MAC – Breezy Blue

I may have had this polish for a while – a 2 year while at that.  This is from the Love & Water Collection for MAC by artist Chen Man.  This is one of the two nail products from the collection that I picked up duty free on the way out to a family holiday.  In March 2012.

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Regardless of how long its been in the stash of Lou, I wanted to share with you because once it was on my nails I was smitten. Smitten I tell you. MAC polishes are not known for being awesome. So this two coat wonder was a delight. Great coverage, self levelling – all the things absent in many other MAC shades that keep me away from their polishes.  Two coats of evenly drying loveliness.  As you can clearly see, Breezy Blue is just that – an intense cobalt blue shade that is fab-u-lous!  This is the aforementioned two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! and NO TOP COAT.

I am quite ashamed as to how long it took me to get it onto my nails = but now I have, it will be out again soon!

What other MAC polishes should I check out?


Chanel – June

Here is a slightly older Chanel for you today.  I managed to get this for a few ££ on eBay, so I didn’t feel too bad with the purchase.  This is part of the Spring 2012 collection, Harmonie De Printemps, along with April (which I also scored on eBay for a few quid and May, not yet purchased but stalked!)

June is an odd duck of a colour, yes you heard me, an odd duck.  Its not orange, but its not peach, and its a creme through and through.  But I LOVE the colour.  I waited ages on this collection, umming and ahhing about purchasing.  As I have done with the rest of the Les Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection (I have Attraction as you may recall) and the Holiday 2012 Collection (I have Holiday).  Anyway, it worked out well as I got these for less that half of the UK retail price on eBay.  Call it luck as I am PARANOID about fakes on eBay.  Paranoid.

So, here we go.  This is June.

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I have lots of reasons to love June.  It is the month my son was born it.  It was the month my now husband and I got together in.  And its the month before my birthday in July.

But, yes, here it comes.  June is a hot mess of a nail polish.  It is streaky.  It is willful.  And it is a bugger to work with.  Seriously.  I know how to apply polish and I am pretty patient when it comes to getting a good even coat.  But June would not cooperate with me at all.  Nope.  No she didn’t.  She was streaky.  She was uneven.  She wouldn’t play ball with three coats.  Oh no.

This pains me, it really pains me, but this is a PITA polish.  I love the colour, really love it, but the formula I can live without.  I used Seche Retain as my base with a top coat of Hong Kong Girl.

What do you think?  Worth another chance?

Chanel – Attraction

I took the plunge.  I bought one of the Spring 2012 Chanel colours.  And in white too.  So unlike me.  I like my Chanel’s big and bold.  Anyway something about Attraction spoke to me.  I don’t think I am *quite* done with the collection as there is one other that is still catching my eye.  But its a long way to payday!

Anyway, Attraction is  from the Roses Ultimes de Chanel collection.  It only arrived in the UK at the end of May and I know its been available in North America for a lot longer.  Its a creme, pearly white.  I’d looked at some of the US reviews which were less than flattering about the formula.  Now, I wasn’t holding my breath, but this wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had anticipated.  Yes, you can see the brush stokes.  Yes, you need at least three coats.  But LOOK AT IT!! (the bubbling on my thumb is from my dying bottle of Seche – why is the brush so damn short??)

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Above you can see three coats.  And lets be honest, the brush strokes are not that visible.  Care must be taken, as with yellows, on the application.  Do not go over patches.  Allow it to dry a bit in between coats.  I opted to do the coats quite thick and I think it worked out much better.  Wear was great, I wore it on holiday and it did me very well for almost 4 full days.

Chanel retails in the UK at most high end department stores, larger Boots or Boots.Com for £18.  Did you buy any of this collection?  And can you guess which other one has my eye?




A England – Dragon

I just bought my first ever a-england nail polish and boy am I one happy camper.  There are already a large number of blogs highlighting the amazing new Legends collection, including Fashion Polish, The Swatchaholic, Scrangie and Vampy Varnish.

Dragon is a beautiful green shade, a holographic delight.  Its not been very sunny around these parts over the past few days and I am itching to see this glisten in the sun.  Formula wise, this was completely flawless.  Smooth, easy to control and self levelling.  No issues with smell from the polish.  And it dried so quickly!  I was able to base, paint 2 coats and top coat within 25 mins.

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In the images above you can see the colour it looks under normal lighting conditions.  Its a darkish, bottle green and you can see a hint of something wonderful.  Under artificial lights, POW! This baby comes alive.  Above I took a shot with a flash so you can see the multidimensional appearance.  I’m quite a fan of the colour full stop and in fact had two comments from colleagues on the richness of it.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some more!!