Maybelline Color Show Suit Style – Suit & Sensibility

So as you might have gathered, I got rather excited at the sight of new Maybelline Color Show polishes. I’ve done a bit of internet digging and (as usual) German blogs seem to be a bit ahead of the curve – although this post on Angelica’s Nails clearly shows all four bottles with the Suit Style Collection logo on them.  Anyhow, lets check out some pics!

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As you can clearly see this is a gunmetal colour – and its textured!  Yes, Maybelline are still bringing out textured shades.  Now a word on that, the texture here is quite rough and more so that other previous Maybelline textured polishes.  It is a bit of a shock when its been a while since you’ve worn one and I did manage to snag my nails on a knitted top – so beware!

Formula is quite thick, but speed and care is needed to get this onto the nail as it does dry quite fast.  If you take you time, you either end up with one part of the nail clearly having a thicker application or you pull off some of the drying polish.  What you see above is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 and no top coat.  Drying time was quick as I mentioned.

Having seen those German blogs, Business Blouse (what a ridiculous name!) actually looks pretty cool – so I may have to pick that one up too…. damn you Maybelline!!!

Have you seen these about and have any caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

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Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Grey Beats

You may recall my recent trip to Vienna.  There I was minding my own business in a drugstore, checking out the polishes and the shower gels (who doesn’t love a good shower gel!) and my eye kept being drawn back to the Maybelline Color Show Vinyl stands.  Now I couldn’t figure out why, but in three more stores, that happened.  And then it twigged.  There were four shades, but only three were the same as the UK release.  You can see what I mean here. In Europe, there was no pink, but there was this one.  Grey Beats!

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Anyway, so I had to have it.  We’ve seen this with both the Vintage Leather, Crystallise and Acid Wash polishes where in Europe there is either more to the set, sometimes five or six colours, whilst in the UK we only have four.  Curious huh?  Its not the like the UK market is that odd is it?!?!

So, onto the polish.  This is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2.  Formula was OK, a little but draggy in places so care is needed.  But its quite the chalk grey isn’t it!  It is quite pale, but I was ready for a bit of a palette cleanser at this point, plus I think it might be a great base for some nail stamping in orange, black and darker silver…….

Not sure if you might be able to find this in the UK, perhaps eBay, but the four UK edition shades are available now in your usual Maybelline stockists.  Did you pick up any of the Vinyl collection?

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Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – Cherry Drop

Quick post today, something I picked up in Poundland – for £1!

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This is one of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats, the SH take on textures.  Unlike the one I showed you a few weeks back, this was from the first tranche of releases.  They are creme (ie they have no glitter or larger textured pieces in) and they dry to a quite a gentle texture. Formula is good with this one, you could get away with one coat, but I did two just ensure full coverage.  All over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! Love this, its so bright and cheery, delightful!

New Things I Have Spotted #63 – Revlon Chalkboard Nails, Barry M, Collection, Dior Winter 2013, Nail Crush, Nicole by OPI Gumdrops & L’Oreal Nails A Porter

Lots of new things for you all today! First up, I headed straight to the Revlon stand to see if the new Chalkboard nails were out – they are.  Man they are cute, what with the double ended bottles, the glass being slightly frosted and just generally being Revlon.  As we saw in this post, these are also available online in for £7.99



In the next bay along I spotted these new limited edition Barry M’s – one on the left very sparkly and the one on the right is festive bar glitter.20131019-155208.jpg

Also new to the shelves is the just released Gothic Glam by Collection. Great shades for halloween and vampy nails!20131019-155218.jpg

New winter 2013 Dior Rouges, four lovely shades of amazing reds.  Something for everyone here!  The whole range can be seen here on the Selfridges site.


This is my favourite!  Nuit 1947 – simply stunning


Moving onto new things, finally the 1D Nail Crush sets are out.  As suspected, they are just a polish with a pot of glitter.  20131019-155248.jpg

Then, yet more excitement in the Superdrug Nicole by OPI stand.  GUMDROPS!! Well almost… seems the stand has been prepped but no actual stock in my Superdrug.  Can’t wait for these, really want My Cherry Amour!20131019-155258.jpg

L’Oreal Nails A Porter are now out.  These are meant to be flexible false nails so they last longer.  Some cute designs, but I don’t think I will be buying.20131019-155308.jpg


So there we go, lots of new things to get checking out.  Anything catch your eye?