OPI Liquid Sand – The Impossible


I finally have another one of the Mariah Carey Liquid Sands for you.  We’ve already seen Stay The Night here and this is the second one I tried from the collection.

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The Impossible is a light berry pink polish with an element of glitter within it.  As its is a textured or sand polish, there is no need to apply top coat unless you want super glossy nails.  In the images above, I have used The Impossible over one coat of Essie Millionails to provide some protection for my nail beds.

It does dry matte and the shiny glitters really pop against the lightly textured background.  I’ve seen some swatches of the full size bottle contain little stars.  I don’t appear to have any in my mini bottle, but that is OK with me.  I do like the colour, it dries less pink than in the bottle and the wear is excellent.

OPI can be bought in the UK from a number of different retailers including Lena White, Amazon and Sally (instore only it seems) – there are others so do shop around.  The RRP for a Full Size Bottle of Liquid Sand is £11.50 and for the Mini Sets RRP is £13.95.  There are now a large number of Liquid Sands available, from this collection, to the OZ The Great and Powerful, (I am LUSTING after What Wizardry Is This?) to Bond Girls to Minnie Mouse and into the current OPI San Francisco Collection.

Do you have any of the OPI Liquid Sands?  Any recommendations??

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OPI – DS Glamour

Look at this lovely polish my Canadian Polish Twin sent me. (EDIT it looks like the lovely Adina is back to posting on her blog, even if this is temporary her style is perfection)

Super quickly, this is one of the DS Series from OPI, they contain Diamond Dust and are super holographic-ey

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I did a quick base coat with Essie Millionails and then three thin coats of the polish.  It was super easy to work with and dried very quickly.  I just adore the blue, it is so vibrant and eye catching.  I didn’t use a top coat at this can dull the effect and I got a full 24 hours before it started to chip slightly.  So I am delighted with that.  The pics really don’t do this justice, in the sun the holographic effect is just immense.  I can’t wait to wear this one again on a sunny day!

Do you own any of the DS series?  What else is worth getting??

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OPI Liquid Sand – Stay The Night

I’m a little bit behind showing you some of my new purchases, but I don’t think that really matters.  Recently I was able to pick up a set of the Mariah Carey OPI Liquid Sand Minis via a website called Buyapowa, its basically a site where the more people who buy the cheaper items become.  I paid £6.50 plus P&P for the set, not bad I don’t think!

Anyway, first up is the one liquid sand that I had to own, Stay the Night.  A mix of almost black sand with a hint of a glittery ruby red.  Its lovely.  The description on the back of the box reads ‘make is last in this matte black with red glints’

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I am super suprised at how ‘mini’ these mini polishes feel in my hand.  They hold 3.75ml of product.  But I reckon you would get a good five or six two coater manis out of them – if not more.  As with all liquid sands (or texture polishes) they do not require a top coat.  They do require a fair amount of drying time.  The formula on this one with thick but not unworkable.  It coats the nail with a smokey glistening layer before drying very matte.  I left quite a bit of time between coats.

What you see above is three coats on all nails.  I was going to stop at two but I could see small areas where the polish wasn’t evenly spread and it would have annoyed me.  I did use a base of Seche Clear, just to protect my nail from direct contact with the polish.  It does take an age to dry, the first coat wasn’t too bad but the second one took a long time and then the addition of the third just added more time.  However, I think its worth it.

The final finish is quite smooth, I would say its a bit rougher than the Zoya Pixie Dusts, but it does provide a different type of finish and look.  I do like this one, now I just need to convince myself that I don’t need the full size version!

OPI can be bought in the UK from a number of different retailers including Lena White, Amazon and Sally (instore only it seems) – there are others so do shop around.  The RRP for full size Liquid Sand on the Lena White site (the official UK reseller of OPI) is £11.50 and for the mini set that I purchased elsewhere is £13.95.

OPI are releasing more liquid sands in different collections, including one in the new Wizard of Oz range and some more James Bond polishes based on the Bond Girls. What do you think?  Own any Liquid Sands yet?

Chanel Malice – Comparisons & Dupes

So I have noticed that my most popular blog post of the last couple of months is the one on Chanel Malice. I think this is mainly because I attempted to do some comparisons and possible dupes. So, I have tried to take better images of those polishes that are thought to be very close dupes as well as some in the brighter red spectrum.


I just grabbed ones I have previously compared against, along with some other reds you may have in your stash for comparison.  As you can see, Sinful Color’s Lying Nails and Barielle’s Glammed Out Garnet are way off base.  Germanicure is close in shade as are Sinful Color’s Rich in Heart and OPI’s Every Month is Oktoberfest.  Here is a closer look with those last two.


This is, from left, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, Chanel Malice and Sinful Colors Rich in Heart


The above picture was taken in natural light, its not great, but you can see the dupes.


Again, this is, from left, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, Chanel Malice and Sinful Colors Rich in Heart

My feeling is that none of these are a spot on dupe, but they are close.  If you haven’t already striked out for Malice, now may be the time.  In the UK the Spring 2013 collection has just come out and it was a limited edition.  Otherwise, if you don’t want to shell out the RRP £18, then one of the above might help offset the need.

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OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark Suede

I’ve got a lovely polish on today, this is Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI in their suede polish.  There was a whole range of them which came out in Fall 2009 and this is the only one I own – and its a beauty!

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As with most matte polishes, drying time is super quick.  You have to work fast with the polish so that you get it on the nail in minimal brush strokes and to prevent nail polish drag. LPAD is a lovely, metalized deep lilac.  It is gorgeous!  What you see above it two quick coats, it does take practice and I had to repeat a couple of nails as I made a bit of a mess of them.  Its certainly worth it.

I put on Essie all in one as my base coat and I didn’t top coat as that would ruin the effect.  Wear is never as good with matte polishes as it is with regular or glitter finishes.

Availability of the suedes is a bit hit and miss, you may have to resort to eBay or a vintage polish reseller.  Mine was part of a swap with my polish twin.

How do you like suede polishes?

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OPI – Germanicure by OPI

OPI are seriously knocking collections out of the park at the moment, not only do they have the just released Skyfall/James Bond Collection, but the Germany Collection was completely amazing too!  What I have to show you today is from the Germany Collection, well I think the clue is in the name….

Let’s get straight onto the images as this is a beauty…

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Germanicure is a deep russet red polish, with that wonderful lit from within quality that we have seen a lot in OPI polishes recently.  Its such a deep rich autumnal colour that just glows on the nail.  It is wonderful.  The images above are three thin coats over Essie all-in-one base coat and my recently ‘restored’ seche vite.  Formula was just perfect on this, thin, workable and self leveling.  Drying time between coats was excellent, I had prepped, painted and top coated within 20 minutes.

In the UK the official reseller of OPI is Lena White, its worth signing up to their newsletter as you often get sent discount codes.  There are plenty of other good outlets as well.  Pricing in the UK is £11 a bottle (thats $17.50 to US girls… I know, I know…)

What did you get from the Germany Collection?

OPI – Deutsch You Want Me

My wonderful polish Twin, beautiful Adina is responsible for this next polish. Knowing my love of all things orange she sent me this lovely OPI from the new Germany collection. In fact, the whole 12 piece Germany collection is pretty awesome, all of them. My little care package from Adina had more than one in it, so stay tuned for more OPI beauties!

Deutsch You Want me is a wonderful, intense, lit up orange. The colour is amazing, simply amazing. It likes orange jewels dripping off the ends of your fingers.

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Formula wise this was nothing short of amazing. Easy to work with, well drying, excellently leveling. I did three very thin coats and the colour built up amazingly well. I am so in love with this, I wore it twice in a row. Based with Essie all-in-one base coat (which I now adore after a bit of a wobble) I have discovered a decent thickness is the best way to work with it. So get dolloping! I had to top coat with Seche (stil out of HK girl).

I am very smitten with this Germany range, now what others should I get?? OPI is available through Lena White, the approved UK reseller and other online sellers.

Hit me up in the comments!

OPI – Black Spotted

I’ve been a very lucky girl, so very lucky.  I was able to snag a bottle of Black Spotted, the new OPI Polish.  If you think crackle, but with spots, this is what you get.

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It is a very thin, watery polish.  I painted it onto my nails very thinly and then quickly went over it again.  This technique seems to produce a raft of smaller spots.  If you paint it on too quickly then it doesn’t spot very well.  Also, if your polish is not BONE dry, then is spots but cracks.  It is worth waiting.  I’ve been using it over day old manicures with lots of success.  What you see above are several different under polishes, so many polishes, so little time!

What would you wear under Black Spotted?


OPI – Animal-istic

Now this little gem was part of yet another polish swap with a lovely US based blogger, The Nail Polish Guru.  I know I’ve done a lot of swatching of US based polishes lately, but they are lovely and there are ways to get your hands on them.

Animal-istic was part of The Muppets range released by OPI in Winter 2011 to coincide with the movie (which incidentally, I loved) and is a collection packed full of glitter and shimmer and loveliness.  That said, I don’t own any others.  Which is odd because they are right up my street.

Anyway, this is lovely glass flecked red-orange.  Its not an orange red.  No no no.  Its a red-orange.  Its very sheer in one coat, giving a hint to the nail that looks slightly unpleasant.  But a couple more coats and bang, there you go!  Formula as well as being sheer was a bit runny but if you apply thin coats and give a good amount of time for drying you will be fine. Its so worth it for the colour alone, trust me…

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I adore colours like this, red, oranges, orange-red, red-orange.  Seems I’m on a bit of a thing with them at the moment….

You can buy The OPI Muppet Collection from Lena White in the UK for £8.25 each (current reduced price…)

Did you buy any from the Muppet collection?

And they just keep on disappointing….

Well not nail polish this time, but the plum muffins that were meant to cheer me up.  They sort of, ummmmm, sank.  I really should have known better, but you only learn from mistakes.  Right?

Anyway, after Graphite, I decided to try something a bit pink and girly.  I bought a mini set of the OPI Nice Stems collection when on a cross channel ferry to France (I know of ALL places…)  Anyway, I took the palest of the set, Play the Peonies and then layered over the glitter, semi sheer pink sparkler, I Lily Love You.  And VOILA!  (wish the lighting was better but its getting dark so early these days)

OPI Nice Stems, two from the collection in one manicure