Spotted! Seventeen, No7 & Chanel Cult Reds & Christmas 2014

Man there is a LOT of new stuff out there….. warning, this is picture heavy!  First up, Seventeen have new Gel Colours, in a navy and a burgundy shade.IMG_6818.JPG
If you look at the promo image in the stand, there are silver sparkly tips. Didn’t see anything like that in my local Boots.

There are a number if new No7 nail polishes out on Boots at the moment, its a good time to buy with a 3 for 2 on.

IMG_6820.JPGAnd to compliment the new polishes, some new Christmas limited edition shades in sparkly boxes.


Finally I have seen both the new Chanel Collections.  First up the Chanel Cult Reds.IMG_6831.JPG

And their Christmas 2014 offering… that pale circular blush/highlighter is STUNNING!  Its all etched with feathers.IMG_6832.JPG

As always, let me know if something catches your eye or if you spot anything new!

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Spotted! More Christmas!

Good news lovely readers, I have a repaired laptop and I can now get my blog back up!  Hurrah!

As promised, more spots in relation to nail polish gifts and nail sets that you can find in Boots.  I won’t do huge posts so I will break them up into sections, just so they are easier to see and navigate.

First up, No7 box sets! Twelve colours of the year set, as you can guess, 12 shades from across the No7 range for all times of year.IMG_6897.JPG Then a smaller set of four shades and the Protect and Perfect hand lotion.  £12 RRP

IMG_6896.JPGNext up, Soap & Glory have released a number of sets, some of which are lovely and chock full of body goodness.  This one is a hand and nail set.  Lovely tin as you can see…..

IMG_6898.JPGAnd on the reverse a list of contents…. two hand products and two polish items.  The polish is a red shade and then a top and base coat.


Paul Frank nail polish set – nothing unusual here.IMG_6900.JPGSeventeen has gotten into the act too, here you can see their ‘make your own’ gift station. You can see the deal, buy two polishes, get one free and grab a box to pop it all in.  Perfect for the polish lover in your life!

IMG_6841.JPGFinally, you can see the new Christmas Lancome range – several polishes in this range. Two reds and two golden shades, one more of a topper and one a regular gold polish.

IMG_6842.JPGThere we go!  A few Christmas releases for your viewing pleasure!  Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments.

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New Things I Have Spotted #65 – House of Holland, Seventeen De:constructed, Miss Sporty, Bourjois, No7 and Christmas 213 Chanel

A whole host of new nail products have snuck their way onto shelves in the last week or so, lets just straight in.  First up, in Boots, I noticed that the House of Holland falsies are now out. There are several nail offers in Boots, so if you fancy these, it worth checking that out.20131118-085148.jpg

Also in Boots, a new range within a range on the Seventeen stands.  This is called De:Constructed and includes nails, nail studs and mascara.  Its all limited edition so if you fancy it, get it now.



Oh My Gems! on the Miss Sporty stand. Three new shades, purple, red and orange.  Price point is £1.99



Then, you will all recall my love of all things textured – Bourjois has jumped onto the textured trend.  A lovely, pure silver.  Love this stand where you can feel the textured.  Lovely.


Then, I noticed a whole load of new polish items in the No7 area.  Including this lovely looking flakie nail polish – which is part of their Christmas 2013 collection.





Finally, limited edition Christmas 2013 Chanel – *sigh* love this, Rouge Rubis is on the left hand side.


Let me know what catches your eye?  I have mine on that limited edition Chanel polish…..

New Things I Have Spotted #53 – TK Maxx Spottings, L’Oreal, 2True, Maybelline Color Show Brights & Nudes, No7 and Bourjois

I’ve seen a few things work sharing, so lets just jump straight in….

First up, OPI Mini Set sin TK Maxx.  I have no idea why the image won’t turn around the right way, but its clear enough for you to see.  They had these two (Outragous Neons and Minnie Mouse) but they had the Halloween sets too and a couple of Euro ones.



Then, whilst is Superdrug, I spotted the new Bold Brights and Classic Nudes from Maybelline Color Show.  Nice colours, not sure I’d call them brights myself but I haven’t tried them.


Also in Superdrug, new from 2true a polish range called Metallica.  Label says they are a chrome finish, not a bad price point at £4 and there was a 3 for 2 instore as well.


L’Oreal are pushing the boat out, publishing their nail ranges.  They have some of their new summer brights, some top coats and some nice cremes.


Then, whilst in Boots, I spotted the new double ended polishes.  Nicely paired combo.


Finally, some nice close ups of the new Bourjois Laser Top Coats.  Nice, everytime I see them I am a little closer to picking one (or all three up!)



New Things I Have Spotted #38 – Fish Egg Manicure Kits, Nail Polish Strips, Bourjois, Accessorise, MUA, Miss Sporty, W7 and more….

Its been a busy few days this week, so I grabbed the chance to go for a wander after work and see what new polish has hit our local stores.  So buckle up, there has been a few new releases!

First up we have new Bourjois Precious Metals Polishes, very similar in colour to the recent metallic releases from Essie.


New polish effects from 17 in Boots.  These are their Christmas Releases, all limited and both polishes look super lovely.




Finally, the cheaper version of a fish egg mani. These are MUA Nail Constellations. I’ve been waiting for these for ages.  And now they are here, great price point at £3 each.


Then, also in Boots at the No7 counter, I noticed the new Deco Darling Collection.  Two glitter top coats and a dark grey creme polish.  Lovely.  The whole range is nice actually, well worth a look.



Next, something I have been noticing more of, more nail polish strips.  This time by Maybelline.



And then some more by Miss Sporty.  Also note below the new sparkle touch colour, which is fuchsia pink with red undertones.




More fish egg manicure kits, this time from Accessorise. Available in three colours.  Good price point as this one includes a polish at £5.


THEN, I know, nearly there bear with me.  I popped into TK Maxx and they have lots and lots and lots of nail polish sets.  Lots of Nails Inc, Leighton Denny, Barielle and Essie.  And now W7.  Look below for a couple that caught my eye.



So there you have it.  Lots of new product available for yourself or the nail polish lover in your life.

Anything catch you eye??

New Things I Have Spotted #32

A picture heavy edition of Spotted! for your viewing pleasure today.

First up, new Louise Gray Make Up for Topshop.  The polishes are lovely,  and I had to buy all four…. if you buy online (while stocks last) you get a cute mirror with two purchases from this new range.  There are also little glitter pot duos, image below.


A quick pit stop in Primark, and a new updated Angelica stand.  Two duochromey polishes, new glitters and new metallics.  All for £2.50 a pop.



Here is my first sighting of a stand for the new Bourjois Wild Paris collection.  This is the one that has the Python Top Coat.


No7 in Boots has had a complete revamp.  New everything.  This includes revamped polish bottles for their existing colour range and there are some new colours.  They seem slightly larger and heavier to me.  I don’t think the formula has changed at all.


And finally for this edition of Spotted! polish in H&M.  I’m particularly drawn to these cute little bottles that would lovely sitting out.  These are £1.99 each.



New Things I have Spotted #15 – Angelica in Primark, Chanel & No7 Ltd Editions

So, exciting news.  A new polish line appeared in Primark very recently, its can’t have been there long as it was all messed up and painted all over (give it time…)  Angelica has been available in Ireland for awhile and there are some blogs on  As you can see they have a creme pastel and Neon range at the top of the stand, followed by a middle layer of glitter and crackle on the base.  They retail at £2.50 each.  I didn’t pick any up as Primark was rammed, but I may do in the coming weeks.  Worth a real try at that price.  Some other blogs with swatches can be seen here (Amelia’s Allsorts) and here (I Haz a Beauty Blog).



And finally, mainstream Chanel goodies in a photo opportunity.  Here you can see the new Summer 2012 range, with from Left, Delight, Island and Holiday.  Below that is the Les Roses Ultimes des Chanel Collection, missing the white ltd edition Attraction.  As always, best place for Chanel swatches is Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book.


Finally, for your viewing pleasure, two ltd glitter top coats from No7 at Boots.  One silver, one gold.  Pretty self explanatory.  I had a £5 off voucher making  one £3, well worth it (I got the silver one) the gold one was a tester only.  Not sure how ltd these are, but I only know about them thanks to British Beauty Blogger