Ciate Colourfoil Manicures

I love trying out new things, especially where my nails are concerned.  My lovely sister bought me this Ciate colourfoil mani kit for my birthday.  I must admit, I was not convinced at first… but lets look at the pics before we plunge into the details!

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This is the Wonderland Very Colourfoil Kit.  Firstly, you get several items within the kit.  You get a Ciate polish (which is one of three different colours depending on which colourfoil way you prefer), a small bottle of glue and a number of square foil sheets.  In this kit you get Creme Soda, a dove gray colour polish to use as the base.  Although to be honest, you could you anything in your stash.

The formula of Creme Soda was a bit disappointing, it was thin, runny and two coats would not have been enough to wear on its on as it was very streaky and patchy.  However, I didn’t give it much mind as it works as a great base to make the foil elements pop.

The foils in the Wonderland Kit come in two shades of orange, a green, a pink and two silver types.  You get several of each type.

You wait until your polish is dry, then start by dabbing on the glue where you want the foil to stick.  Its best to do no more than two nails as a time because by the time you get across them all, the exposed glue is likely to have dried.  When the glue has been on a minute or so, you press the colour foil against the glue, wait a few secs and then peel it off, leaving the foil adhered to the nail.  Repeat as often as you like, all over your nails, with as many of the foils as you wish.  I went a bit crazy, using all the foils, but the smallish squares will probably last for ages if you look after them as you really use very little for each mani of 10 fingers.

It is super easy to do, you might want to do it at a table or away from any strong breezes that might blow the foil sheets about.  it takes a little bit of time and if you rush with the glue, then the foil doesn’t tend to come away in the bigger pieces and the glue sticks to the back of the foil making a gluey mess.

But WOW, love the effect.  Worth every minute to do.  I topped off my mani with a thick coat of Seche Vite and this baby wore like iron.  Three days later hardly a smidge of tip wear.  I’m that impressed I treated my self to another kit in the recent Ciate sale.

Ciate Colourfoil Mani kits can be brought directly via the Ciate website or you can pick then up if you happen to live near a Selfridges or certain John Lewis stores, but it worth checking out the stockists on this page here.  Retail on the kits if £18.00.

So, what do you think?  Have you tried any foil manis lately?