Catrice – Golden Plum-e

I have another of the handful of polishes I picked up in Vienna to show you today, this one is part of the Catrice Feathered Fall edition for September to November 2014.  It is packed full of sparkle and metallic shades, but this was the only polish shade that spoke to me.  This is Golden Plum-e, a nice little play on words there for you…..

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What you see above is two average coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 topped with G&G HK Girl.  As you can see, its a plum base colour with a golden shimmer.  It goes on well in two coats, delivery opacity and I have to admit when I started to put it on, I didn’t think it would be!

Anyway, it is cute and super autumn (fall) appropriate and I can see this getting a fair bit of wear from me over the next few weeks.  I also picked up one of the eye shadows but I have yet to try it out (let me know if you want a review of that too)

Catrice isn’t available to us in the UK yet, but if you are in mainland Europe, you can find it by looking at our local retailers on the website.  I think I paid between €2 & €3, but I can’t recall.  Either way, its a good deal!

Let me know what you think in the comments!


Sally Hansen – Fa-la-la-lavender

More from the US haul today, I’m having lots of fun trying out combinations.  This one is completely copied from The Daily Varnish – once I saw this, I just had to do it myself.

This is Fa-la-la-lavender over a base of Bite the Bullet Wet N Wild Megalast.

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The glitter is a mix of pink and purple mix in a clear base, so you can layer it over anything you fancy.  Sally Hansen has released two glitter topper collections recently and this one if part of Bling in the New Year (as seen here on Nouveau Cheap) – seriously wishing I also picked up Midnight Glitz.

Bite the Bullet is a great polish, great colour, lovely application.  The colours in Fa-la-la really go well with it.

Love this quite a lot despite the fact there is pink in it!  Sadly, only available in the US or for us European polish people, eBay is probably your best bet.

What is your favourite glitter overcoat?

And they just keep on disappointing….

Well not nail polish this time, but the plum muffins that were meant to cheer me up.  They sort of, ummmmm, sank.  I really should have known better, but you only learn from mistakes.  Right?

Anyway, after Graphite, I decided to try something a bit pink and girly.  I bought a mini set of the OPI Nice Stems collection when on a cross channel ferry to France (I know of ALL places…)  Anyway, I took the palest of the set, Play the Peonies and then layered over the glitter, semi sheer pink sparkler, I Lily Love You.  And VOILA!  (wish the lighting was better but its getting dark so early these days)

OPI Nice Stems, two from the collection in one manicure

Chanel – Graphite, such a disappointment…..

Now I adore Chanel Nail Polishes, I have more than is probably healthy and I nearly always buy the newest colours out, however… I think I may be falling out of love with Graphite – a new colour from the A/W 2011 collection.

It just chips.  Chips and Chips some more.  Its rather disappointing.  I base coat, paint 2 or 3 three layers, let them try and use a fab top coat that I have never had any problems with before.

And in less than 24 hours…. this is the sight before me…

Chanel Graphite, with chips

I’m that disappointed I’m baking a batch of plum muffins before I go and take it off.