Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons – Solar Flare

Up today is the second of the four Maybelline Colour Show Bleached Neons I have to share with you – this is the one i REALLY wanted.  This is Solar Flare and is a bleached orange shade – its reminds me of orange popsicles!  Lets take a look.

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This is three thin coats over Essence Anti Split Nail Sealer (again still seems to be working for me, although I have a third of the bottle left and it has gone a tad gloopy) topped off with G&G HK Girl.  As before, they dry slightly on the matte side so if you want a glossy shine you will have to crack out a top coat.

Formula was slightly patchy on this one, hence three thing coats to provide opacity.  It is workable, it just needs some attention. You don’t want to rush this.  I love the colour, a washed out bright orange.  As I said above, its like a creamy orange popsicle.  Perfect on hot sunny days.

I was in the shops yesterday and they are still on the shelves, so if you do fancy them get them asap as they are limited edition.  RRP is in the region of £3.99 for the limited edition ones.  And if we remember, these were out very quickly after the Crystallized collection.  I am sure Maybelline has some stunners in store for us for Autumn 2014, so I can’t wait to see those!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – yay or nay?

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Chanel – June

Here is a slightly older Chanel for you today.  I managed to get this for a few ££ on eBay, so I didn’t feel too bad with the purchase.  This is part of the Spring 2012 collection, Harmonie De Printemps, along with April (which I also scored on eBay for a few quid and May, not yet purchased but stalked!)

June is an odd duck of a colour, yes you heard me, an odd duck.  Its not orange, but its not peach, and its a creme through and through.  But I LOVE the colour.  I waited ages on this collection, umming and ahhing about purchasing.  As I have done with the rest of the Les Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection (I have Attraction as you may recall) and the Holiday 2012 Collection (I have Holiday).  Anyway, it worked out well as I got these for less that half of the UK retail price on eBay.  Call it luck as I am PARANOID about fakes on eBay.  Paranoid.

So, here we go.  This is June.

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I have lots of reasons to love June.  It is the month my son was born it.  It was the month my now husband and I got together in.  And its the month before my birthday in July.

But, yes, here it comes.  June is a hot mess of a nail polish.  It is streaky.  It is willful.  And it is a bugger to work with.  Seriously.  I know how to apply polish and I am pretty patient when it comes to getting a good even coat.  But June would not cooperate with me at all.  Nope.  No she didn’t.  She was streaky.  She was uneven.  She wouldn’t play ball with three coats.  Oh no.

This pains me, it really pains me, but this is a PITA polish.  I love the colour, really love it, but the formula I can live without.  I used Seche Retain as my base with a top coat of Hong Kong Girl.

What do you think?  Worth another chance?