Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Grey Beats

You may recall my recent trip to Vienna.  There I was minding my own business in a drugstore, checking out the polishes and the shower gels (who doesn’t love a good shower gel!) and my eye kept being drawn back to the Maybelline Color Show Vinyl stands.  Now I couldn’t figure out why, but in three more stores, that happened.  And then it twigged.  There were four shades, but only three were the same as the UK release.  You can see what I mean here. In Europe, there was no pink, but there was this one.  Grey Beats!

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Anyway, so I had to have it.  We’ve seen this with both the Vintage Leather, Crystallise and Acid Wash polishes where in Europe there is either more to the set, sometimes five or six colours, whilst in the UK we only have four.  Curious huh?  Its not the like the UK market is that odd is it?!?!

So, onto the polish.  This is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2.  Formula was OK, a little but draggy in places so care is needed.  But its quite the chalk grey isn’t it!  It is quite pale, but I was ready for a bit of a palette cleanser at this point, plus I think it might be a great base for some nail stamping in orange, black and darker silver…….

Not sure if you might be able to find this in the UK, perhaps eBay, but the four UK edition shades are available now in your usual Maybelline stockists.  Did you pick up any of the Vinyl collection?

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Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Teal The Deal

Final polish in the new limited edition Maybelline Color Show Vinyl polishes to share with you today.  Out of the four, this is my least favourite, but its actually quite a good shade for autumn.  Bright and yet not neon.  Lets look at some pics of Teal the Deal!

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As with the other three shdaes, this is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer.  On a side note, I have noticed that my nails are peeling again, so its back out with the Nailtiques 2 and I may even go polish free for a couple of days just to kick start the treatment.

Anyway, formula is OK.  I will be honest, out of all four, this one is the worst.  It does drag and it dries very quick, making it easier to crate drag.  But it does well with two coats and it does cling to your nail bed.  Look at that colour, a tealy blue shade, that is quite lively but not too in your face.  Its a good autumn colour for when you aren’t quite ready to quit the brightness for vampy colours!

Have you seen these out and about in polish land?  They should be on a shelf near you now!

Maybelline Color Show Vinyl Nail Polish – Speedy Swatches


Ahhh how exciting, I have finally seen the new Maybelline Color Show Vinyl Nail polishes in store, and I had to grab them to show you very quickly!  These are all two coats with no base or top – you can see how they dry to a vinyl effect  Its a bit similar to others out there and its a cross between matte and shiny.

First up, Teal the Deal.

IMG_6161.JPG Now, Black to the Basics

IMG_6162.JPGThen, Record Red


Finally, Punk Pink

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