Maybelline Color Show Suit Style – Suit & Sensibility

So as you might have gathered, I got rather excited at the sight of new Maybelline Color Show polishes. I’ve done a bit of internet digging and (as usual) German blogs seem to be a bit ahead of the curve – although this post on Angelica’s Nails clearly shows all four bottles with the Suit Style Collection logo on them.  Anyhow, lets check out some pics!

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As you can clearly see this is a gunmetal colour – and its textured!  Yes, Maybelline are still bringing out textured shades.  Now a word on that, the texture here is quite rough and more so that other previous Maybelline textured polishes.  It is a bit of a shock when its been a while since you’ve worn one and I did manage to snag my nails on a knitted top – so beware!

Formula is quite thick, but speed and care is needed to get this onto the nail as it does dry quite fast.  If you take you time, you either end up with one part of the nail clearly having a thicker application or you pull off some of the drying polish.  What you see above is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 and no top coat.  Drying time was quick as I mentioned.

Having seen those German blogs, Business Blouse (what a ridiculous name!) actually looks pretty cool – so I may have to pick that one up too…. damn you Maybelline!!!

Have you seen these about and have any caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

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Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant – Light It Up

I have another of the Color Show Be Brilliant collection to share with you all today – this one is sooooo sparkly, it gave my camera the hiccups! This one is Light It Up!

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So I was trying to find suitable undies for this polish, and I didn’t want to go black.  So I put on Sweet Star, which is the Chanel Ltd Ed FNO polish on, and them blinged it up.

All the glitters in Light It Up are super reflective.  There is a mix of silver, very pale pink and blue along with some smaller silver bits.  All in all, its quite the glitter bomb.  Unlike Skyline Blue, the formula on this was no where near as gloopy.  Much easier to work with and its pretty much one thick-ish coat on each nail.  Apart from one nail where I did two coats and it was almost too much!

Lots of offers out there at the moment, so if you are looking to pick this one up and you haven’t, do shop about.  It is limited edition so sooner rather than later if you want it!

Let me know what you think in the comments

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Colors by Llarowe – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Wow, I have a BEAUTY of a polish for you today.  This is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from Colors By Llarowe.  Apparently a dupe for Essie SSN. Lets hit up the pics right away….

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What you see above it two coats, yes only two, over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! Topped off with my trusty G&G HK Girl.  TTLS is a stunning midnight blue jelly polish packed with glitter particles.  Its hard to capture on my camera, but its a beauty, seriously.  My pictures do not do it justice.  Formula was OK, a little gloopy for my liking, but its nothing you can’t work with (most importantly).

From what I understand this is shortly to be a retired shade, so if you like to run to the store!

Colors by Llarowe are available directly from Llarowe and prices vary depending on finish.  Updates are available via the Facebook page or sign up to the newsletter for restock updates.

Zoya – Ivanka

I’ve been going through the stash, looking at polishes I haven’t shared with you.  I stumbled across my little Zoya collection so I thought it would be a good time to show you some of these pretties.  I know Zoya can be a bit tricky to pick up in the UK, but you can now get them from Sally Magpies, as well as places like eBay and Amazon.

Anyway, you know how I like a blingy nail polish – you can’t get blingier than this one!  This is Ivanka, which was part of the Sparkle Collection released in Summer 2010.

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Colour build up with this is impressive.  First coat, you are thinking, this is never going to be opaque.  Two more coats later, so three in total, and you have this great colour, rippled with depth and interest.  It is very shiny and really catches the light.  I wore mine over a base coat of Essence Better then Gel Nails Base, followed with a top coat of G&G HK Girl.  The G&G HK Girl really makes it shine and its just stunning.

The Zoya brushes are quite small and straight, so its three swipes to cover my nails, even on my little finger.  Formula does look a tad on the runny side so I had to be careful not to flood my cuticles.  That said, patience pays off well.

What do you think?  What is your fave Zoya shade?  And any good places to pick them up?

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Zoya – Logan

I’ve got a green gem to share today, I picked this up with the help of my enabling Polish Picking Princess in the US.

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Logan was released as part of the Ornate Christmas 2012 edition and is super glitzy and glossy.  Its lovely, formula is great.  Two easy coats. 

I based with Essie All in One base and topped with Seche Vite to seal in that lovely gloss. 

I adore this, its so shiny and its pretty perfect for Christmas (although its July….)

Sally Hansen Insta Dry – Pewter Power

Quick post for you today with one of my recent Poundland pick ups.  This little Sally Hansen beauty was £1 and there were several other colours.  Insta-dry isn’t a line on the UK Sally Hansen page but I am assuming that these are US clear outs as its a line available in the US>

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As with most of this range, drying time is excellent.  The brush is tapered so it fits onto your nails surprisingly well.  And its almost a one coater, quite impressive.  I based coated with Seche Clear and then a layer of Seche Vite as a top coat sandwiched between two layer of polish.  Formula was good, not too thick and its a lovely shiny polish.  Quite pleased with this for £1.

So, you UK girls, did you get any deals at Poundland?

Essie – Wild Thing

This polish has been on wish list for about two years, ever since I had a manicure with it on a trip to NYC. I loved it, summed up the trip wonderful, red and glittery, it was the perfect for the couple of days we were there.  So I loved her and left her behind, but I never forgot.  And then I couldn’t get hold of a bottle without paying lots of money.  I waited.  And I waited some more.  I looked when we went to Florida, everytime the slot was empty.  Everything.  I felt a bit jinxed.  Anyway, along came my Polish Picking Princess, we have become firm friends over our love of a pretty bottle of polish.  Thank goodness for my PPP because she was able to slay the Wild Thing need.

And Wild Thing is still as pretty, as red and as sparkly as I remember.  Just a word of warning, its quite hard to photography because all the sparkle makes my camera go a bit crazeeeee.

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What you see above is three thin coats over a base of Seche Clear sealed with a Seche Vite top coat.  The formula is a bit squishy, almost jellyish, but that might be deliberate.  On drying it does have a jelly like appearance, speckled with little glitter pieces.  Its lovely, really lovely and I so wish I could capture it better in images.

Essie have recently branched out into larger Boots and Superdrug stores in the UK.  I know in the US they are available in lots of places.  There are also plenty of online retailers, so a bit of googling will help you out.  What Essie Polishes to do recommend?

Essence – Twilight Breaking Dawn 02 Alice Had a Vision Again

I have another Twilight Breaking Dawn polish for your viewing pleasure today following on from Edward’s Love a few weeks back.  Alice Had a Vision Again is a purple based polish with small hints of blue and black within it.

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Its pretty awesome on the nail, its shimmery and purple and shiny.  All at once.  Admittedly the formula was a little bit on the thick side however that might have something to do with the sheer amount of glittery-ness within it.  A bit of careful application, over a Essie All in One Base, and two coats later this is what you get.  A thick coat of Seche Vite levels out the application if its a bit thick in places.

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 polishes were part of a limited edition run by Essence.  There was a wider product range including lipsticks, eyeliners and glosses.  Essence is only available on the European Main Land or in certain stores in North America.  Always worth checking out the Essence website to see where stockists are.

I quite like these polishes, although they are a bit thick, the colour is great in direct light.  Well worth every cent!

Nicole by OPI – Listen to Your Mom-ager

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One polish, two looks is the name of todays post.  First up we have a Kardashian Kolor polish from their first run of polishes.  Listen to Your Mom-ager is a lovely, royal blue with a shimmer and a foil like quality to it.  In the bottle it screams majestic colour.  What you see above are two good coats of polish.  It had a good consistency and flows well off the brush.  Drying time was average, but a good coat of Hong Kong Girl top coat made it rock hard in minutes.  I really love it, I have other blues in my collection but nothing quite as blue intense as this.

Anyway, after a couple of days, I decided to put some glitter over the mani to make it last a bit longer as I loved the colour.  What you can see in the images is Sonnetarium Snowflake, a lovely lovely, glitter top coat.  Made up of white glitter, small sparkles and general loveliness.  This is one coat over my Listen to Your Mon-ager mani.  Love it, can’t wait to get this over more polishes.

And finally, a word of caution.  Despite base coating, I experience significant staining with Listen to Your Momager.  Serious staining, I was close to tears.  However, two runs of polish remover and a bit of buffing, all was good in the nail world.

In the UK, Kardashian Kolors can be bought through Lena White for £9.  Sonnetarium is available through their Etsy Shop and prices vary depending on the bottle size and shipping.  If you live outside the US, then do contact the store to make arrangements for purchasing.

Any suggestions for what I could try Snowfall over next?