Spotted! More Christmas!

Good news lovely readers, I have a repaired laptop and I can now get my blog back up!  Hurrah!

As promised, more spots in relation to nail polish gifts and nail sets that you can find in Boots.  I won’t do huge posts so I will break them up into sections, just so they are easier to see and navigate.

First up, No7 box sets! Twelve colours of the year set, as you can guess, 12 shades from across the No7 range for all times of year.IMG_6897.JPG Then a smaller set of four shades and the Protect and Perfect hand lotion.  £12 RRP

IMG_6896.JPGNext up, Soap & Glory have released a number of sets, some of which are lovely and chock full of body goodness.  This one is a hand and nail set.  Lovely tin as you can see…..

IMG_6898.JPGAnd on the reverse a list of contents…. two hand products and two polish items.  The polish is a red shade and then a top and base coat.


Paul Frank nail polish set – nothing unusual here.IMG_6900.JPGSeventeen has gotten into the act too, here you can see their ‘make your own’ gift station. You can see the deal, buy two polishes, get one free and grab a box to pop it all in.  Perfect for the polish lover in your life!

IMG_6841.JPGFinally, you can see the new Christmas Lancome range – several polishes in this range. Two reds and two golden shades, one more of a topper and one a regular gold polish.

IMG_6842.JPGThere we go!  A few Christmas releases for your viewing pleasure!  Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments.

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