NerdLacquer – Outed by a Probot

Hello everyone, how are we doing?  Good weekend?  Hope so.  Weather is starting to warm up and thankfully its been a bit drier than usual.  Nothing worse than being cold and damp all the time.  Anyway, enough nonsense and onto some lovely recent purchases I have made from Nerdlacquer.

Yes, if you haven’t already heard, Nerdlacquer is BACK!  And every restock so far has been crazy, if you hadn’t selected and checked out quickly, there was every chance you would miss out.  I can’t believe I’ve been so fortunate to get so many.

Anyway, this is is Outed by A Probot and is from the Star Wars collection.  Its described wonderfully on the Nerdlacquer website as follows ‘a shimmering wintery opalescent silver-blue with silver, iridescent, and sky blue glitter. Glacially cool, but won’t provide physical or electronic camouflage from Imperial probe droids.’  Its a lovely ice blue with a great range of glitter packed away inside it.

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I used Seche Clear as a base, over a coat of Nailtiques 2, before applying two coats of Outed by a Probot.  Formula was great, two coats provided a fantastically even coverage and excellent glitter distribution.  I was quite impressed as glitters can sometimes be hard to work with, this one was dreamy.  The colour combination of the blue with the silver glitters works well, there are also a number of shapes, circles of varying sizes and a small amount of square silver glitter.

I have a few more Nerdlacquers to show you this week, so keep popping back for more!  Information about Nerdlacquer can be found on the website including info on any restocks. Nerdlacquer is also on Google+ so check that out for forthcoming restocks too.  There was mention of April 15th, but do check  Google+ for the most up to date information.  Retail is $10 and shipping is also available for us international polish lovers via Nerdlacquer or if you are fortunate to snag any of the Harlow&Co NL editions.

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