Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Effect – Lilac Rebel

The last of the colours Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Effect nail polishes to share with you today.  This one is Lilac Rebel, a lilac tinged pale blue shade, packed with the multi sized white glitters we saw in Ripped Tide and Mint-Acid-Ittude.

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Application was OK on this one, it did need three coats to deliver opacity.  But I think its worth it.  This is three coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu and topped off with a coat of G&G HK Girl.  The top coat really helps to smooth down those larger glitters that stick up a bit and welds the whole thing onto your nails.

I’ve seen these out and about in many locations now, so if your local Boots or Superdrug hasn’t got them out yet, they soon will.  Just keep trying!

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Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Effects – PICTURE HEAVY POST

Hurrah! Finally, after more than a month since I first saw the promotional material for these Maybelline COlor Show Acid Wash Effect polishes, they have LANDED!20140526-153047-55847878.jpg


20140526-153051-55851660.jpgNaturally, all four came home with me.  Here was go with some quick and speedy swatches.

First up, Lilac Rebel 245.  Three thin coats.  This one is a pale lilac with hints of gray.  Glitter is all matte white and in a number of different sizes (like the Street Art polishes) UPDATE – link to swatches here




Then we have Mint-Acid-Ittude, 246.  This is a minty green polish with white glitter, again of varying size.  Three thin coats here. UPDATE link to swatches here.




Thirdly, here is Ripped Tide 247.  A bright aqua blue shade with white glitters.  Again three thin coats. UPDATE link to swatches here.




Finally, Top Splatter 250.  A completely white glitter top coat.  Glitter is all different sizes and is matte.  Two coats here.




So there we go.  Finally here.  I think my fave would have to be Ripped Tide.  Will get these on my nails later for better images.

What do you think?  Hit or miss?

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L’Oreal Top Coat Confetti – 929 Grafitti D’Amour

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! Today I have one of the new L’Oreal Confetti Top Coats to show you – this is one of four new shades now available in the UK. This is the red and pink one, cutely named Grafitti D’Amour.

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This in one coat of Grafitti D’Amour over a base of KIKO Denim Shade 462.  All the glitter pieces are the same size, and come in pink and red with a hint of white.  They do look to be on the matte side and certainly are not metallic. Glitter distribution is good, the clear base isn’t too thick or too thin and provides good glitter placement with one swipe of the brush.  Its quite easy to push any stray bits around if you don’t like where all the glittery bits go on the first pass.

The L’Oreal top coats seem to be about £4.99 in most stores I have seen them in – but do keep your eye out for a 3 for 2 in your local Boots or Superdrug.  Always worth picking things up them to make the pennies go further.

What do you think?  Are you over glitter toppers yet?

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Sally Hansen Sugar Crush – Sugar Fix

A quick Poundland purchase for you to see today. If you haven’t been into a Poundland in a while, I urge you to pop in and have a look – there are so many lovelies to get – Sally Hansen, Revlon, Spoiled, Sinful Colors to name a few!  This is one I had to have, I had been eying it up for weeks but I wasn’t going to pay £6 on the high street.  My prayers were answered.

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As you can this, this is a paperwhite textured polish.  The SH textures are not as gritty as some I have – although I’m not bothered by more gritty versions.  What you see above it two coats over G&G Stuck on Blu!

Love it, such a clean base and really quick to apply and dry.  No top coat required either.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments

Flormar – M01 Matte White

Right, only passing through, why is everything so crazy!  Anyway, I have a lovely polish for you today.

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This is one of the matte polishes from Flomar.  I know, why buy a matte polish when you can make any polish matte with the top coat?  This is why.

Two coats of matte perfection.  No streaks.  No bumps. No bubbles.  Perfect.  It might look a bit uneven in these pictures, but let me assure you, it wasn’t.

And then I went and stuck glitter over it! (come back next week to see that!)

Seventeen – Tropical Punch & In The Surf


So you may recall seeing the image above in a recent Spotted! column here.  Finally getting around to sharing these new Seventeen Colour Clash glitter top coats.  As you can see, there is a mainly blue one and a mainly orange one – but in a nice touch, there are hints of the blue in the orange and vice versa.  Cute huh?

Anyway, what do these babies look like on?  Lets look at some pictures

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As you can see, there is a difference between the two polishes, but surprisingly they are more similar than you might initially think!  On first glance it is hard to see that the orange shade, Tropical Punch, has lots of smaller orange glitter pieces.  Both polishes have white glitter within them alongside smaller green pieces.  In the Surf seems to pull more white glitter than blue.

However, that aside, I love glitter toppers like these.  Great for extending a mani by another day, or for accent nails and the like.  I’m going to give these a go over black and see if the colour difference is more obvious.  Or maybe green.  I dunno, my stash is my oyster!

Seventeen is readily available in Boots stores.  These were part of a new stand alone display as well as an integral piece of the stand – so check out your store especially if its a big one!  I *think* I paid £3.99 each, but got them via one of Boots’ regular 3 for 2’s.

What do you think?  A step too far?

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Elevation Polish – Plumeria

The final Elevation polish from my recent purchase to share with you today.  This one is from one of the recent collections, Heights of Hawaii, released this January.

Its circle glitter central, in pinks, purples, white, yellow, green and red.  Circles are different sizes too which is nice.

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I wore mine over Essie Mojito Madness, a lovely bright grass green.  Application was a bit tricky as there is so much glitter in the bottle.  The recommended application is to get lots on the brush, swipe the brush onto the inside of the bottle neck and then grab the glitters.  I put mine on doing this and using the dab and spread it about approach.  It worked quite well, although if you work too fast you end up yanking them all off again!

There are several places you can find out more about Elevation polish, first up the blog here and then the actual store (with international shipping).  Polishes do very in price depending on the finish, but usually they are around $8.50, glitter toppers are sometimes more.  Elevation restocks on set dates, more info on the blog and its clear which colours are going to be available or retired.  The website also lists some of the other stockists that sell Elevation.

What do you think?  Too much circle glitter, too many colours?  Let me know in the comments.

New Things I Have Spotted #74 – Barry M Silks, Lancome 2014 & Seventeen Colour Clash

Slowly the spring 2014 collections of polishes are creeping their way into stores.  Here are some I Spotted this week.

First up, the hotly anticipated Barry M Silks.  This was Superdrug, in Boots, the stand had been stripped bare!



Then the new Spring 2014 Lancome Collection – lots of pinks, gray. nude colours here.


Finally, new Seventeen polishes.  These ones are similar in style to the recent Maybelline Color Show Street Artist polishes.  I had to buy them both, especially with that offer on!  Swatches very soon!



I have also seen the new Spring mini collection by Chanel, with a new Vernis, Coup de Coeur from the Collection Variation. There are great swatches and comparisons on Beauty Look Book but I was unable to snag a picture for you this time

So there we go!  Let me know what you see out and about, anything above catch your eye??

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Sally Hansen – Rosey Shooter

And now we have glitter top coats!  You may have noticed in my US haul post, I did pick up a few. This one is Rosey Shooter, from the Rent the Runway Xtreme wear collection by Sally Hansen (see the whole range here on Nouveau Cheap). I am also slightly obsessed with my base coat, KIKO Shade 328, a lovely light gray creme with fab coverage in two coats.  But onto Rosey Shooter

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Rosey Shooter is a mix of red and white glitter.  The red glitter is all metallic, the white appears matte.  There is also white bar glitter in it.  Application is a bit of splodge and spread approach to get good even coverage, but there is quite a lot of clear base so application needs to be careful or your glitters start sliding off as its drying.

I do love this combination, the red and white is a classic colour combination.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots – Dotty

Still working through the US Haul, congrats for making it this far with me.  This is one polish I squealed out loud when I grabbed it off the shelf into the hot waiting hands….. this is one of the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots collection, but its one we didn’t get in the UK – this is the orange one, called Dotty.

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Gosh I just love this, I love the jelly look and I love the build up of the glitter and I love the fact its not opaque (even though I usually had VNL).  What you see above is two coats, over a G&G Stuck on Blu! base coat and topped with a layer of G&G HK Girl.

Dotty is an orange jelly with black and white glitter suspended within it.  The glitter is of varying sizes.  Formula is a bit gloopy but its to be expected with that much glitter in it.  A bit of splodging was required on the first coat but once that is one, the second goes on like a dream.

Ah so nice, in the UK we got four shades of the Polka Dots, sadly all now limited edition and I’ve not seen a bottle in months on the shleves.  But in the US all five of their range seem to be part of the permanent line – meaning you could probably pick the US versions via eBay.

What is your favourite polka polish?  Let me know in the comments.