Spotted! Halloween Make Up Stands 

A few new stands have been creeping out into the stores – first up, new stands with suggested Halloween make up in them.  First up, this joint stand between Rimmel London and Miss Sporty.  And then this stand for Barry M, Revolution and other brands.  Those look to me like the new winter Barry M Gelly shades.
   Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments

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Spotted! Maybelline 100 Years Collection Stands!

It would seem that our two mystery Maybelline Color Show polishes are part of a wider, limited edition range to celebrate 100 years of Maybelline.  Its a Superdrug Exclusive so get down there STAT if something catches your eye.  The stand has been infilled with non-limited edition items, just in case you were wondering.  Here come the close ups!      

There we go, exciting huh?   This not the same as the US release of the 100 Years of Maybelline.  You can see all the gossip on that range over on Nouveau Cheap here.

This is exclusive to Superdrug.

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Spotted! New range in Superdrug! 

I saw this new range in two of my local Superdrug stores.  Lots of interesting things going on here…  The full Lottie range is on the Superdrug website now.  The polishes look cute, a good mix of cremes and glitters.  RRP £5.99 each.   Have you seen this range in your local store, did you pick anything up?  Let me know in the comments!

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Spotted! Models Own now in Superdrug and Chanel A/W 2014 in stores now

Two quick spots for you today – first up, Models Own are now in Superdrug with larger stands than they had in Boots.




sIMG_6035.JPGSecondly, Chanel Fall 2014 is now out in most stores that stock Chanel.  This is the Etats Poetique collection…. lovely….

IMG_6037.JPGThat’s all this time, as I say, a quick spot before the world goes Autumn/Winter crazy!

Spotted! Collection Mardi Gras Polishes & Ltd Ed Barry M

Two very quick spots for you today – first up, the Collection Mardi Gras range is now is Superdrug stores. Having had empty stands for a week, I’ve now seen this in three stores.  I’m kinda digging the yellow!20140617-081252-29572098.jpgThen I spotted the new limited edition Barry Ms for summer, these are the two available in Boots.  There is a different pair available in Superdrug.

20140617-081254-29574261.jpgShort and sweet this time – anything catch your eye?

New Things I have Spotted #49 – Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots

Ah, new polish.  What is better than new polish?  I saw these today in my local Superdrug.  I saw four in total, this pink one, the two below and a dark blue one.


I cracked and bought two.  200 Rainforest Canopy on the left and 197 Chalk Dust on the right. There is a deal on at the moment for buy one get one half price.  RRP is £2.99 so that is a great deal.

Plus, according to British Beauty Blogger, they aren’t meant to be out until June.  So consider this a sneak peak!  Swatches coming soon.


Have you seen this in your local stores yet?

New Things I Have Spotted #38 – Fish Egg Manicure Kits, Nail Polish Strips, Bourjois, Accessorise, MUA, Miss Sporty, W7 and more….

Its been a busy few days this week, so I grabbed the chance to go for a wander after work and see what new polish has hit our local stores.  So buckle up, there has been a few new releases!

First up we have new Bourjois Precious Metals Polishes, very similar in colour to the recent metallic releases from Essie.


New polish effects from 17 in Boots.  These are their Christmas Releases, all limited and both polishes look super lovely.




Finally, the cheaper version of a fish egg mani. These are MUA Nail Constellations. I’ve been waiting for these for ages.  And now they are here, great price point at £3 each.


Then, also in Boots at the No7 counter, I noticed the new Deco Darling Collection.  Two glitter top coats and a dark grey creme polish.  Lovely.  The whole range is nice actually, well worth a look.



Next, something I have been noticing more of, more nail polish strips.  This time by Maybelline.



And then some more by Miss Sporty.  Also note below the new sparkle touch colour, which is fuchsia pink with red undertones.




More fish egg manicure kits, this time from Accessorise. Available in three colours.  Good price point as this one includes a polish at £5.


THEN, I know, nearly there bear with me.  I popped into TK Maxx and they have lots and lots and lots of nail polish sets.  Lots of Nails Inc, Leighton Denny, Barielle and Essie.  And now W7.  Look below for a couple that caught my eye.



So there you have it.  Lots of new product available for yourself or the nail polish lover in your life.

Anything catch you eye??

New Things I have Spotted #35 – New Rimmel & Superdrug Hello Kitty

Items from the fall ranges are now started to creep into the shops. I’ve heard of a few other new lines that I have yet to see, so if you see anything new, please either blog about it yourself and send me a link, drop me an email, or comment below.  I love to hear what is coming up your way.

Anyway, todays spot included these new polishes (and a few additional lipsticks) from Rimmel, they are calling them Colour Flip Metal Rush (a bit like Eye Candy London) but they are cute.  No sign of the forthcoming Precious Stones polish, but I will be keeping an eye out.20121006-175955.jpg

OK, avert your eye if you don’t like cute things.  Here is my first sighting of the new Hello Kitty Range in Superdrug.  Just look at those bottles!!  £4.99 each.




New Things I Have Spotted #33

We are well into the new school year now, the traffic is getting busier and busier and very soon the local unversities return and I know that public transport will be busting at the seams when they do.  Feels a long way from the idyllic commute I had over the summer.  That said, I still find time over lunch on on the way home to pop into local stores to see what is new.

Below are some of my recent Spots.  Enjoy and do let me know if you buy anything new and exciting.

20120910-104328.jpgNew white capped Revlon Brilliant Strength, lots of lovely colours and finishes to be found here.  This display was in the biggest Boots store.


20120910-104341.jpgNew glitter polishes by Beauty UK on the end caps in my local Superdrug. I spy bar glitter in these!!!


New Autumn colours from 17 in Boots.


Any finally, lovely new Jewel coloured nail polishes in Marks and Spencer.  These are Ltd Edition so if you fancy them, get going as they don’t appear to be on their website.  But check out that cute Owl Eye Pallette too.

Anything catch your eye or Spotted anything new and exciting?  Hit me up in the comments below

New things I have spotted #4 – Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish

Sneaky sneaky Barry M. Onto the market comes their take on the Magnetic Nail Varnish. Barry M Magnetic Nail Paints are now in my local Superdrug store. £4.99 each. I called into the store yesterday, they had two versions, a blackened sliver with a fishnet pattern magnet and a glossy red with a stripe pattern.


I call into the store today to pick one up for a US buddy and Lo! There is now a blue on with a star pattern. In the stand there is space for one more polish. What colour? Nothing on the Barry M website today either. I’m hoping for a good dupe of the emerald green one just released by Nails Inc. Otherwise, I’m going to have to part with £11!