Revlon Parfumerie – Italian Leather

I have another of those lovely Poundworld bargains for you today – this is another of the Revlon Parfumerie range, so not only do you get a gorgeous colour and a lovely bottle, there is a fab scent to the polish once it is dry.  This one is Italian Leather, one of the ones I had my eye on for a long long time!

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This is a lovely shade, slightly unusual and therefore hard to describe.  Buts is a golden brown, with hints of green and black.  It really is multidimensional colour.  Formula is good, this is two medium coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 and topped with G&G HK Girl to lock in the shine.  Scent is a bit weird, but in a good way, I don’t find the scents too strong but I know some people find them overpowering.  A top coat does take the edge off but you can still smell it.

I love shades like this, hard to describe and lovely for autumn.  I;ve not been to a Poundworld in a couple of weeks so there may be new things to see.  So go go go!

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Revlon Parfumerie – Bordeaux

If you happen to live near a Poundworld, I seriously recommend you get yourself to it asap.  Recently, US bottles of the Revlon Parfumerie have been cropping up for the princely sum of £1!  Compared to the £6.49 in other places in the high street, this is an excellent deal.  So I have a couple to show you in the next posts that I have been fortunate to pick up.  This one is Bordeaux.

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As the name suggests, this on is a wine red, not a deep one, but a lovely shade of what I would call raspberry red.  It has hints of pink but it certainly isn’t pink.  Formula was good, this is two coats (although I did manage to have a massive smudge accident on several nails, so if you see shadows that is user error and not formula related!).  What you see here is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 (its that time of the year again to go on the assault to protect my nails!) and I did use a top coat here of G&G HK Girl.  Top coat only slightly diminishes that scent but increases wear time.

Brush is small and flat ended, not tapered, so a bit of care is needed around the cuticle area.  If you aren’t familiar with these, the gimmick is in tow ways.  Firstly, these are scented polishes and the name gives you a hint of the scent within.  I have a couple of the other ones, seen before Autumn Spice and Wintermint, and the scent on this one is much more subtle.  Its very gentle on the nose and isn’t overpowering at all.  You go have to sniff your fingers quite closely to get it.  The second thing, is the perfume styled bottle.  I do adore them, so cute and dinky!

The ball does have the brush attached so you need a firm grip so it doesn’t go shooting out of your hand!

What do you think?  I’d say its certainly worth the £1 I paid.  Have you picked any up recently?  Let me know in the comments!