New Things I Have Spotted #21 – Marks and Spencer’s Nail Polish

A quick walk at lunchtime led me to Marks and Spencer’s when the heavens opened and I was trying to avid the rain.  I’d not checked out their cosmetics in a while but had heard on other blogs they were doing a revamp.  A quick sweep of their website shows that they will be starting to stock brands such as Leighton Denny, probably worth keeping an eye on the website to see what else pops up.  Anyway, here we are with some pictures…

This is one side of a two sided display, the other side (not pictured) had lipsticks and other eye products on it.  Looks great I think.

20120628-143107.jpgIn my local M&S, which is a biggie, I could only find Limited Edition Cosmetics.  Not sure what that means for the regular range.  But a great price point at £3.50 and some nice looking colours.


I do like the way this is laid out in a colour spectrum, again more nice polishes can be seen.

One of three sets I spotted

Set number two

And set three.

I’m quite intrigued about some of these colours so will be popping back when I have more time.  Anything catch your eye?