Spotted! Rebel Bouquet Collection by Maybelline Color Show

I knew it, I KNEW IT!!  A new Maybelline Color Show collection for Winter/Spring 2015.   This is Rebel Bouquet – an understated collection of five polishes, understated bearing in mind the Be Brilliant and Crystallize Collections!  Anyway, enough yakking – here are the pics!


As you can see above, what we are fundamentally talking about is four creme shades and a glitter topper. Now look at the glitter topper in the image, to me it looks white, with green and blue in? Yes? Possibly even SHAPED blue glitter?


From the left (426) Peach Bloom, (427) Fuchsia Petal, (428) Vivid Rose, (429) Orchid Violet and (430) Top Coat Bouquet. As we saw in this post here, Bouquet is actually a mix of white and pinky red. No blue nor green. Not sure what is going on there, seems a bit odd.

2015/01/img_7276.jpgJust so you know I’m not going crackers, here is the image for Bouquet from the Superdrug website – see?  its not what it looks like above.

I am quite gutted about that, a white, green and blue spring like topper would have been awesome!  From what I can tell, the white/green topper is a Europe edition.  I found this on Amazon.Fr showing the other topper.  Nothing on Gemey Maybelline France yet. Clearly the marketing team in the UK got the wrong image.  *sigh* don’t forget this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, remember the Europe only changes to both the Acid Wash effects AND the Nail Vinyl collection.

Finally, in the US, Rebel Bloom is a collection of lipsticks as seen here on Nouveau Cheap, wonder if we might see them in coming weeks??

Anyway, first of the new collections from the high street.  Lots of 3 for 2 offers on, so if this catches your eye, get on out there.  Did you pick these up?  Let me know in the comments.

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