Nanacoco – Shu Cream

I came back from the US a couple of weeks ago, seems like much longer now, but whilst I was there I was able to do a great swap with the absolutely lovely G of Nouveau Cheap, yes Queen of Affordable Cometics.  I was able to bring stuff with me to the US to ship to G and she sent me the most amazing package filled with brands that were new to me.  Amongst the goodies were some milky glitters from Nanacoco – a brand I had never registered before.

This is the first one I have to share with you and is called Shu Cream.

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Shu Cream has am mikly cream base, packed with glitter that is white, orange and bronze, with the tiniest turquoise glitters. The website states it is in the gold family.  It really dinged my bells.  Now a quick word about the smell…. if you know or have tried Kleencolor then you will know what I mean about the smell.  It is quite chemically and rather strong.  So a ventilated area is a must.  And if you are sensitive to smells, you will want to avoid this as it does linger.

Anyway, i also paired this with something I have been DYING to try – which is the new peel off base coat from Sally Hansen.  Now I have tried a couple before and its always been a bit hit and miss.  So I did two thin coats of the SH Big Peel Off Base coat before applying two thickish coats of Shu Cream.  First coat was a drop and spread as it felt a bit gloopy, but that might have been because the peel off base coat once clear is a bit tacky.  Second coat was a bit thicker to capture lots of that lovely glitter!

Gosh, I love this.  Its almost work appropriate glitter isn’t it??  I topped with a layer of Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat to seal it all in and that also helped to reduce the smell.  As for that SH Big Peel Off Base Coat?  Man that is a WINNER.  The polish lasted two showers, numerous hand washing before I chose to peel it off.  And it was satisfying to peel off.  It came off in big pieces and left no residue behind.  I was super impressed.

Huge thanks to G for the swap, more swap lovelies to come over the next few posts!

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