New Things I Have Spotted #65 – House of Holland, Seventeen De:constructed, Miss Sporty, Bourjois, No7 and Christmas 213 Chanel

A whole host of new nail products have snuck their way onto shelves in the last week or so, lets just straight in.  First up, in Boots, I noticed that the House of Holland falsies are now out. There are several nail offers in Boots, so if you fancy these, it worth checking that out.20131118-085148.jpg

Also in Boots, a new range within a range on the Seventeen stands.  This is called De:Constructed and includes nails, nail studs and mascara.  Its all limited edition so if you fancy it, get it now.



Oh My Gems! on the Miss Sporty stand. Three new shades, purple, red and orange.  Price point is £1.99



Then, you will all recall my love of all things textured – Bourjois has jumped onto the textured trend.  A lovely, pure silver.  Love this stand where you can feel the textured.  Lovely.


Then, I noticed a whole load of new polish items in the No7 area.  Including this lovely looking flakie nail polish – which is part of their Christmas 2013 collection.





Finally, limited edition Christmas 2013 Chanel – *sigh* love this, Rouge Rubis is on the left hand side.


Let me know what catches your eye?  I have mine on that limited edition Chanel polish…..


New Things I Have Spotted #63 – Free polish in Company magazine, Sally Hansen Designer Shades, Seventeen Rock Hard X-treme Nail Effect and Bourjois Halloween 2013


A few new things for you to peruse this week – first up free nail polish in Company magazine, November 2013 for £2.50.  Its their own brand, which I have no experience with, and it comes it two colour sets.

20131026-203834.jpgSally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in the NEW Autumn Fashion shades by Prabal Gurung, although every US blogger with the set seems to have a gold shade and not that nude on the left.  This is the Prabal Gurung set on Pinterest, the nude looks like the one in the Rodarte set (Pinterest link) and for completeness here is the Tracy Reese set (Pinterest link) it does say six shades, so perhaps two from each or just two sets?  I didn’t see any others but I will keep my eyes peeled.



A new polish in the Seventeen nail effects range.  I had a horrid flashback to the nasty Barry M sequins, but I am reserving judgement until I see this on someones nails.  Seventeen is also doing 3 for £10 in store at the moment if there is anything else you fancy.


Next up, more of the Halloween Bourjois creeping into stores without any kind of fanfare.  Here we are 30 Ghost Lovers, 31 Dangerous Wish (swatches here) and 33 Enchanting Potion.  Boots is having a 2 for £7 offer on the polish, which is great as they are £5.99 each.


So there you have it, a quick Spotted! for you this week.

What has caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

Seventeen Rock Hard Couture – Celestial Pearl

More textured polishes for you today!  You may remember seeing these in a recent Spotted! post – but I finally took the plunge and picked up one of the Seventeen Rock Hard Couture range.

Let’s go straight to the pictures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the delightful Celestial Pearl, a just off white pearlised colour.  What you see above is two coats over a base coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu!  The formula is a little bit gloopy but careful application soon sorts that out.  Two coats is perfect coverage.  I don’t think the formula is a good as the Zoya Pixie Dusts, or my beloved P2 Sand Styles, but its certainly average.  The brush is pretty average, its not tapered and is quite easy to use.  Its only ever so slightly rougher than other textured polishes I have.

What I think is great, in particular about this, is the price point.  It retails about £3.99, you can pick them up from most Boots stores or online.  Plus there are often offers, such as buy one get one half price.

Have you picked up any of this range?  What did you think?

New Things I Have Spotted #58 – Revlon by Marchesa and Seventeen

Finally saw the Revlon Nail Appliques by Marchesa.  Aren’t they cute??  Even more excitingly, according to Vogue, this is the beginning of a longer relationship and more products!  This 3D nail range is the first of three lines.  We have six designs in this first roll out as opposed to eight in the US line.



20130827-192650.jpgI bought the last set, the black, gold and red ones.  Can’t wait to try these out.

Then, when I turned around in Boots, I noticed new Seventeen polishes.  Lots of new colours, probably as part of the new brand identity.


So, anything catch your eye?

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New Things I Have Spotted #57 – Seventeen and KIKO

Just a quick couple of spots for you Post Bank Holiday. First up, new Seventeen Rock Hard Couture.  These babies come in white, pink, gold and blue – £3.99 each.  Might be a cheaper substitute for the OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sands perhaps?


Then I was lucky enough to have 30 mins for so in the KIKO store in Westfield Stratford.  Make up Bliss let me tell you.  So what did I see in store… the new Dark Heroine Range… all gorgeous.  6 new nail polishes at £4.90 each, called Laser Nail Lacquer.  I got one of those just to see what they are like obviously *cough*


I picked up on of the lovely grey/silver eye liners too, can never have too many!20130823-144600.jpg

Another new-ish collection, called Glossy Temptations.  This one has double ended nail polishes for three colour options.  These are £5.90.


And the Quick Dry Nail Lacquers too, all with £1 off, making them £3.90.  I was also able to grab some of the last remaining Sugar Mat polishes, one red and one green.


The one thing I do love about KIKO, is that if their range changes, they reduce the prices on the older ranges straight away (and online too!).  Its great if you happen into a store and get the polish you have been after for ages for half price.  I love their collections I just wish the shop assistants would calm down a bit, I was the only person in the store and got asked four times if I wanted help or if I wanted to try the new eyeliners.

Anyway, what do you think, anything catch your eye?  Have you been into KIKO or ordered online?

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New Things I have Spotted #52 – Model’s Own Artstix, Seventeen, Accessorize, Bourjois, Sinful Colors & Maybelline.

I’ve seen quite a few new things on my travels recently, so I thought I’d quickly post them so that you can look out for them this weeked.

First up, double ended Artstix  and Artstix beads from Model’s Own.  Sticks are £6 and beads are £4 but there is an offer currently in Boots.


Next up, more from the revamped Seventeen line.  This time Nail Graffiti. Retail is £3.99


Then more catch up editions from Accessorize, this time a Velvet Manicure set.  Retail is £6.


And then, more from Bourjois and their nail art releases.  These are Laser Toppers, strangely only on the French site so far.  RRP is £5.99 on these, but they do look cute!


New Sinful Colors in Boots.  These are the Sugar Rush Pastels.  Retail is £1.99 on these, again Boots have regular offers.


Here you can see some of the names of the polishes in this limited edition.


Finally, hot on the heels of the Polka Dots collection comes the new Neons.


The promo for these is pretty awesome too

Anything in particular catch your eye?

Seventeen Rock Hard Polish – Black

After all the Zoya excitement last week and my first sighting of the new textured polishes by Seventeen, I caved and bought the black one.  I am beginning to get quite into the textured trend, its a bit different but not way out there like flocking or fish egg manis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used Seche Clear as my base top and because this is a textured polish no top coat needed.  Its quite a thick polish and can flood your cuticles if you are not careful.  It goes on super shiny and then as it dries the texture become more apparent.  Unlike the Zoya polishes, the textured particles are not evenly spread throughout the polish, and so you will need two coats to get an more even finish.

It is much grainier than the Zoya pixie dusts, they felt like smooth sandpaper.  These are a bit rougher.  In fact the bottle lid in very similar in texture to that of the dried polish.  It does take a fair bit of time to dry rock hard and I found the texture was more even if I waited a bit between coats.

There are four in the current range, black, gray, red and blue.  RRP is £3.99 and you can purchase Seventeen polishes from Boots, either in store, or on the website.

What do you think?  Have you tried any of the Rock Hard Polishes?

New Things I have Spotted #45 – Seventeen Rock Hard Polish, Maybelline Color Show & Leighton Denny


Well hello Friday!  Where is the time going??  Anyway, a few more ‘new’ things to flag up.  Firstly, the new Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Polish.  Seventeen was 17 and is undergoing a bit of a name change, I’m hopeful of a selling off of the old branded items, but lets wait and see on that.  To the right of the stand you can see some large nail shaped colour panels, these are textured and are meant to illustrate the feel of the polish.  I kind of like that.20130221-183129.jpg

Then a smaller in-stand display, again with the touchy feeley part.


Maybelline Color Show polishes are now finally in the Maybelline stand.  Including a range of metallic ones in the top of the stand (orange, blue, lime and fuschia)



Bit of a close up on the limited edition for you.


Finally, not really new, but not sure how I missed it.  The new Leighton Denny A/W 2012 collection.  In Marks & Spencer’s of all places.