Second Chance Saturday – Mac Chroma Sinful Serpent

I’ve been having a good look through my stash over the last few weeks and much as I love sharing my new purchases with you all, I thought it might be fun to share some of the MUCH older polishes. As I mentioned last week, Second Chance Saturday is an opportunity for me just to show you what is on my nails that I may have previously swatched or had issues with, or really just to share the Polish Love.

Now onto this little beauty. Way back when I was a student (and this was for more years that I care to remember), my pals and I used to love going into town as swooning over the Mac counter. It was the only place where all of us to fulfill our cosmetic love, in my case polish. I remember these coming out in the store and being so desperate to have them. But as a student, with a p/t job, polish from Mac was a step too much in terms of cost. So imagine my joy and delight when my ex-housemate bought me this as a gift.

I will love her forever but here she is in all her polish glory, Mac Chroma Sinful Serpent.  I even took some pictures outside it was SUCH a nice day.

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In terms of formula, well its like water. Very thin and very sheer. What you see here is 5 patient coats. At least it dries quick-ish. I probably should have worn it over black, next time I will as I have about 75% left now and its precious to me. It has a magnificent duochrome, blue, red, green, gold… its all in there. It mainly looks blue to me most of the time, but every so often I see the shift from blue to red and it becomes a beautiful mauve.

I only have this one from the collection which, if I recall correctly, was one of three (although someone says 4) that were released in 2000. There was also a green (Chroma Green Garter) and a red based duochrome (EDIT – its Chroma Copper Cobra). A quick Google search reveals this blog with two of them in.. see Wixology

There are many colours like this out there now, but I think there is something special about my little bottle of Mac loveliness. What do you think?