Illamasqua – Mottle

I really don’t think I am going to get fed up with seeing this image above.  If you were visiting these parts last week, you might have been my blog post on Speckle, the purple from the Spring 2013 range.  What a lovely range of polishes, I am fighting the urge to go back and buy the rest of the collection (in particular the brown one….)

Lets get straight onto the images shall we?

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This is the green speckle variant.  As with the entire range the speckles in the polish seem to be very dark blue or almost black.  There is a mix of sizes within the polish.  However, unlike the purple one, this is two coats.  Formula was very similar to Speckle.  Getting the glitter onto the brush is not an issue, it comes out very easily on the brush.  The brush is attached to the square lid and once you get used to it, it is very easy to use.  It is a bit on the thin side so a few strokes are needed to coat the nail.  Overworking the polish does make all the glitter gather at the end of the nail so try to do it in as few strokes as possible.

I wore this over Seche Clear base coat with a Seche Vite top coat.  Wore like iron.  Removal is nowhere near as bad as you think it might be.

So, its the same story as last time, the I’mperfection polishes are all limited edition so if you fancy them, get a wiggle on.  The RRP for these is £14.50, £1 more than the regular line.  You can pick them up online directly from Illamasqua,  at any of their stand alone stores or at any one of their counters within the UK.  Store finder is here.

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Accessorize – Bumble Bee

I was just browsing in my local Superdrug when I stumbled across some new Accessorize polishes as seen in my recent Spotted! As lots of you know, I have a thing about orange polish and so I just couldn’t put Bumble Bee back on the shelf and it came home with me.

There have been lots of sprinkles based polishes released in the last few months, some from Nails Inc, then some dupes from the budget W7 brand and then these new ones from Accessorize.  What is nice about these Accessorize polishes have some new colourways in the sprinkles dimensions – in particular the orange, green and black.

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So I did two coats of polish, if I had applied it thicker I might have got away with one coat.  It really coated the nail well and the formula was great to work with.  The glitter is all the same size and in this polish, it is all black.  The orange is like a pumpkin colour, so intense but not neon, and its a creme.  I double base coated as I knew this was going to be a bit of a PITA to remove (which it was as it is so glitter packed!) but its lovely.  I love the contrast between the orange and the black, its perfect for the forthcoming Halloween season.

Its a great price point too, £3.45 and is readily available at Superdrug both instore and online. Which ones have caught your eye?

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New Things I have Spotted #36 – Maybelline and Accesorize

New Maybelline polishes spotted earlier this week in my local Superdrug.  All in metallic shades, I’ve not tried any Maybelline, any thoughts on them?20121008-190147.jpg

And then excitingly I spotted new sprinkle polishes from Accessorize, lots of different colourways, but some of these will be dupes for the Nails Inc Sprinkles and the W7 Sprinkles (some of which are dupes of each other as well…..)  Not a bad price point £3.45 each



And then, colour  me HOLO!  New 17 Holo nail polish.  Polly Polish has some comparisons with GOSH Holo worth checking out here.


New Things I Have Spotted #23 – New W7 Sprinkles and TK Maxx finds

Out and about this past weekend I spotted a few things of note. Firstly new W7 glitter/sprinkle polishes, there seems to be three in the collection from what I gather online. There is a fourth in my image that is silver and sparkly.


Then, more nail polish sets in TK Maxx from Nails Inc and Color Club. The Color Club ones seem to be made up of mixes of colors in the same boxes, so I saw two sets with the same packaging that were distinctively different. Great price point however. Lots of Crackle Sets from Nails Inc but still a bit pricey for my liking.