Wet N Wild Megalast – Sky Me Mine

OOohhhhh for those of you that have been around these parts for a long time, then you know that this girl loves some Wet N Wild Megalast polishes. Like in a bad bad way. I first got my hands on the new-er style bottles through swapping, back when getting polish in the mail was OK. But we know it not and we never post it internationally.

So imagine my delight, whilst in the US to come across some of the new Megalast releases!  This is from the California Dreaming collection, seen here on Nouveau Cheap. I also grabbed one of the new silver bottle top coats – which we are using below.

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Look at that blue!  Its so bright.  And lovely. And not a dark vibrant blue!  I love this, such a wearable summer colour!

One of the best things about the Megalast polishes are the brushes, which are similar to the Dior brush in that they are tapered and allow you to get really close to the cuticle without touching it.  They are flat and rounded.  Love them.  I think you also get them in the newer Sally Hansen CSM range (can anyone confrim??).  You can see some brush pics on this blog post by A Girl, Obsessed from 2012.

Anyway, formula was OK, two coats provides opacity.  The top coat however BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!  I love this.  Quick drying, albeit a bit stinky, its my second current fave after my Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat.  Its a steal for whatever I paid for it (probably $3 plus tax)

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