Étude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish – Mint

I’ve got a super cute (and holiday related) polish to show you today.  Thankfully its adorable packing is matched with a lovely polish!

Image from musingsofamuse.com

JUST LOOK AT THE BOTTLE!!  Oh my, its just too cute!  Too stinking cute.  But, not only is the bottle filled with polish loveliness, there are FOUR of them in the collection.  Four.  And I have all four!  These are from the Sweet Recipe collection (which has some adorable other items too) by the asian brand Etude House.

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What you see above is two thin coats over a layer of WnW I need a refresh-mint and a Seche Clear base. I was a bit worried because of all the glitter that it wouldn’t be opaque without a million coats.  The WnW was a bit darker than the base colour, but actually I needn’t have been concerned, the polish would have been opaque after two thick or three regular coats.  I topped it all off with a good coat of Seche Vite.

Like many glitter polishes, the first coat can show a bit of glitter drag where all the glitter ends up near the free end of your nail.  The second coat corrected that nicely.  The polish is a mint green with copper, black, highlighter yellow and pink glitter pieces in.  It seriously looks like a mint choc chip cone.  Its a tad on the gloopy side not surprising considering how much glitter is in it.  A careful hand is all that is needed to ensure good application.  The cone shaped handle isn’t an issue either and the brush is just your regular brush.  Drying time is good and it dries just a tiny bit bumpy if you get a lot of overlapping glitter pieces in one place.  Either disperse them with your brush or use a thick top coat.

Etude House is readily available in certain Asian countries, you can also pick them up on eBay and through The Cutest Make Up (where I got mine from),  the pricing does very depending on where you buy them so do a bit of homework before committing to buy.

Now, which one shall I try next??