Revlon – Ultra Violet

And I’m back from holiday!  Did you miss me?  Buy any good polish??  Let me know what you have been up to in the comments section!

This is a polish I received in a swap with a US buddy,  as I *may* have mentioned (a million times before) I am a SUCKER for these double ended Revlon polishes.  We have already seen the double tone French sets arrive on UK shores.  But the Neons are super lovely.

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This is Ultra Violet, the purple tinged neon from the collection.  Now I know its not the most Neon of the collection, those will come as I have the blue one, the yellow one and the darker orange one.

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What you get are two polishes in one, first you apply the white base coat and then you apply the neon polish on the top of that.  The idea being that the white base helps the neon pop and prevent hideous staining.  The white polish in this pair it quite thick and gloopy, it also dries super quickly and so speed is of the essence here.  It does take two coats to get an even coat, which you will need so that your neon polish does not look streaky.  As it is thick, double coating whilst tacky causes nail drag.  So give it time to dry.

Once your base is good (and I hear from other polish fiends that is an excellent white polish as a base or for stamping) apply the neon colour, in this case, Ultra Violet.  This is a vivid rich plum colour, very close to the colour in the publicity shots.  This was much easier to apply and two good coats provided good coverage. I used CND Stickey as my base with this one.

Again, I found it dried really quickly and had a slightly matte finish.  I used my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat to make it really shiny and lovely.  I did experience tip wear quite quickly, but I think the colour is lovely and I’m happy with the finished look.  Tip wear isn’t such an issue for me as I tend to change my polishes every 24 to 48 hours.

This is my first foray into Neons properly, so I’m happy with it, even with a gloopy base coat.  I am looking forward to trying the other three I have in my possession.

What other neon polishes would you recommend?