Seventeen – Tropical Punch & In The Surf


So you may recall seeing the image above in a recent Spotted! column here.  Finally getting around to sharing these new Seventeen Colour Clash glitter top coats.  As you can see, there is a mainly blue one and a mainly orange one – but in a nice touch, there are hints of the blue in the orange and vice versa.  Cute huh?

Anyway, what do these babies look like on?  Lets look at some pictures

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As you can see, there is a difference between the two polishes, but surprisingly they are more similar than you might initially think!  On first glance it is hard to see that the orange shade, Tropical Punch, has lots of smaller orange glitter pieces.  Both polishes have white glitter within them alongside smaller green pieces.  In the Surf seems to pull more white glitter than blue.

However, that aside, I love glitter toppers like these.  Great for extending a mani by another day, or for accent nails and the like.  I’m going to give these a go over black and see if the colour difference is more obvious.  Or maybe green.  I dunno, my stash is my oyster!

Seventeen is readily available in Boots stores.  These were part of a new stand alone display as well as an integral piece of the stand – so check out your store especially if its a big one!  I *think* I paid £3.99 each, but got them via one of Boots’ regular 3 for 2’s.

What do you think?  A step too far?

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New Things I Have Spotted #75 – Nail polish in M&S

Recently, the beauty departments in your local Marks and Spencer have been undergoing a bit of a transformation. Everytime I go into one of our larger stores, something has changed.  They have been introducing all kinds of lines and branded M&S products – including all these nail polish items I Spotted!  this weekend.

Lets take a look!20140224-173526.jpg

Limited Collection double ended nail polishes – one base and one glitter top coat. Designed by Holly Sharpe, currently on 3 for 2 online here. £7.50 each however…..20140224-173532.jpgA range of eight textured polishes – all seen here on the M&S website, £4 each.


Followed by a range of eight glitter or metallic shades, again £4 each, see the website for more.20140224-173545.jpgCertainlny worth checking out the website or your local store if you get a chance – lots of these limited edition shades don’t hang about for long!

Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments

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Seventeen – Deconstructed Suede

If you have been into Boots recently, you may have noticed a HUGE amount of nail polish on sale for between £1 and £2 depending on the shade.  It seems to be mainly older 17 (now Seventeen) polishes, but there were a few things of interest.  Like this one.  This is part of a limited edition set that came out, along with some nail studs and a new mascara.  I also got some nail studs.

So this, for want of a better name, is Deconstructed Suede.

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As you can see above, its a textured finish polish, it dries to imitate a suede finish.  In fact, in person the effect is super pretty.  Formula was pretty fast drying, in fact, if you don’t have enough polish on your brush then best to leave it to dry and then come back!  I used two coats for the pictures above.

Its a metallic gray with a hint of pewter and in some lights brown in it.  It does dry darker than in the bottle, which is quite common with the suede shades I have from other ranges.  I do like it.  I’ve not put on a top coat but I did base with G&G HK Girl but you can still see a few of my nail ridges so if you have prominent ridges you might want to use something like a ridge filler before hand.

Anyway, well worth the bargain price!  Did you pick anything up from the Boots Nail Sale??  Let me know in the comment.

New Things I Have Spotted #64 – Maybelline Color Show Brocades & 2True Sequins & Nail Glitters

My excitement knows no limits!  Look at these fabulous Color Show Broacade polishes!!  As usual in the UK we have four in our limited editions and in the US there are TEN little beauties.  You can see all the US versions on Nouveau Cheap or on the official US Maybelline site.20131105-182528.jpg

As you can see, there are four colourways. Silver, a gold with pinky glitter, a black and a red.


Needless to say, all four have come home with me thanks to a great 3 for 2 available in both Boots and Superdrug.  No sign on them on the UK websites yet, but the Vintage Leather Effects are available on Superdug here and those were the last limited editions.

20131105-182547.jpgI I also saw for the first time, the new 2True Sequin Polishes (like textures) and their nail glitters.  Sequins are £4 each, again on 3 for 2 at Superdrug.


Then I saw these Nail Glitters.  Nothing new, but they are having a bit of a resurgence as a good way of making your nails look a bit different. AND LOOK AT THOSE PAPER LASHES – cute huh?


Anyway, Brocade swatches to follow in the next week or so.  Let me know what has caught your eye and if you have seen anything new we need to know about.

Seventeen Rock Hard Couture – Celestial Pearl

More textured polishes for you today!  You may remember seeing these in a recent Spotted! post – but I finally took the plunge and picked up one of the Seventeen Rock Hard Couture range.

Let’s go straight to the pictures

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This is the delightful Celestial Pearl, a just off white pearlised colour.  What you see above is two coats over a base coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu!  The formula is a little bit gloopy but careful application soon sorts that out.  Two coats is perfect coverage.  I don’t think the formula is a good as the Zoya Pixie Dusts, or my beloved P2 Sand Styles, but its certainly average.  The brush is pretty average, its not tapered and is quite easy to use.  Its only ever so slightly rougher than other textured polishes I have.

What I think is great, in particular about this, is the price point.  It retails about £3.99, you can pick them up from most Boots stores or online.  Plus there are often offers, such as buy one get one half price.

Have you picked up any of this range?  What did you think?

Rainbow Connection UK Launch – TONIGHT 8PM


Exciting news everyone in the UK!  Rainbow Connection UK opens TONIGHT SUN 22 SEPT at 8PM! (note the site will not be live until 8pm)  There will be a staggered launch, so not all ranges will be available tonight.

Here is more information on them, straight from the Annette

Rainbow Connection is the UK’s premier stockist of top international independent nail lacquer brands. The store is headed by Annette, the proprietor and also die hard polish fan. Rainbow Connection operates out of the northwest of England. We strive to make great international nail lacquers easily available to our UK customers without the hefty shipping and customs fees. Established since 2011 and began life as Shoppe Eclecticco, a similar concept store based in Singapore. 

All of the brands we stock are cruelty-free and most are Big 3 Free!

We are proud to support and represent independently crafted lacquer brands like Dollish Polish (USA), Lush Lacquer (USA), Polished by KPT (USA), Lacquer Lust (USA), Polish Addict (USA), Ethereal Lacquer (USA), Black Cat Lacquer (USA), Glisten & Glow (USA), Smitten Polish (USA), Jindie Nails (USA), Cadillacquer (Switzerland), Pahlish (USA), Contrary Polish (USA), Pahlish (USA), Glam Polish (Australia) and more as time grows!

We are always on the look out for great brands and related products, nail related or otherwise so feel free to get in touch if you have any product suggestions.

Lastly, we hope that you’ll enjoy our obsession as much as we do! xx

I am sure you are as excited as me about this, more information and regular updates can be found on the Rainbow Connection UK Facebook pageFollow on Twitter for regualr updates too.And there is a handy list of what will be available tonight on Facebook here. Finally, you can sign up to the newsletter with your email address here.

Annette has kindly provided a code for all of you that read my page, providing you with a discount should you decide you must have some pretties.  The code is B-PAINTEDNAILS

OK, and there is one more HUGE reason I am beyond excited about Rainbow Connection UK.  My all time favourite top and base coats will be readily available.  Yes, Glisten & Glow HK Girl and Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! will be available shortly in the store.

Let me know what you pick up and happy shopping!

Barry M – Ltd Edition Yellow, Summer 2013

Quick post for you today, seeing as we are quickly sliding into Autumn – how is it September already!?!

This is a polish picked up in Boots as part of their spend £6 or more on Barry M get a free limited edition polish.  It doesn’t have a name, but other bloggers seem to be calling it Yellow, Summer 2013.

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As you can see above, its very yellow, bright canary yellow.  Formula was good considering its a yellow, but three coats were needed to provide opacity.  I used Stuck on Blu on the base with a top coat of Hong Kong Girl.  And its very shiny.

Barry M do some lovely limited edition polishes, they had two in Boots and two in Superdrug.  I love the printed cap, does make it stand out against all the other Barry Ms.  I’m not sure if you can now pick these up if there are any left in store, but the usual price for the Nail Paints is £2.99 and they can be bought in Boots and Superdrug amongst other retailers on online.

What do you think?  Do you like yellow nail polish?

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Barry M – Mango

Woohoo!  Happy Friday everyone.  A third and final Barry M Gelly Nail Effects polish for you.  This is the lovely, summery, almost edible Mango.

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This is one my instant favourites.  It is such a gorgeous colour, so bright and vibrant.  Really bang on for summer.

Formula is excellent, almost a one coater, but I did two for good measure.  I based with Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! and did pop a top coat on for that extra shine.  It does dry super shiny and so top coat is not always required.

Look at the shine on this baby, wonderous.

What do you think?  Does Mango feature in your Barry M Gelly Collection?

Barry M – Watermelon

Today I have the first Barry M Gelly Nail Effect that kickstarted by slight addition.  This is watermelon and was a gift from my bestie for my recent birthday.

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Formula on this on was good, not as perfect as Passion Fruit we saw the other day, this was two coats.  It seemed to dry quite quickly on the nail so I needed to move quickly and not faff about getting it on.  However, it levelled really well and dried beautifully.  I based with G & G Stuck on Blu! and then to prolong wear and shine added a top coat of G & G HK Girl.

Watermelon is a dark teal polish, its very similar in colour to one of my all time fav colours, Khloe had a Little Lam Lam, which as that deep rich tone to is as well.  I think these Gelly Nail Effects are absolutely fabulous value for money at £3.99 each.

OK, we have one more Gelly coming up this week, any guesses??

Barry M – Passion Fruit

Only recently did I get my first Barry M Gelly Nail Effects – and now I’m a little bit obsessed with them.

This one, for your viewing pleasure, is the lovely Passion Fruit.  Its a reddy orange, bright delight of a nail polish (and as you can imagine, gave my camera a bit of a hard time!)

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In the image above, it is showing off more red than orange.  But its delighful.  The formula is great, two easy coats and you are done.  It dries to a high shine finish, but out of habit I did top coat with G & G HK Girl for extra wear time.  I loved this.  Its so bright and easy, its like summer colour in a bottle.

I bought this in Superdrug, where at the time they were doing buy two for £6 deal, which is great as the Gelly Nail Effects retail for £3.99 and we all know pennies saved can be spent on other polish lovelies!!  You can also pick up Barry M in Boots stores and directly from Barry M.

What do you think?  Have you any Gelly Nail Effects in your collection?