New Things I Have Spotted #63 – Revlon Chalkboard Nails, Barry M, Collection, Dior Winter 2013, Nail Crush, Nicole by OPI Gumdrops & L’Oreal Nails A Porter

Lots of new things for you all today! First up, I headed straight to the Revlon stand to see if the new Chalkboard nails were out – they are.  Man they are cute, what with the double ended bottles, the glass being slightly frosted and just generally being Revlon.  As we saw in this post, these are also available online in for £7.99



In the next bay along I spotted these new limited edition Barry M’s – one on the left very sparkly and the one on the right is festive bar glitter.20131019-155208.jpg

Also new to the shelves is the just released Gothic Glam by Collection. Great shades for halloween and vampy nails!20131019-155218.jpg

New winter 2013 Dior Rouges, four lovely shades of amazing reds.  Something for everyone here!  The whole range can be seen here on the Selfridges site.


This is my favourite!  Nuit 1947 – simply stunning


Moving onto new things, finally the 1D Nail Crush sets are out.  As suspected, they are just a polish with a pot of glitter.  20131019-155248.jpg

Then, yet more excitement in the Superdrug Nicole by OPI stand.  GUMDROPS!! Well almost… seems the stand has been prepped but no actual stock in my Superdrug.  Can’t wait for these, really want My Cherry Amour!20131019-155258.jpg

L’Oreal Nails A Porter are now out.  These are meant to be flexible false nails so they last longer.  Some cute designs, but I don’t think I will be buying.20131019-155308.jpg


So there we go, lots of new things to get checking out.  Anything catch your eye?


New Things I Have Spotted #60 – Nicole By OPI, L’Oreal, Models Own & Free Nails Inc

Yet more items sneaking out onto the shelves in the UK this week…

First up in the new-ish Nicole By OPI stands in Superdrug, the new Selena Gomez colours.  Very summery but its nice to have access to NOPI easily for once even at £7.99.


Then I noticed the new L’Oreal Collection Privee.  Lots of nude tones for your nails and lips, nice packaging but just not my colour bag.20130906-204108.jpg

Also in Boots, a bit of an instore promo.  Buy some Max White Toothpaste, get a matte or gloss red Nail Inc nail polish.



New Models Own hitting the high street, both the Velvet Goth and Firework collections are now out.  Good offer in Boots too, buy one get one half price.


20130906-204135.jpgFinally, more Seventeen polishes.  Something called Quicker Slicker Colour….


So there you have it, some new items out and scarily offer panels that refer to Christmas gifts.

Anything catch your eye?  Let me know!

New Things I Have Spotted #51 – Bourjois, Barry M, Nicole by OPI, NYC Color

Bumper edition of Spotted for you today. Lots of new things spotted on shelves.

So first up I saw this empty stand, which piqued my interest….


Then I saw them on the shelf.  Basically Fish Egg/Bead Manicures. Some nice colour combos, first one on the left is red and gold, then pink and silver and then blue and silver. More on the Bourjois website.


New limited edition Barry M Nail Polish – these are the Superdrug ones, a lime green and a hot pink.


And then my first spot of the new Barry M Confetti polishes.


AND THEN!  A whole new Nicole by OPI stand.  How exciting!!  This is in Superdrug.


Finally some NYC Color Foil Explosion polishes.  There are five in the release, but there were only two when I saw these. £1.99 each too, so a bit of a bargain.



See anything that catches your eye or anything from a recent haul??

Chanel Azure comparisons & dupes

Just a quick couple of comparisons for you of the new Chanel Azure.


In both images, Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab is on the left and on the right is Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus.


I think the closest one is Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab, it might be a shade or two darker but I don’t think there is much in it.  Iceberg Lotus is a touch more Jade and not as aqua as the other two.

What do you think?  Seen any good dupes?

Nicole by OPI – Keeping up with Santa


I know we are already in Jan, but I have a Christmas polish that I must just share with you.  This is from the Christmas 2012 Kardashian Kolors by Nicole by OPI. Its a beautiful cherry red, perfect for the holidays and is SUCH a santa colour.  Its a dream of a polish (and a nightmare to photograph).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Formula was lovely on this, what you see above it two coats.  I based with Nailtiques 2 (still having the soft, peeling nails – thanks Winter!) and top coated with Seche Vite.  Consistency was great, providing great coverage and its jellie like.  It has a soft sparkle within it giving a wonderful depth of colour.  It is just so Christmas in colour, I got several comments on it whilst I was wearing it.  Plus, I was able to wear it for several days without noticeable tip wear.

What do you think?  What is your favourite Christmas red??

Nicole by OPI – Listen to Your Mom-ager

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One polish, two looks is the name of todays post.  First up we have a Kardashian Kolor polish from their first run of polishes.  Listen to Your Mom-ager is a lovely, royal blue with a shimmer and a foil like quality to it.  In the bottle it screams majestic colour.  What you see above are two good coats of polish.  It had a good consistency and flows well off the brush.  Drying time was average, but a good coat of Hong Kong Girl top coat made it rock hard in minutes.  I really love it, I have other blues in my collection but nothing quite as blue intense as this.

Anyway, after a couple of days, I decided to put some glitter over the mani to make it last a bit longer as I loved the colour.  What you can see in the images is Sonnetarium Snowflake, a lovely lovely, glitter top coat.  Made up of white glitter, small sparkles and general loveliness.  This is one coat over my Listen to Your Mon-ager mani.  Love it, can’t wait to get this over more polishes.

And finally, a word of caution.  Despite base coating, I experience significant staining with Listen to Your Momager.  Serious staining, I was close to tears.  However, two runs of polish remover and a bit of buffing, all was good in the nail world.

In the UK, Kardashian Kolors can be bought through Lena White for £9.  Sonnetarium is available through their Etsy Shop and prices vary depending on the bottle size and shipping.  If you live outside the US, then do contact the store to make arrangements for purchasing.

Any suggestions for what I could try Snowfall over next?

Nicole by OPI – Its All About The Glam

Yet more habit breaking here… another light colour *gasp* what I have to show you today is another Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor polish.  This is a lovely, white, with an understated shimmer.  I’ve had this one knocking about for a bit and pulled it out of the stash.

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The formula is not bad, it can be a bit gloopy, but what you can see here is four thin coats to build up opacity.  It dried well between coats and all you need is a bit of patience.  The shimmer is very subtle but works well when we have *cough* sun in the UK, which isn’t often let me assure you.  Base was CND Stickey and top coat is my beloved Hong Kong Girl.


L to R; Chanel Attraction, Nicole by OPI It’s All About The Glam

So, a quite comparison for you, with the only other white in my collection.  Attraction is pearlescent against the shimmer of Its All About the Glam.  And Attraction has a very discrete pink tone.  So not the same.  Nope.  Not at all….

In the UK, Kardashian Kolor’s can be purchased through Lena White where they will set you back £9

Would you wear a white like this?

Nicole by OPI – I’m in a Pool for Love

I recently had a lovely swap with the fabulous ZedleyQ, she’s been on a little break but is now back and blogging it! She filled up my swap box with all sorts of wonderful goodies including some Cake Beauty Hand Scrub, see below, and a whole raft of wonderful polishes.

Click the image to visit the Cake Beauty website

Anyway, in my lovely swap box, was this fabulous colour I am about to show you now, by Nicole by OPI. I’ve never seen this one before, and boy, is it a beauty! As I mentioned to some polish friends, I wondered how close this was in colour to the Sally Hansen Loves Me Not limited edition that was recently out. I have both, so a short comparison will follow.

This is a fantastic deep blue polish with hints of copper, red and purple in a duochrome shimmer. Its a complete stunner! Formula was good, what you see here is three thin coats. First coat looked exceptionally patchy, second coat gave the depth seen in the bottle and the third coat really brings out the shimmer. The only downside is that the effect in the bottle is not as apparent as on the nail, but it a small downside let me assure you.

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I used Seche Retain AND CND Stickey as a dual base (I’d heard the Sally Hansen stains like a….) and then my Hong Kong Girl top coat. Wear was great, 4 days later only one small chip. Love this colour. From what I can tell this was one of the 2011 releases and is not available through the UK Nicole reseller Lena White.

What do you think?  Below are some comparison posts, you can click on them to make them bigger, should these just be in the slideshow or should I have them laid out individually?


L to R; I’m in a Pool for Love, Sally Hansen Loves Me Not, Hard Candy Beetle, MAC Formidable!



Comparison with Models Own Purple Blue

Nicole by OPI – Smile for the Glam-era

For todays post, I have another Kardashian Kolor for you.  This one is from the second release which for some reason is not on the Nicole website, but there we go.

This little gem is Smile for the Glam-era, a deep intense purple/maroon shimmer.  And its a complete stunner.  Now I will be honest here, the first time I put this on, I made a complete bodge job of all 10 nails.  They looked awful.  The colour rocked, but my nails looked awful.  So I took it off and tried again.  This time was much more satisfying.

Now, if you have another other Nicole polishes, you will know that they now have a new brush which is tapered at the end to provide a clean line.  None of the Kardashian Kolor polishes I have have that brush.  Which I think is odd.  Because the brush is great!  The brush with this one is OK, its the same as Khloe had a Little Lam Lam, but the formula is probably a couple of notches down from that perfection.

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In terms of formula, this one is a bit gloopier and thicker.  I think I struggled the first time around because I was tired and I had bad lighting.  I should know better really…  Anyway, just be a bit careful putting it on as it suddenly blobs and goes everywhere.  However, the pay off is in the KILLER colour.  Look at it, its lovely isn’t it?? In the light it has a great depth of colour, the shimmer really takes this to the next level.

I just love the Kardashian Kolors, I may just have to collect them all.  If you are in the UK and want them, your best best is either Lena White (the UK OPI reseller), where they are £9, or try you luck on eBay.  In the US, you can get them from a variety of places, although worth checking as some were only issued into certain stores.

Nicole by OPI – Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam

I am a VERY lucky girl. I’m bumping this post up to today because I have some of the best polish buddies ever.

Let me tell you a quick tale – I’m in a polish group on Facebook, all women who love polish in all its forms very very much.  They are all dolls.  In this group, every so often we have a secret bunny polish swap.  In our case, two people coordinate and allocate Secret Bunnies to people.  Then you go out and buy stuff based on their likes, a quick questionnaire, wish lists and daily questions.  Its SUCH fun.

My Secret Bunny turned out to to be my Polish Picking Princess.  I am thrilled beyond words with her thoughtfulness with her package of goodies.  Not only was there polish, and LOTS of them, but make up and pedicure products.  I am spoiled.  (but I love it!)

In the package of goodies is the polish I have for you today.  I put it on as soon as I could yesterday when I received, opened and has swooned over my new pretties.

This, my dears, is the polish to DIE for.  Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam, one of the Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I cannot believe how amazing this polish in.  Firstly, its a dark teal, creme.  With a real depth to it.  Its a remarkable colour and unlike anything else I own.  The formula is amazeballs.  It went on like butter, dried well and evenly.  In fact, this is, hands own, the best Nicole polish I have ever used.  I just love it.  Words cannot express what a joy is was to use this polish.  What you see in the images above is three thin coats.  Perfect coverage, perfect.

I have made a change to my nail care routine.  I have swapped to Seche Retain as my base, I was using Essie Billionails for a while, I still like it but my nails are just how I like them and Billionails is more of a treatment than a base coat.  Retain does what is says on the bottle, Retains your lovely nails.  But I love Retain.  And, thanks to my Secret Polish Picking Princess Bunny, I have a NEW top coat in Hong King Girl.  This is da bomb.  Like Seche, but awesomer.  Seriously.  The ladies in my groups get theirs from Jill at Glisten and Glow, I’m not sure if she ships internationally, but worth getting in touch to check because she is just lovely.

And another big thank you to my Secret Polish Picking Princess Bunny!

Nicole can be purchased from many a retailer in the US, but here in the UK, your best bet is Lena White the UK OPI Authorised reseller.  They retail for £9.

So, what do you think?  I’m smitten.  Do you have any of the Kardashian Kolors?

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