New Things I Have Spotted #34 – Barry M, Painted Lady & Collection2000

Three new things I have Spotted! in the past few days.  First up, as you may have already seen all over the internet, a Ltd Ed Barry M in Web Effect. Now none of the swatches I have seen online look anything like a web, but I’m a sucker for orange…20121001-184324.jpg

Then I noticed these Nail Talon Wraps from Umberto Gianinni in Boots.  Not cheap but some really cute designs.


Sorry this picture is super blurry, but the green ones look like gem beetles, awesome!


And finally, new polishes from Collection2000 (or their new name Collection) three Bedazzled nail effects.  Not sure if these are just top coats or full on glitter polishes.  Plus their price point is good, although there was no price on this stand. EDIT – Claire at Nuthin’ But a Nail Thing has some swatches check them out here…)


I know there are more new items on the way, I haven’t seen them yet – these include a cheap version of the fish egg manicure, Miss Sporty duochromes and those Barry M Gelly and Glitter polishes….

Have you Spotted! anything new recently?

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