Having lost the plot, here are all the phases from two onwards

After my last post I got stuck into the baking hard core.

I made 50 chocolate cupcakes, as see in the previous post, and then 50 vanilla cupcakes. Then I iced them. Then I make a large cupcake cake for the happy couple to cut open.

In terms of time, we are talking about 5 or 6 batches of each.  I planned ahead, weighing out my dry ingredients into large jugs, so that I could whip them together quickly.  This worked surprisingly well as I know that just doubling up the mixture can cause problems with the bake.  Each set of 12 took about 20 mins to bake, so we are looking at about 8 hours of prepping, mixing, baking and icing.

Here is the gallery of images, enjoy!

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