Seventeen Rock Hard Polish – Black

After all the Zoya excitement last week and my first sighting of the new textured polishes by Seventeen, I caved and bought the black one.  I am beginning to get quite into the textured trend, its a bit different but not way out there like flocking or fish egg manis.

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I used Seche Clear as my base top and because this is a textured polish no top coat needed.  Its quite a thick polish and can flood your cuticles if you are not careful.  It goes on super shiny and then as it dries the texture become more apparent.  Unlike the Zoya polishes, the textured particles are not evenly spread throughout the polish, and so you will need two coats to get an more even finish.

It is much grainier than the Zoya pixie dusts, they felt like smooth sandpaper.  These are a bit rougher.  In fact the bottle lid in very similar in texture to that of the dried polish.  It does take a fair bit of time to dry rock hard and I found the texture was more even if I waited a bit between coats.

There are four in the current range, black, gray, red and blue.  RRP is £3.99 and you can purchase Seventeen polishes from Boots, either in store, or on the website.

What do you think?  Have you tried any of the Rock Hard Polishes?

Barry M – Venus Sunset (NP346)

Recently I spotted new Barry M nail magentics in my local SuperDrug, so of course, being slightly obsessed with them, I snapped two of them up right away.  Super Nova (NP347) was a lovely gray/black magnetic with a good strong magnet.  What you can see in this post is Venus Sunset, a much better name than NP346.

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As you can see above, Venus Sunset is a strawberry pink polish, packed with glitter goodness.  Like the previous Barry M polish, this one was a joy to work with, what you can see here are two coats.  One to get the colour opaque on the nail and the second to create the magnetic effect. The effect with the magnet is super strong, the magnet is the perfect width to do my entire nail without leaving a daft looking un-magnetized ridge on the sides.  I love the intensity of the colour once the magnet is applied, hard to believe it comes out of the innocent looking colour.

I did the second coat one nail at a time, painting and then holding the magnet over the nail until set.  And despite my own advice, I put my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat on too soon and experienced a bit of smudging of the effect.  I used my Essie All in One base coat.

Barry M is readily available in the UK, directly from their own website, Superdrug or Boots.    They do post internationally, so if you see a lot you fall in love with it may be a good idea to place an order.

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Barry M – Super Nova (NP347)

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Wow. Lookey here at what I found today at the Barry M stand!! New magnetic polishes in a range of lovely colours! I know lots of people are now firmly over magnetics but the science geek in me claps her hands loudly whenever I use them on my nails.

There are five in the new range, Super Nova (silver/black), Moon Dust (brown/silver), Neptune Sea (blue/green) and Venus Sunset (purple/gold). There is a lot of sparkly packed into these bottles let me tell you!

The first coat of this polish looks like a plain, silver polish with a bit of sparkle. Then hold the striped magnetic over and POW. Lines. Really clear black lines with copper and sparkle accent. I could not believe the effect. Seriously amazeballs. You can see in the images above one nail before effect.

I used a new-to-me Essie All in One Base coat and my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat to keep it intact. Its best to wait until the polish is set a bit before banging on your top coat. It does smudge slightly otherwise. Formula on this Barry M is fabulous! Good coverage, I did one coat and then a thick second before holding the magnet over the nail. Do them one at the time and you will be fine.

The other thing I love it that the magnet is quite wide and with the being a simple pattern, you can gently rock the magnet to get full nail coverage with minimal silver edging at the sides. Bonus, I hate a small magnet that leaves a little strip of effect up the centre of the nail.

I got my Barry M’s in SuperDrug, where you can currently get 2 for £8, otherwise they are £4.99 each. You can also buy them online at this page on the Barry M website.


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New Things I have Spotted (Holiday Edition, part 2) #17 – Bourjois and NYC Nail Polishes

Bourjois is pulling out the SUmmer 2012 stops let me tell you.  A whole raft of new 1 Seconde Nail polishes, see below, including one that is very purple and very sparkly called Rainbow Apparition.  From what I have googled, it looks like a good polish for a top coat.


I also so this (below), Bourjois 1 Seconde Gloss in Grendine Tonic.  A very sheer red tinted top coat.  I put it over my coral nails and it became a bit pinker.  Anyway, I couldn’t get a picture, so this one is from

And a new display of NYC Polishes, I think these are nearly all the core line apart from the lilac and mint green ones which were part of a previous Spring display.


I have yet to see the new Barry M Chameleon Polishes which you can see on Polly Polish and I understand that there is also a Retro 80s line of polishes too.  Images is from their Facebook page.  The peach one is a Boots only exclusive.  The Facebook page is great for fast updates as their name website isn’t updated very often at all.

So, anything catch your eye??

New things I have Spotted #10 – Maybelline, Miss Sporty, NYC Color & Rimmel London

A quick jaunt around town in the rain over lunch hour was today’s treat.  I did, however, spot some new displays.  So without further ado, here they are.


New Maybelline Colours, one in the Express range (the turquoise) and the others in the Forever Strong PRO range.  Very pastel.


Four new colours in the new Miss Sporty display.  Not as pastel orientated as Maybelline.


Three new NYC Nail Colours.

20120510-172233.jpgFinally, four new Rimmel London colours.  Linked with the Olympics.  *cue tenuous tie in*

Superdrug is now running a 3 for 2 on all cosmetics in store, run run run!

So, what catches your eye?