Spotted! Maybelline Color Show Limited Editions now in Poundland!

I was in my local Poundland, just doing a sweep to see what was popping up on the shelves, and I saw these little beauties! Look!  The three above are from the Stripped Nudes collection, the Brocades collection and the Street Artist collection.  I also saw some polishes from both the Neon Collection, the Vintage Leather collection and the Bleached Neon collections.  Not a full set either way and from what I can tell, these are European Editions, not US ones (where these collections in particular where larger, so more in the bleached neon collection), so none of those more elusive shades to be seen!

Have you seen these in your local pound store?  Did you pick any up?

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Maybelline Vintage Leather – Gilded Emerald

I am a naughty blogger – I went away and forgot to programme any content for you all.  It was all a bit last minute and apologies to those of you who wondered where I had gone.  Not far, I’d gone to Vienna but I am back now and I have some new lovelies to share with you.

That said, this one I’m am about to share I picked up this summer in France.  This was part of the Vintage Leather effect polishes that came out in Autumn 2013 in the UK but some of the shades are still available in Europe.  This is one that was seen the in the US collection but not the set of four (red, tan, grey and turqoise) released in the UK. Anyway, here we go, this is Gilded Emerald.

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The last couple of pictures are done with a top coat.  Now this is quite pretty, it has paler colour flakes embedded into the polish and when it dries to its matte finish, you can see these every so often in the light.  Its a dark, brown green shade, nothing like the name implies of emerald, but I guess if you gilded it…

Anyway, formula was lovely.  This is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  Drying time was fast.  Finish is a matte effect and so wear is noticable reduced because its a matte finish.  The glossy top coat does bring the flakies out a bit more and prolongs wear.  I literally could not get through the morning without it chipping.

This is a massive shame because it cute, seriously cute.

Anyway, not sure if you can get this anywhere, perhaps eBay.  But let me know what you think and what are you favourite ways to matte shades – do you buy matte polish or just a mate top coat!

Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather – 212 Mudslide Tote

I’ve got the second of the three Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather nail polishes to show to you today.  We’ve seen the first one, Turquoise Temptation, give me a few problems with applications.  I’m going to give that one another go soon.

Anyway, here come the pictures!

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This is Mudslide Tote.  It reminded me of very gray clay, a dark lovely muddy colour.  Which I know sounds weird.  But I love the colour on this one.  Its dark enough to be edge but not too dark to look black or just dirty.  The little flakies show up really well in this one.  It really does make it look like vintage leather.

The application on this was much better, it didn’t dry as quickly as the first one and I was able to get a better handle on application across all my nails.  What you see here is mostly two coats.  I did a third when I could see light streaking.  I’m quite taken with this one (can you tell??).  Really wish we had the range of ten that are currently out in the US.. see more on Nouveau Cheap.

You can pick up Maybelline in most drugstores and some larger supermarkets.  Of course, you can pick them up online too.  Retail is around the £3 mark but there are often 3 for 2 or 2 for £5 deals.

What do you think?  Have you bought any of the limited edition vintage leather polishes?

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Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather – 207 Turquoise Temptation

Today I have something from the new Maybelline Color Show Line, called Vintage Leather.  This is another effect polish, where to dries, leaving the nail textured.  This is one of the four colours available in the UK, which we saw in a recent edition of Spotted!

This one is called Turquoise Temptation.  It is quite dark in colour and does have very small flakies within the polish.

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Right, cards on the table.  This has an awful consistency.  Its gloopy and hard to work with.  I paint my nails nearly every day and I struggled no end.  It dries almost instantaneously.  You may need to do your nails in stripes.  I am a three stripes a nail kinda girl, but the third stripe of polish on my nail would pull up the polish that I had placed on seconds before.  The colour is nice, a good solid teal leaning blue.  Once dry you can see the little flakies on the nail but its not overwhelming.  It does seem to cling to every bump and line on your nail, so next time I will put a base coat on.

However, I stuck with it.  I did two coats on all my fingers, but if you did it thick enough (and didn’t drag any polish off your nails) you might get away with one well placed coat.  No top coat as per other textured polishes.  I am concerned that the polish will be drying out in the bottle as I am doing my nails.  But this is the first one I have tried, so lets see what the remainder are like.

What do you think of the Vintage Leather effect – An effect too far?

New Things I Have Spotted #55 – Revlon, Mavala, Color Show Vintage Leather & Dior Fall 2013


Hi there, have I go some Spotteds for your today!

First up, I was in Superdrug and spotted this small addition to the Revlon stand.  LOOK CHROMA CHAMELEON!!!


After that excitment, I walked up to my local Boots.  They had a new Mavala stand.


Then – new in the Maybelline stand in Boots, Color Show Vintage Leather.  Limited Edition of four polishes, not the ten available in the US.  The 3 for 2 offer makes three polishes for just shy of £6, bargain!


I picked up three, of course I did, but left the Tan one behind.  Cute name however, Tanned and Ready.


Then, yet more new things on the larger Revlon stand in Boots.  Firstly, new nail appliques by Marchesa!  Sadly all gone, but I will be looking out for these.


And in the same stand, a full range of six Chroma Chameleons.




Finally, the new Dior Fall 2013 is now out, Mystic Metallics.  Three polishes in this edition, two regular and one magnetic.




So, what do you think, seen anything you like?  Let me know if you spot anything new!