KIKO Sun Show Nail Lacquer – Shade 473

Whoops, more found images on the camera…. I knew I was missing some.  Anyway, I have a shade form the Sun Shade Nail Lacquer collection from KIKO which I bought at Easter.  This is a stunning purple snappily named 473.

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This is lovely, a lightly duochromed purple, ripples and blue moving to purple.  What you see above is three thin coats.  Base is G&G Stuck on Blu! and topped with a good coat of G&G HK Girl.  Formula was average, nothing special to note, but yummy yummy yummy on the nail.

Gosh I had really forgotten how pretty duochromes can be, this one is right up the KEEPER street.

I can no longer see these on the KIKO website so I am guessing they are more than likely sold out.  There were ten in the collection and you can see images of the collection on a previous spotted post here.

What are your favourite duochrome polishes?  Let me know your faves in the comments.