Zoya – Logan

I’ve got a green gem to share today, I picked this up with the help of my enabling Polish Picking Princess in the US.

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Logan was released as part of the Ornate Christmas 2012 edition and is super glitzy and glossy.  Its lovely, formula is great.  Two easy coats. 

I based with Essie All in One base and topped with Seche Vite to seal in that lovely gloss. 

I adore this, its so shiny and its pretty perfect for Christmas (although its July….)


Zoya – Storm

Very quick post for you today, this little lovely was sent to me by my lovely Canadian Polish Twin, it is so completely me and I think you will love it too!

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This is Zoya Storm, part of the Ornate Collection from Holiday 2012.  Its a rich black base polish rammed full of small holographic particles that just dance in the light.  I cannot take my eyes off my nails.  I am in love.  What you see above is three coats.  Two is probably enough to make it opaque but I wanted to make sure it didn’t look light on my free nail.

I also tried out a new base and top coat I picked up on my holiday.  For the base I used Essence Studio Nails Better Then Gel Nails Base Sealer.  This dried quickly and provided a smooth surface on which to place colour.  I then top coated with Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer High Gloss.  I’m impressed with both parts.  Seriously impressed.  They even have their own website!  The Top Coat is super glossy and shiny, even two days later the gloss part is amazing.  I don’t think they were particularly expensive, say €3 or €4 tops.

Zoya can be purchased through a number of resellers in the UK, including places like Amazon and eBay. Price vary wildly beacuse you cannot buy directly from Zoya outside of the US and Canada.  So do your homework and share any good links in the comments below.

Anyway, what do you think?  I missed the Ornate Collection first time out, simply because there were so many other things I was after and you have to draw a line somewhere….