P2 – Lofty Style

A P2 polish to share with you today. This is one from the Satin Supreme range – form what I can tell, its pretty much a bang on dupe for the Barry M Satins (which I don’t have) so I was glad to welcome this into the stash!  Its a lovely baby blue shade.

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This is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  As the Satin refers to the finish, no top coat is required here.  The polish dries to a matte satin style finish.  Which is a lovely finish in the more pastel shades.

Formula was good and drying time was excellent.  Really didn’t take long to do these at all!  Still a bit obsessed with P2 polishes, they are fabulous and sadly only available in Germany.  They do pop up on eBay from time to time to, so worth looking there.

I have a few other Satin shades, notably Sally Hansen, and I do think they provide a nice contrast to the usual cremes and shimmers.  What do you think?  Have you got any of the Barry M Satin Shades?

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!

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P2- Joyful

I have another of my of most loved P2 sand style polishes for today.  This one is called Joyful and is a lovely spring colour, but something I think you could probably get away with at any time of the year when you want to wear coral.  Lets check out some pictures.

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Formula was just lovely with this one, you could almost get away with one coat, but I chose to do two so that I had good even coverage.  It was very easy to work with and just a delight really.  Once it dries is has a very gentle textured finish and isn’t at all weird.  In fact, it feels quite nice to touch.

I wore this over a base of Nailtiques 2, and as with all textured polishes, no top coat required unless you want to.  Wear on these textured shades is much better than those matte ones!

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!  What are your favourite textured shades?

P2 Sand Style – Dreamy

Ah, those of you that have been around these parts know that I love I good textured polish.  Even more than that, I adore a P2 Sand style polish!  Completely adore them.  This one is one of the newer ones and its called Dreamy.  Lets look at some pictures!

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This is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer.  Its a lovely sea green, with a duochrome hint.  Formula was good, easy to work with and fast to dry.  Care is needed as you can ding it whilst its drying but once its dry its rock rock hard.

P2 is a German brand, you can visit the collection here. I am not sure if its available anywhere else, but I do love them so very much and I’m fortunate to have to buddy in Germany to keep me furnished with them!  (Thank you Lindz!)

What are your favourite textured polish brand – let me know in the comments!

P2 Summer Attack – Green Palm Tree

I have another lovely polish that the fabulous Lindz sent me over from Europe.  I can’t get P2 in the UK so it was a HUGE delight to get this in my recent nail care package.  This is from the Summer 2014 range, cleverly called Summer Attack! And I love the promo image above – fab and summer perfect!

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This is called Green Palm Tree, a lovely shimmer gold flecked polish.  The green is just perfect for summer.  What you see above is three thin coats over a base of Essence Anti Split Nail Sealer.  I topped with G&G HK Girl which helps seal in the shine.  Formula is good, thin coats meant it dried quickly and three coats hardly took any longer than two average coats.

As I say, P2 isn’t available in the UK, you may find some on eBay or if like me, you might be lucky enough to have a nail polish buddy in Europe.  I do love this and I get see it getting a lot of love on my nails.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

P2 Sand Style – Classy

Hello everyone, hope everything is going your way and that you had an excellent weekend!!  I’ve got another one of the wonderful P2 Sand Style polishes that was sent to me by the lovely GirlintheGlasses.  As you may recall from previous posts here, here and here that I am a little bit obsessed.

This is one of the new editions, either dark and wintery and mysterious, or pale and beguiling…..

Image from Allerleibloggerei

Today I have the black one from the collection, known as Classy and its a stunner!

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As we know with textured polishes, no top coat is required unless you want a glassy and shiny finish.  I used two coats of Classy in the images about.  I let it dry well between coats because otherwise I do find it is much easier to dent and knock pieces off.  The brush to average, very similar to Barry M, although these bottles are slighter more square.  I love that the colour caps match the polish within, I thought it might have bugged by OCD in my storage, but no, its actually rather delightful.

Fomula was great, smooth to apply and easy to work with.  It didn’t flood or puddle in my cuticles which is always a bonus.  It is black with blue and darker pink accents within it it.  I suppose its very similar in its colour way to ButterLONDON’s Black Knight but textured.  And as a girl who has a lot of black polish, its nice to have some variants!

I’m still loving texture, and as we will see this week, my obsession is getting a bit out of hand……..  P2 seems to only be available in Germany and nearby countries, although I have seen an odd bottle on eBay.  If you know of any other places to pick them up online, do let me know.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

P2 Sand Style – Lovesome

I have a lovely P2 polish to show you today, I was helped in acquiring this from my lovely polish buddy Girlintheglasses (do visit her lovely blog) and its just lovely.  I am so IN LOVE with these P2 polishes there are no words to express my love.

This is Lovesome.  A pinky red rippled with silver-gold shimmer and it sparkles!

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What you see above is two thin coats over a base coat of G & G Stuck on Blu!  Like all textured polishes, you don’t need a top coat.  Formula on this was excellent, it covered the nail well and the brush picks up just the right amount of polish.  Very happy camper here!  First coat dries pretty quickly, but I did wait a little longer than usual to prevent accidental denting of the polish.

I seriously love these, a great price point and definitely great value for money. I’ve seen the odd one knocking about on eBay but do let feel free to share your hot spots for this range in the comments below.  And as always let me know what you think.

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P2 Sand Style – Confidential

Another P2 Sand Polish for you today, we saw Seductive last week.  This one is Confidential, a blue with a purple and gold element to it.  Lovely, check out the pictures!

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As with all sand polishes, no top coat required.  And no base coat apparently too.  I however, like a base coat to protect my nails, so I used Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Clear Base Coat.

Formula is great on this, really easy to work with.  What you see above it two coats, with a fair amount of drying time in between.  The colour is lovely, blue with gold and purple shimmer through it.  Really like this one, I have to admit these P2 polishes are some of the best Sand Style polishes I have, very impressed.

P2 Sand Style – Seductive

I’ve been a lucky bunny, as I’ve just recently got back from a short break to Germany.  So you have guessed it – more European Nail Polish for you all to lust over!!

First up, a brand that I have known of, but never owned is P2 with one of their Sand Style polishes.  As you may have already guessed this is a textured or sand finish polish, akin to those Barry M Textures or OPI Liquid Sand.  This colour is called Seductive.  They must be popular as I was only able to snag 2 of these polishes, this one and a blue one.

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This is a great colour, purple with gold and pinky colour shifts.  Really nice and the colour is unlike other sand-style polishes I have seen. I’ve tried to capture the colour with an out of focus image.  You will notice that the gold is not as apparent as in the bottle, but its not to its detriment.

No top coat required for this polish types.  They do need longer to dry than your typical polish because the effect comes out as it dries.  And I’ll be honest here, they are pretty dentable until they dry.  What you see above are two coats of polish, the formula was good and easy to work with.

I really like this, wish I had been able to get a couple of the others… what do you think of sand style polishes?  Too much or bang on trend??