Spotted! Maybelline Color Show Limited Editions now in Poundland!

I was in my local Poundland, just doing a sweep to see what was popping up on the shelves, and I saw these little beauties! Look!  The three above are from the Stripped Nudes collection, the Brocades collection and the Street Artist collection.  I also saw some polishes from both the Neon Collection, the Vintage Leather collection and the Bleached Neon collections.  Not a full set either way and from what I can tell, these are European Editions, not US ones (where these collections in particular where larger, so more in the bleached neon collection), so none of those more elusive shades to be seen!

Have you seen these in your local pound store?  Did you pick any up?

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New Things I Have Spotted #68 – Accessorise 3d Nail Manicure Sets

Just a quick update for you, not much to be Spotted! at this time of year.  First up, Accessorise 3D Manicure Sets.  You get a nail polish and a little pot of glitter to dunk your wet nails in.  Some interesting colour combinations.  RRP is £5 each but they are currently on a 3 for 3 in Superdrug.




Then in Poundland a new polish range called Jess.  RRP is £1 each here (as the name implies)  I was in scouting for the Revlon Chroma Chameleon Polishes (I now have seven.. still missing Rose Gold)


Have you Spotted! anything new on the shelves?  Do let me know, or if you pick up anything from this edition of Spotted!