Elevation Polish – Yetis Healing Vibes 

I have a great Elevation Polish to share with you today.  This one was created as a charity polish, to raise funds for Nepal.  I’d been eying it up for a while and also bought a couple of others…….

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The description on Elevation Polish describes it better than I could ‘a jade crelly with a blend of Ultra chrome flakes in 2 colors, gunmetal flake shimmer, White/Silver flake shimmer and aqua micro shimmer. Decorated with a ❤ Nepal sticker on the back.’ What you see above it two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 and topped off with Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat.  Formula was good and really easy to work with.

Gosh – isn’t this pretty?!  And I get to help out a good cause, what more could a polish loving person ask for? I love the mix of glitter and flakes in the green base, just stunning!

This polish is still available directly from the Elevation Polish website for $12 with $5 going to charity.  And they do ship internationally!  YAY!

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Enchanted Polish – Across The Universe

Hello polish loving people!

I’m back from my trip to NYC, do you want to see my haul?  Let me know, otherwise I’ll keep it to myself (might be best… as I went a lil bit craxy!)

Anyway, I have a lovely polish for you today, one sent to me by my Polish Picking Princess last year.  I haven’t shared this one with you before and I have worn it a bit.   Enough preamble, onto the polish!

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So this is a ‘legendary’ Enchanted Polish, when I say legendary these are well known within the polish community for being hard to get and being resold for a lot more than originally purchased for.  I know this is supply and demand, but I do wonder how many people purchase just for reselling.  Regardless, the polishes are stunning and this is the only one I own.

Enchanted Polish now come in different bottles, this is an older one and you can tell by the shape of the bottle (round) and the label.

Its just stunning, a super shiny bright linear holographic polish.  Flashes of purple and blue and navy and gold.  I love this.  It does go on a bit sheer and opacity needs fours coats, but best to layer this over black or navy so that you can make the bottle last longer.  I found that top coat didn’t dull the effect and added to the wearability of the polish, I’m still using G&G HK Girl (UK stockist Rainbow Connection) and I’ve bought one of the handy refill bottles.

If you do want to get your hands on an EP, then you will either need to stump up some cash or start stalking both Twitter and the Facebook page here, for updates on restocks.

Let me know what you think and about the haul…..