Spotted! New lines in M&S 

I’ve not checked out a M&S beauty section in a while – seems I’ve been missing out!  Not only was there ‘new-to-me’ Nails Inc One Coat Gels (Did you know about these??) but they are back in the round bottle.  Not sure if this is just for M&S or the range itself – either way, an interesting product!  Looks like nearly the whole core range to me – all in the new One Coat Gel polish.
  Then some cute glitters and toppers in the base of the display.  Ones with cute gingham caps and Nails Inc Dotty.  Cotton Candy Nails Inc.
  Also in M&S was a huge range of Morgan Taylor polishes – which I’ve never seen outside of a Sally Beauty before.  Have you? Also, a quick plug, I’ve just joined Instagram, so if you want to see new products as soon as I see them, then do give me a follow!

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