Spotted! Asda nail polishes and nail art pens

My local Asda has been done up, particularity in the pharmacy and beauty areas.  I spotted these few things that were new Spots for me, but I am aware that lots of you have probably seen these already.

First up, Gemstone shades.


The price label says nail topper, I didn’t open them to see, but £3 isn’t bad.IMG_6957.JPG

Next to them I saw these nail art pens, or stripers I’m guessing.  £2 each.  And yes, they were placed at the end of a row of sanitary items – nice product placement Asda (not)IMG_6958.JPG

Then in the stand I saw these Polka top coats.  Showing as limited edition, so if you like them grab them!

IMG_6959.JPGHave you tried any of these?  Let me know in the comments, I loved to hear your thoughts.

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New Things I Have Spotted #61 – Sleek Nail Polish, CK One Nail Polish & Boutique Polish

I feel like I have STALKING the shops like a woman posessed, in my hunt for new items.  If you see any, do send me pictures and full credit will be given.

Here are the few things I have seen in the last week or so.  First up, Sleek Nail Polish.  This is new to me and I notice there are 12 polishes and 4 mattes in the range.  Be interesting to see if more are developed.


Then, I spotted at the CK Make Up stand in Debenhams nail polish by CK, as you can see £9 each and a variety of colours. I notice in the online store you can also purchase nail polish strips.


Then I went to visit a very large Sainsbury’s store.  Seems they are phasing out the Eye Candy range (it was mostly on sale) and bringing in this Boutique Range.


Nothing especially unique yet, but a good range of colours.


So there you have it, a few new Spots.  Hopefully lots more to follow, so do keep checking back.

Have you seen anything new and exciting?  Hit me up in the comments!