Catrice – Be Pool

Be Pool is one of the Nympheila Collection by Catrice. I picked it up on my recent trip to the Spanish Islands. Catrice, as we polish heads know, is a European mainland brand, that isn’t readily available in the UK or online (unless you count eBay).

Nymphelia was the only Ltd Ed collection I saw on my trip and I wasn’t blown away by the colours to be honest. I did buy one the eye shadow quads (and at €5 can you blame me?) and I was almost tempted with a mascara. Be Pool is a teal green, with a subtle shimmer that is only visible in the bottle under artificial light. I was super disappointed once I was outside in the natural light.

In terms of formula, it too was OK and I wasn’t blown away with this like I was with Dirty Berry. I wonder if the 40 regular colours have better quality formulas? I have one more to try so we will see. The polish dragged very easily and if you cannot polish in one stroke you might struggle here. I did three thin-ish coats and the colour did build up well.

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I’m not convinced here, can you tell? The wear was pretty shocking within 16 hours I had two major chips even with Sally Hansen Mega Shine on. I wanted to love this one so much…… perhaps I need to try with another base and top coat and not do it in the middle of the night….


New Things I have Spotted #7 – Nails Inc & Barry M

Its that time of the year when every visit into a store brings something new, its exciting but potentially hard on the wallet.  Here are some more things I have Spotted! on my travels about.


Here are the new Neons from Nails Inc the colour of these was Pop! Hello!  Already the green was decimated, so obviously popular.  Still no sign of the Fishnet Magnetic Polish is Green.  They also seem very popular on the website with little availability.


Finally, more Barry M.  These are three of the four new polishes released along with the Magnetics Collection.  The fourth one, not shown, is a copper with a green sparkle in it.  Sounds mad, but its super pretty will try to get pics to prove it.  The ones about are Teal, an iridescent purple and a black with sparkles.

Edit – I’m wearing Nicole by OPI, Shoot for the Maroon in the image above, just a fyi and all that…..