Catrice – Be Pool

Be Pool is one of the Nympheila Collection by Catrice. I picked it up on my recent trip to the Spanish Islands. Catrice, as we polish heads know, is a European mainland brand, that isn’t readily available in the UK or online (unless you count eBay).

Nymphelia was the only Ltd Ed collection I saw on my trip and I wasn’t blown away by the colours to be honest. I did buy one the eye shadow quads (and at €5 can you blame me?) and I was almost tempted with a mascara. Be Pool is a teal green, with a subtle shimmer that is only visible in the bottle under artificial light. I was super disappointed once I was outside in the natural light.

In terms of formula, it too was OK and I wasn’t blown away with this like I was with Dirty Berry. I wonder if the 40 regular colours have better quality formulas? I have one more to try so we will see. The polish dragged very easily and if you cannot polish in one stroke you might struggle here. I did three thin-ish coats and the colour did build up well.

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I’m not convinced here, can you tell? The wear was pretty shocking within 16 hours I had two major chips even with Sally Hansen Mega Shine on. I wanted to love this one so much…… perhaps I need to try with another base and top coat and not do it in the middle of the night….