Scofflaw – David Bowie’s Bulge

Image from Something To See or Hear

Oh my.  This is one of my lemmings that I just had to squash!  I am a MASSIVE Bowie fan, huge, have been for years.  And years.  And then some more years.

This little beauty I have to show you is from Scofflaw a US based Indie brand and is cheekily called David Bowie’s Bulge!

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This one takes inspiration from the cover of the excellent album Aladdin Sane.  See the red and the teal, you get this in spades in this polish.  The base is akin to an iced raspberry colour laced with teal and red glitters.  Its great, such a fun colour and the glitter just brings the pay off home.  I love this so very much.

I did three coats over a layer of Essie Millionails and then top coated with Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails High Gloss Top Coat.  This mani has been wearing like iron.  Iron I tell you.  Its not even showing tip wear after three days.  Bloody wonderful.  Formula was good, two coats bring the raspberry base to an opaqueness but I did three to bring on more glitter.  The glitter is well distributed throughout the polish

There are several ways you can get your mitts on some of the Scofflaw lovelies… if you are in the US, you can check out the Esty Shop.  If you are international (outside of the US) you will need to stalk out Llarowe.  More information on future releases and sneak peeks can be found of the Facebook page or check out Pinterest.  I picked up mine from Llarowe, super speedy shipping but I did have to stalk the shop to get hold of this.

Now, what other Rock Star polishes would you like to see?  Jagger’s Jack Flash??


NerdLacquer – Entirely Unlike Tea

Hey hey!  Post number two in a week of Nerdlacquer!!!

This is Entirely Unlike Tea, a nudey glitter shine bomb of a nail polish.  To quote from the NerdLAcquer website Entirely Unlike Tea ‘is what the Polishomatic came up with when asked for a flashy-yet-wearable neutral. With an opalescent warm pinky-tan base packed with silver and iridescent glitter plus (and boasting a violet-pink opaline sheen), it’s almost, but not quite, precisely like tea from outer space’.  This one is part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide collection

On the website, the polish does look really peachy.  As we will see below, mine is much nuder in colour.  There are two sizes of silver glitter in this, along with a purple flash and some iridescent purple blue small glitter pieces.  Its quite complex.

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I used Essie Millionails for my base coat and then did a second base coat with Seche Clear.  This is me doing a pre-emptive nail strike as they are in great condition at the moment and I length I adore.  I will do anything to keep my babies looking like this!!  I then applied two coats of the polish.  Like Outed by a Probot the glitter dispersion throughout the polish is excellent, there were no issues getting glitter out and onto the nail.  I top coated with a thick coat of Seche Vite as it was a wee bit on the bumpy side

Much as I am impressed with the formula, its not a colour for me.  It is too pale and we know I like big bold glitters.  I bought it because I though it was more on the peach side.  But lessons learnt here, I know to stick with the darker side of NL.

There will be more Nerdlacquers to show you throughout week, so keep popping back for more!  Information about Nerdlacquer can be found on the website including info on any restocks. Nerdlacquer is also on Google+ so check that out for forthcoming restocks too.  There was mention of April 15th, but do check  Google+ for the most up to date information.  Retail is $10 and shipping is also available for us international polish lovers via Nerdlacquer or if you are fortunate to snag any of the Harlow&Co NL editions.

Don’t forget that you can follow this blog via Bloglovin’, either by clicking the icon to the right or by clicking here.  I can also be found on Twitter @BakingNails

365 Days of Color – Frolicking

Its another 365 Days of Color polish for you today, you may remember before my holiday that we saw Nomad, a lovely spring yellow with teal glitter.  This is also part of the La Boheme Collection.  I treated myself to three from this range because they are beautiful, but now I kinda wish I has bought the whole collection!

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Now this one just SCREAMS spring.  Its like a Japanese blossom storm on the nail.  I got lots of comments about how seasonal this polish is and how lovely it looks on the nail.  I can’t disagree, they are quite right!  The colour combination is just divine, a wonderful seafoam green with glitter in pink and peach colours.  the glitter is a number of different sizes and there aren’t just hexes there are little squares and finally very small brown (or black) dots that pull it all together and give it a bit of an edge.

Application for this was great, above you see three thin coats.  The glitter was evenly dispersed throughout the polish and there was no issue with it whilst on the brush.  Glitter placement was very even for all three coats leading to this lovely look.  I based with Nailtiques 2, followed by a layer of Seche Clear and them topped with Seche Vite for a lovely glossy finish.

365 Days of Color can be bought directly from Sunny at her store, you can also read her lovely blog and ‘like’ her page on Facebook. She does ship internationally and do check her store often for new collections and special offers that come up.  Her creations are so lovely you are going to want to buy many of them as well as treating yourself to some of her lovely beauty balms.

365 Days of Color – Nomad

I have a lovely polish to share with you today from 365 Days of Color, a US based Nail Polish made by Sunny.  This is Nomad from the recently released La Boheme Collection, a selection of 6 wonderful shades, of which I have three to share with you over the next few posts.

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Nomad is what I would described as a custard yellow.  Its rippled with lovely turquoise glitters in squares and small rounder glitter pieces.  Its perfect for something spring-like but not pastel crazy.  The formula is great, what you see above it two coats.  Glitter dispersal throughout the polish is excellent and drying time is also good.  I used Seche Clear as a base coat and then used a coat of Seche Vite.  It dries every so slightly bumpy but the top coat deals with that.  Wear time is excellent, I got two days without a sign of a chip before I changed my nail polish.

365 Days of Color can be bought directly from Sunny at her store, you can also read her lovely blog and ‘like’ her page on Facebook. She does ship internationally and do check her store often as new collections and special offers are about all the time.  Her creations are so lovely you are going to want to buy many of them as well as treating yourself to some of her lovely beauty balms.

Lacquerhead Polish – My Boo


I have a lovely polish for you today, that was sent to me from my polish picking princess.  This is from Lacquerhead Polish, a relatively new arrival on the indie polish scene.  This is My Boo, one of the editions for Halloween.  I know I am very late in posting this, but I think you will forgive me when you see how beautiful it it.

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See, told you it was beautiful.  My Boo is a white based polish, with black, purple and orange glitters in it.  Very Halloween.  Its has a great formula, not too thick so that it obscures the glitters but thick enough to coat the nail.  What you see above it two coats, over a base of Essie All in One, with a pre coat of Nailtiques 2.  I used Seche Vite for a top coat.  Two coats gives a perfect amount of coverage, you can see the glitter from the first coat and the second provides a depth of glitter and makes the white opaque.  I do love a nice white glitter polish, I also have a bottle of the scrambler (check that out here!) so look out for that in the near future.

If you want to find our more about Lacquerhead Polish you can ‘like’ the Facebook page and visit the etsy shop, although shipping is only the the US and Canada at this time.  My Boo is no longer available, but there are some AWESOME holiday polishes.

Dollish Polish – Cold Winds Are Rising

Do you watch Game of Thrones?  You do?!  Me too, awesome isn’t it.  This is a GoT inspired polish from Dollish Polish called Cold Winds are Rising.  Its a super pretty slate gray polish with a mix of turquoise glitter to bring on the bling.

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It was a bit of a pain to work with, the glitter sinks quite badly.  I did leave it upside down for a while after rolling it in my hands.  Most of the glitter does seem to the stuck to the side of the bottle, which is a shame, but its pretty so stick with me.  I also noted that if you went over the same area more than once there was a tendency to pull to glitter up to the nail tip.

What you see above is three coats, which each successive coat I did see more glitter make its way onto the brush.  I used Essie all in one as my base and after the three coats, I did use my usual Seche Vite to provide a thick shiny top.  Drying time was average and it dried quite smoothly, which is a plus.  The Seche just levelled off any bumps from my application.

Anyway, not long until Season 3 of GoT!!!




Dollish Polish – Greased Lightening

Sharp eyed followers will note that I’m in a bit of a white polish and glitter “thing” – week before last I had another Dollish Polish for you in the form of Expecto Patronum.  This is one I picked up as the Bonus Shade in a summer restock I was amazed to be able to grab it as restocks on DP go so very quickly! (with good reason)

Todays polish is Greased Lightening.  Like its polish sister, this one is surprisingly easy to work with. Its a white (slightly pnky in some lights) based polish with glitters in pink, red and white.  Its really unusual and unlike anything else I have stash wise.

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Above is three medium thickness coats, not because of any formula issues, but just because I wasn’t concentrating as much as I usually do.  Base coat was my current fave, Essie all-in-one base coat and top coat was Seche Vite.  Application was easy, glitter dispersal was OK too.  Slightly thicker coats also stop you pulling all the glitters to the top of the nail.  Drying time was average and it dried just a hint bumpy.  Seche sorted that out.

If you are wanting to get your hands on some Dollish Polish lovelies, check the Big Cartel Website and make sure you follow her Facebook page for updates and new collections news!  Do you have any recommendations from Dollish Polish?  If so, let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear them

KBShimmer – Band Geek

For todays post is a wonderful KBShimmer polish called Band Geek.  Its an black tinted base with gold, silver and copper glitter suspended within it.  Its pretty awesome!

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What you see is three thin coats.  I was super pleased with the coverage of this, I was worried it was going to be a bit transluscent, but I needn’t have worried.  Colour built up well and the glitter distribution remained even. It dried well between coats and was nowhere near as bumpy as it could be.  It was very smooth.  A layer of Seche Vite Top Coat soon solved any residual bumpiness.

I just love the glitter placement, it works so well and looks so lovely.  In the sunlight the glitter catches in all sorts of way and it reallt is unlike anything else I own.  I just adore it.

You can order from the website (US Only), order from the etsy site (US only) or order from Harlow&Co (International).  I ordered from Harlow&Co and was delighted with the speedy shipping. I now have my eye on a couple from the Fall collection, wow, am just smitten with these lovelies.


Dollish Polish – Expecto Patronum

Quick post for you today, this is Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum.  And its a lovely.  Its a pale white base with baby blue glitters within it.

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I did three thin coats of this, colour built up very well and dried really smoothly.  Formula was good and easy to work with, consider how glitter packed this is, it was a lovely surprise as I was expecting a bit of trouble.  I was lucky to be able to snag a mini bottle of this at one of the many restocks towards the end of the Summer (along with some of the bonus shades).  Drying time was good and it didn’t dry bumpy.  I used Essie all in One as my base and Seche Vite as a shiny top coat.  This wore really well and I got a few days out of it before any sign of any tip wear.

If you are wanting to get your hands on some Dollish Polish lovelies, check the Big Cartel Website and make sure you follow her Facebook page for updates and new collections news!