar in metallic, sparkling or jeans style, a holographic shimmer and polka dots combined with bright colors like rose, turquoise, blue, pink or grey-black conjure-up unique nail styles. the nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch!

colour explosion! the huge colour & go range has the beloved gel-shine finish with a highly intensive shine and an extremely short drying time for perfectly polished nails in a flash! the patented quick & easy brush is particularly flat for an even easier application. the 8ml bottle has a cool essence design – with the usual colour-coded cap in the corresponding nail polish colour.

fabulous foils! these nail foils bring cool graffiti styles straight to your nails. and here’s how it works: apply the transfer solution on your nails and wait for 80-90 seconds. separate a piece of the foil and press it onto your nail with the shiny side up. remove the foil again and seal with a top coat – and you’re done! repeat this step for each nail. totally creative and unique!

shake it! the name of this top coat says it all. simply shake the bottle of shake me! i’m pretty top coat to mix the cool holographic glitter particles with the texture. apply the top coat over any nail polish for an extra portion of bling.

I’m very excited about these hand cremes, but I think they are not going to be available via UK outlets.  perhaps the online essence store might be the best place for these as they sound awesome!

There are also some new mascaras and some additions to the lovely metal glam eye shadows (I have more than one women ever needs!)  And some more trend editions, images below!

All the new products can be found here, what catches your eye?

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