Spotted! New polishes in Adsa & Collection

I know a lot of you have already stumbled upon these Champagne polishes in ASDA, but this is the first time I have seen them in person.  Not bad at £3 each.  They only come in two colours, pink and gold.20140610-173316-63196545.jpg

20140610-173314-63194542.jpgThen I spotted the empty Mardi Gras collection stand – as you can see, there will be three shades in the polish line up.  A white, a citrus yellow/green and a leaf green.


20140610-173337-63217508.jpgSo just a few bits to keep you out of mischief this time out. Have you picked out any of the collections above yet?


Salon Perfect – Bang

Ah, look at these beauties!  Thanks to my polish picking princess, I am now a proud owner of four of these little colour bombs.  These are the Neon Collision collection for Summer 2013 from Salon Perfect. These are all matte glitters in a clear base, perfect for wearing over all the colours of the rainbow.

These were released in the US and as far as I can tell, Salon Perfect is not available in  the UK, so you will either need your own polish picking princess or hit the jackpot on eBay.

Anyway, here come the pictures!

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This is two coats of Bang over Sinful Colors Sinful Gel Shine in Patent Pleasure.  Review of that coming soon, but I wanted to show you this one first.    Bang is orange and yellow matte glitters in a clear base.  There also seem to be a few little pink bits, but I wouldn’t have said that was super obvious.

The formula is a bit on the gloopy side, so the dollop and spread approach ensured good coverage across the nail.  It does dry rough, so if that does bother you, you will need to put on a top coat.  I wore mine over an existing mani to freshen it up, and then added a quick coat of Out the Door.  This just takes away the rough edge but it would probably take three coats to make it smooth.

I love this, my love of all polishes in any shade of orange is showing again.  Its a great way to freshen up a mani and really make it pop.  I’m quite excited about using this in different ways – accent nails, french tips, stripes etc. Plus Ii think it would look intense over white, so I might try that next.

What colours would you like to see Bang over?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for reading 🙂

OPI – A Woman’s Prague-ative

Today I have one of the OPI Euro Centrale collection for you.  This one is called A Woman’s Prague-ative – snappy I know – and was part of the OPI Spring/Summer 2013 range.

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Wow, I love this.  Formula was to die for, colour is to die for and the wear is phenomenal.  Its a great, russet bronzey orange colour that is just so shimmer and sparkly.  I used up the end of my Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Base and Gel Shine Top Coat for this mani – firstly because they are great products and secondly, I can remove the bottles from the polish table.

OPI is readily available from a number of places – the official retailer in the UK is Lena White, and they now have an updated website.  You can visit it here. RRP is about £11.50 but you can shop about.

What do you think?  I certainly feel this one is a keeper!

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Barry M – Ltd Edition Yellow, Summer 2013

Quick post for you today, seeing as we are quickly sliding into Autumn – how is it September already!?!

This is a polish picked up in Boots as part of their spend £6 or more on Barry M get a free limited edition polish.  It doesn’t have a name, but other bloggers seem to be calling it Yellow, Summer 2013.

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As you can see above, its very yellow, bright canary yellow.  Formula was good considering its a yellow, but three coats were needed to provide opacity.  I used Stuck on Blu on the base with a top coat of Hong Kong Girl.  And its very shiny.

Barry M do some lovely limited edition polishes, they had two in Boots and two in Superdrug.  I love the printed cap, does make it stand out against all the other Barry Ms.  I’m not sure if you can now pick these up if there are any left in store, but the usual price for the Nail Paints is £2.99 and they can be bought in Boots and Superdrug amongst other retailers on online.

What do you think?  Do you like yellow nail polish?

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Chanel – Bel Argus

This and more images from Lipstick & Co

I’m a bit late to the party with these images, I’ve had this polish a week or so after it came out and I was lucky enough to get it when passing through an airport in Germany – so duty free prices too!  This wonderful blue polish is part of the Summer 2013 L’Eté Papillon de Chanel Collection.  There are three polishes in this collection, all limited edition, the sea green Azure and the coral pink Lilis.  In fact the whole collection, and its associated imagery, is stunning… look at this lovely image!

Anyway, much as I love a good promo image, we are here to look at the polish, so here we go.

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Bel Argus is a wonderful dark, intense blue.  It is super saturated with colour and really catches your eye.  It is very jewel like in colour.  With the Chanel bottles, the black cap pops off and you are left with a screw cap that you hold.  The brush is of excellent quality and is not too thick.

The formula on this was excellent, its not as great as their legendary creme polishes, but still very good.  It was workable, leveling well between coats and drying in good time.  What you see above is three thin coats of polish, this really makes the colour build up quite intense and is not quite captured in my images.  I used Stuck on Blu as my base and top coated with Seche Vite.  Wear was good and I had minimal tip wear before I changed my polish.

Chanel polishes are available worldwide, in the US they can be purchased directly from Chanel or through large department stores.  In the UK, they can be bought online from Boots and picked up from large department stores.  The RRP in the UK is £18.

Did you pick up anything from the L’Eté Papillon de Chanel Collection?

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New things I have Spotted #56 – L’oreal Glitter Top Coats, Models Own in Superdrug & Revlon

A couple of new (and further spottings) for you today.

First up, I’ve finally seen the new L’Oreal Top Coat Effects.


Then in Superdrug, I noticed that Models Own now have the reverse of the Sally Hansen stand.


Also in Superdrug, the Revlon stand was being updated.  Slots for this forthcoming Marchesa Appliques.  Still empty 😦


Finally, a new collection called Haute Tropics.  This has already been out in the US as seen here on Nouveau Cheap. Loving the look of that blue…. dreamy!


Anything catch your eye?

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New Things I Have Spotted #54 – GOSH, 1D, Nail Crush, Bourjois

My word, its AUGUST!!!  How the heck did that happen?  July is a 5 week month how can it have gone by so quickly?? Bah humbug!  But on the plus side, it means my August two week vacation is just over 2 weeks away.  Exciting!

Anyway, enough about me, how are you guys?  Holiday plans?  Holiday manis planned?  I have another edition of Spotted! for you today with a number of new items in the market and local drugstore.

First up, more textured polishes enter the world.  This time from GOSH called Frosted Sand Look, retail about £4.99 and I saw three new shades as seen below.


Here you can see the names and numbers 01 to 03.  Not sure if there might be an 04, but let me know if you spot it!


Then I spotted the 1Direction Nail Polishes, not unique colours, but selling because of the 1D connection no doubt.  These were the only two left.


Underneath the 1D polishes I saw this little sign about Nail Crush!  Quite excited about them… potential to be AWESOME!


More new Bourjois stands, this one has a new yellow and the other two a repromotes of existing colours.


Changes at the Revlon stand too, with the release of The Evening Opulence Collection by Gucci Westman.  The silver/green polish, called Rich, looks like it might be a dupe for the forthcoming (in the UK at least) Fall Chanel 2013.  Keep your eyes peeled for comparisons.


And now the new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat polishes are in the stands in Superdrug as well as Boots.



Finally, even more textured polishes.  These ones from Posh Polish and called Grit FX.


Anything catch your eye this time?

New Things I Have Spotted #53 – TK Maxx Spottings, L’Oreal, 2True, Maybelline Color Show Brights & Nudes, No7 and Bourjois

I’ve seen a few things work sharing, so lets just jump straight in….

First up, OPI Mini Set sin TK Maxx.  I have no idea why the image won’t turn around the right way, but its clear enough for you to see.  They had these two (Outragous Neons and Minnie Mouse) but they had the Halloween sets too and a couple of Euro ones.



Then, whilst is Superdrug, I spotted the new Bold Brights and Classic Nudes from Maybelline Color Show.  Nice colours, not sure I’d call them brights myself but I haven’t tried them.


Also in Superdrug, new from 2true a polish range called Metallica.  Label says they are a chrome finish, not a bad price point at £4 and there was a 3 for 2 instore as well.


L’Oreal are pushing the boat out, publishing their nail ranges.  They have some of their new summer brights, some top coats and some nice cremes.


Then, whilst in Boots, I spotted the new double ended polishes.  Nicely paired combo.


Finally, some nice close ups of the new Bourjois Laser Top Coats.  Nice, everytime I see them I am a little closer to picking one (or all three up!)



New Things I Have Spotted #51 – Bourjois, Barry M, Nicole by OPI, NYC Color

Bumper edition of Spotted for you today. Lots of new things spotted on shelves.

So first up I saw this empty stand, which piqued my interest….


Then I saw them on the shelf.  Basically Fish Egg/Bead Manicures. Some nice colour combos, first one on the left is red and gold, then pink and silver and then blue and silver. More on the Bourjois website.


New limited edition Barry M Nail Polish – these are the Superdrug ones, a lime green and a hot pink.


And then my first spot of the new Barry M Confetti polishes.


AND THEN!  A whole new Nicole by OPI stand.  How exciting!!  This is in Superdrug.


Finally some NYC Color Foil Explosion polishes.  There are five in the release, but there were only two when I saw these. £1.99 each too, so a bit of a bargain.



See anything that catches your eye or anything from a recent haul??

Chanel – Azure

Today I have Azure to share with you, one of the three colours from the Chanel Summer 2013 Collection L’Ete Papilion De Chanel. The whole collection is pretty fantastic, using a range of inspiration and colours.  I love the advertising with its use of an iridescent butterfly, if you have ever seen these in museums then you know how amazing they are and the range of colours they display in different lights.

According to the US site, the entire range of make up which includes all three nail varnishes,  sister polishes to Azure, Bel-Argus and Lilis, are limited edition so if you fancy any of them, don’t leave it too long!  I’ve got my eye on some of those Stylo Eyeshadows.  Anyway, onto the pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Azure is a deep aqua turquoise with hints of blue.  In the bottle its colour changing properties are quite apparent and thankfully you can see most of this on the nail.  Now you may remember that my love is Chanel is ever lasting, and lets be honest, no one does a creme polish like Chanel.  Have they pulled off a flawless formula??  The answer is nearly.  What you see above are three coats of polish.  The first two looked super streaky, however a third put paid to that.  The metallic nature of it means it does dry slightly quicker than cremes so haste is needed to prevent streaks.

The colour pay off is so spectacular, the shimmer, the blue to green flash, it is just like looking into a tropical ocean.  The black Chanel cap pops off so you can grip the inner lid and the brush is the usual Chanel brush, thin without tapering.  I base coated with Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Base coat and topped with Seche Vite. The Seche didn’t dull the colour change effect.

I’m really in love with this colour, and I think I probably only have a couple similar in my stash which is Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab and Illamasqua Viridian (which is more green than blue).  I’ll try and get some colour sticks to show you.

So, what do we think?  Has Chanel knocked it out of the park?  In the UK Chanel can be bought form a number of high end department stores and Boots stores, it can be bought online from and RRP is around £18.