Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Matador

Happy Saturday!  Today we return to our Irregular Series, Second Chance Saturday, where we look at old favourites and try polishes for the second time.

This Saturday, I have for you, one of my all time favourite Reds.  Typically Classic Chanel, this one is a gem.  Its a bright pop of nail colour.

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Matador is a beautiful, classic lit-from-within red.  Its stunning.  From what I can figure out, it looks like it would have been released in the early 2000s (if you do know, leave me a comment 🙂 ).  Formula is good and it has that Chanel Shine and a little ripple of a shimmer – but be warned it probably does have some chemical nasties in it.  Shimmer isn’t that apparent on the nail but I don’t think that is detrimental in anyway.

What do you think?  Wish you had picked this one up?

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Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Morning Rose

Today I have another part of an irregular series of Second Chance Saturdays….

The polish in question today was part of Chanel’s Fleurs d’Ete Summer  2011 Line up along with Mimosa and Beige Petal.  I have Mimosa and I  love it.

Morning Rose was a much slower burn for me.  First time I saw it I thought to myself “Meh!” but then it started creeping onto blogs, I kept looking at it in store.  And then one day, the woman running the Chanel counter said she only had one or two left.  So I went for it and this little bottle of Chanel came home with me.

I’ve given it a fair bit of use, its a handy colour to have in my nail palette when I want to paint my nails but not have something too dark and vampy.  Like many Chanel’s the formula is great on this, it glides on the nail, but that said it will need three coats.  Four if you get dragging on your nails.  But its worth it for the Rose Pink display it achieves.  In the bottle there is a real hint of Chanel Sparkle, in this instance a subtle gold fleck, and it does translate onto the nail.  In the sun, this baby positively glows.

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Now we have a choice to be made, more older Chanels?  Or older Mac Polishes?  Interested in any comparisions?  Or after something specific, in which case, have a look at my stash, link is on this page.  Leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.

Second Chance Saturday – Mac Chroma Sinful Serpent

I’ve been having a good look through my stash over the last few weeks and much as I love sharing my new purchases with you all, I thought it might be fun to share some of the MUCH older polishes. As I mentioned last week, Second Chance Saturday is an opportunity for me just to show you what is on my nails that I may have previously swatched or had issues with, or really just to share the Polish Love.

Now onto this little beauty. Way back when I was a student (and this was for more years that I care to remember), my pals and I used to love going into town as swooning over the Mac counter. It was the only place where all of us to fulfill our cosmetic love, in my case polish. I remember these coming out in the store and being so desperate to have them. But as a student, with a p/t job, polish from Mac was a step too much in terms of cost. So imagine my joy and delight when my ex-housemate bought me this as a gift.

I will love her forever but here she is in all her polish glory, Mac Chroma Sinful Serpent.  I even took some pictures outside it was SUCH a nice day.

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In terms of formula, well its like water. Very thin and very sheer. What you see here is 5 patient coats. At least it dries quick-ish. I probably should have worn it over black, next time I will as I have about 75% left now and its precious to me. It has a magnificent duochrome, blue, red, green, gold… its all in there. It mainly looks blue to me most of the time, but every so often I see the shift from blue to red and it becomes a beautiful mauve.

I only have this one from the collection which, if I recall correctly, was one of three (although someone says 4) that were released in 2000. There was also a green (Chroma Green Garter) and a red based duochrome (EDIT – its Chroma Copper Cobra). A quick Google search reveals this blog with two of them in.. see Wixology

There are many colours like this out there now, but I think there is something special about my little bottle of Mac loveliness. What do you think?

Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Graphite

Today I’m kick starting the first of a series, most likely irregular, where I will re-swatch and r-ewear polish that I either just adore or had a bit of a tricky time with.

The polish for this Second Chance Saturday is Graphite by Chanel, part of the A/W 2011 collection that was released in the UK last August.  We first met Graphite here and we had a bit of a trying time.

The first couple of times I wore it, I just adored the colour. But the damn polish wouldn’t stay on my nails. I remember being gutted that such an expensive polish would give me so many problems.

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This time, I used Essie’s Millionnails base coat and my best friend Seche Vite. And I’m now on day three with minimal tip wear; which you can see in the pictures. Plus, yesterday I did three loads of washing up at work (no rubber gloves!) and it came through intact.

I cannot tell you how much this pleases me, the formula and colour are so fantastic. Even my husband said my nails looked amazing, and he never usually comments!

So I give you Graphite. I think it’s fair to say we are friends again.

If you would like to join in with Second Chance Saturday, just comment below or drop me an email. Let’s all give polish another chance!