New Things I Have Spotted – new L’Oreal Top Coat Confettis, Miss Sporty Textured Polishes & BeautyUK gets a revamp

Some new spots for you today – first up, a new entry into the L’Oreal stand in my local Boots.  I’ve only seen this once, so keep checking, it will be there soon!  Not on the UK L’Oreal website either.20140512-114107.jpgHere you can see the shade numbers, 928 and 927….


Miss Sporty have jumped onto the textured bandwagon with three new textured shades. Again, nothing on their website yet.



And then, BeautyUK have had a facelift.  Lovely looking new bottles.  Really eye catching and attractive.  Their website is updated with the new 22 piece flagship collection.



So there you go, a few new things.  Anything catch your eye?


Sally Hansen Sugar Crush – Sugar Fix

A quick Poundland purchase for you to see today. If you haven’t been into a Poundland in a while, I urge you to pop in and have a look – there are so many lovelies to get – Sally Hansen, Revlon, Spoiled, Sinful Colors to name a few!  This is one I had to have, I had been eying it up for weeks but I wasn’t going to pay £6 on the high street.  My prayers were answered.

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As you can this, this is a paperwhite textured polish.  The SH textures are not as gritty as some I have – although I’m not bothered by more gritty versions.  What you see above it two coats over G&G Stuck on Blu!

Love it, such a clean base and really quick to apply and dry.  No top coat required either.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments

New Things I Have Spotted #87 – KIKO

So, being away has been nice.  I’ve been able to visit stores I don’t get to see up north.  But I thought it would be fun to share these new ranges that I saw in the KIKO store that I visited.

First up, Cupcake Nails.  Reduced from £5.90 to £3.50, so I picked up a green (the darker one) and the orange one in front of it.


Then, also reduced, Fancy Top Coat glitter polish.  Lots of colours and varients here.

20140420-134242.jpgFinally, 10 shades in the new Rio Collection, called Sun Show Nails.  Stunning, really light reflective.  £5.90 each. Some of these do remind me of the recent Barry M Aquarium Nails, mainly those at the front.


So, there we go.  Looking forward to sharing my purchases with you shortly.

Essence Sand Style – Hey Nude!

I have a little European gem from Essence for you today.  If you’ve been hanging about these parts for a bit, you know that I like my nails bold.  I have however, fallen for this one, mainly because I am a sucker for a textured polish…. here is Hey Nude!

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As you can see, this one is quite sheer, but its great to have a polish that provides a wash of colour to the nail without being all cray-cray.  This is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  The silver pieces are quite prominent and in the light this really sparkles.  I was sent this, but you can pick up Essence in mainland Europe, Ireland and online.  They are coming to the UK as they have been slowly rolling themselves out in various Wilkinson’s stores – just not fast enough for my liking!

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

New Things I Have Spotted #82 – GOSH Frosted Sand Look Pastels & New Look Polishes in Claires

Hello! Hope you are all doing well?  Picked up any new beauties recently?  This time of year is always choc with new releases and updates.  I have a couple of recent Spots for you below.

First up, the new GOSH Frosted Sand Look Glittery Finish nail polishes.  Three shades in pastel colours.  According to the Superdrug website, there are now nine in total.




Then I noticed through the window of Claires, some new polishes, giving me a wink.  The bottles look new to me, but they could have been going for a while.  However, some VERY interesting shades…. first up these splatter effects, similar to Maybelline Color Show Street Artist collection – but in different shades!20140407-114308.jpg

Then some milky glittery shades….


And then I saw this mini pack with glitter.  Cute huh?  There are all sorts of nail related things on the Claire’s Website, all at a variety of prices, but if you are passing it might be worth popping in and having a wee look.


Anything catch your eye this time?  Do you have any of those Claire’s polishes?   Let me know in the comments

L’Oreal – The Reign of Studs

So I also picked up a couple of the L’Oreal Gold Dust Collection that I left behind on the shelf in NYC.  I’d been kicking myself about some of these once I had seen all the swatches, as most of them are just STUNNING!  This one is no exception and I am so in love with it…..

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You know the drill – no top coat with these textured shades.  They dry super quick and to a glitter matte finish.  This one is the most perfect Easter lilac colour, it just screams springtime!  I love the fact that all the texture pieces are in the exact same shade, makes for a great amount of interest on the nail.

This is the fifth one I have, you can see the others buy clicking the Gold Dust Collection tag below.

I wore this was three days solid and hardly a chip.  Gotta love a textured shade for that – plus removal was not a huge pain in the backside.  Another plus! I just wish these were available in the UK, they are the GOLD standard for textured polishes and I think I love these even more than Zoya Pixie Dusts.  In terms of texture and finish, they are similar to the ANNY Textured Shades (limited edition however but Europe based) as they larger pieces of glitter in them.  Unlike the P2 shades with are smoother and have grains all of one size, like the Maybelline Crystallize polishes.

Anyway, would love to hear what you think in the comments and thanks for popping by!

New Things I Have Spotted #81 – Revlon, lots of Revlon

Goodness me. I was ambling through my local Boots and the Revlon Nail Polish stand has been completely updated with new collections and a larger collection of Parfumerie (20 shades).  I also don’t think I have ever seen collections that have come out in the US come out so quickly in the UK.

First up, the new Leather and Tweed collection.  Three textured shades, oh Downtown you sexy purple you will be mine come pay day, and a set of three bar glitter toppers.


Sorry its a bit blurry, the shelves are very close together!


Then as you see below, the new Chrome Collection tied in with the new Spiderman movie, is now available too. LOVE the lids!



THEN!!  MORE REVLON!!  This time the Sun Candy range which I saw in the US before Xmas.  Only six shades here, instead of the 10 available in the US.  You’ve seen Lava Flame here.



Gosh, I really don’t know where to start!  Loving the chromes.  Loving the purple texture from the Leather and Tweed collection.  Really love the Sun Candy collection.  Plus we’ve only just got in the Parfumerie collection.  What is a girl to do??  What will you be picking up?

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L’Oreal – Pop the Bubbles

I think most days, especially in the last few weeks, every colour that has grace my nail tips has been textured.  I think I am slightly obsessed!  And I really don’t feel this is something that I am going to get over anytime soon.  One of my favourite ranges, apart from the European based P2 sand style polishes, has been the US only release by L’Oreal of the Gold Dust range.  This is nine gorgeous shades with lots of glitter and sparkle to make your heart sing.  I’ve been stalking them just a *little* bit on eBay….

This is the last one I have to share with you, that a lovely friend picke dup for me in the state, knowing the extent of my obsession.  I give you Pop The Bubbles

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As you can see, this is just the most spring like shade of aqua.  It is just lovely.  The glitter is of several different sizes but all in the same shade.  It really lends itself to being in the sunshine because when they sun does hit, this baby shines!  Formula was excellent, a good consistency allowing placement close to the cuticle without flooding.

What you see above is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! OOOohhhh I do love a nice bright texture.  I’ve worm this twice since I received it into my grabby hands.

What are your favourite textured brands? Let me know in the comments

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New Things I Have Spotted #80 – GOSH Frosted Finish, Revlon Graffiti Shades, updated Barry M stands

A few more things out on shelves now! First up new shades in the GOSH Frosted Sand Look.  A salmon pink, a darker pink and a brown, all imaged below.20140323-163318.jpg

Sneak preview of the new pastel shades of texture from GOSH too.


New Revlon toppers in Black and Red, similar to many available in the US market but a bit unique to the UK.


And then, I’ve seen this a couple of times now, an update to the Barry M stands explaining how to ‘use’ the Aquarium shades.


So another quick run through for you all there, anything catch your eye?

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Maybelline Color Show Crystallize – Nearly Black


I have the third of the new Maybelline Color Show Crystallize polishes to share with you today.  This one really reminded me of a textured Black Knight by ButterLONDON.  This one is Nearly Black

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As with the other two shades, no top coat is required as the polish dried to a slightly matted and textured finish.  What you see above is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 (yes peeling winter nails) and a thin coat of G&G Stuck on Blu!

Drying time was good, but it did take quite a while for the texture to be completely solid.  At least 30 mins and I did actually catch this one once or twice!  It is a dead on dupe for P2 Classy, it is black with hints of pink and blue.  I’ve seen the Cystallize stand a couple of times now, and this one and Red Excess seem to be the ones catching people’s eye.

Have you picked up any of these yet?  Which ones did you get?

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