Spotted – Speedy Quick Dry Barry M’s & Essence Trend Editions

If you haven’t been hanging around on social media, you may have missed the new polishes from Barry M.  These are the Speedy Quick Dry range.  Also released is a plumpy top coat. I saw this twice in two different stores, one had been hammered and the other one looked brand new out on the shop floor.  Move quickly as I think these are going to fly off the shelves and some of the blogger swatches are gorgeous!



I also took the opportunity to swing by the Essence pop up to see what Trend Editions were on sale. First up, Like An Unforgettable Kiss range.


And the Mountain Calling winter range.


So, not much new out there to report.  I would expect a bit of a flurry of new releases towards the end of hte month, so watch this space or sign up to the blog via Bloglovin’

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Victoria, Victoria Beckham VVB for Nails Inc – Judo Red

I am a lucky lucky lady – my lovely sister bought me a nail polish that I never thought I would get my hands on.  This is Victoria, Victoria Beckham VVB for Nails Inc in Judo Red.

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OK, two things, firstly this ain’t cheap.  No no no.  Secondly, its not the most unique of colours.

However, it is a stunning easy to use polish.  The brush is excellent and two coats is perfection.  I love this.  The colour is an orange leaning red, a fab shade for many a skin tone.  I am NOT a fan of Nails Inc at all, I have some, they are OK and I have a couple I adore, but on the whole, I have avoided them.

Above is two coats, over a base of Nailtiques 2 (still have peeling nails but they are MUCH better) and topped with my brand new Nails Inc 45 Second Kensington Top Coat.  Colour me impressed with the top coat, it is fast.

This makes me change my mind.  Completely.  I know its not part of the their standard line.  Formula does have a slight smell to it, must be that Bamboo Extract, but it is not off putting or overpowering.

The bottle is heavy in the hand, Venetian Glass don’t you know!  And the peek-a-boo sides?? To die for.

OK, Nails Inc, you got me.  I’m smitten!  Let me know what you think in the comments, would you pay £25 for liquid perfection?

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Spotted! Rebel Bouquet Collection by Maybelline Color Show

I knew it, I KNEW IT!!  A new Maybelline Color Show collection for Winter/Spring 2015.   This is Rebel Bouquet – an understated collection of five polishes, understated bearing in mind the Be Brilliant and Crystallize Collections!  Anyway, enough yakking – here are the pics!


As you can see above, what we are fundamentally talking about is four creme shades and a glitter topper. Now look at the glitter topper in the image, to me it looks white, with green and blue in? Yes? Possibly even SHAPED blue glitter?


From the left (426) Peach Bloom, (427) Fuchsia Petal, (428) Vivid Rose, (429) Orchid Violet and (430) Top Coat Bouquet. As we saw in this post here, Bouquet is actually a mix of white and pinky red. No blue nor green. Not sure what is going on there, seems a bit odd.

2015/01/img_7276.jpgJust so you know I’m not going crackers, here is the image for Bouquet from the Superdrug website – see?  its not what it looks like above.

I am quite gutted about that, a white, green and blue spring like topper would have been awesome!  From what I can tell, the white/green topper is a Europe edition.  I found this on Amazon.Fr showing the other topper.  Nothing on Gemey Maybelline France yet. Clearly the marketing team in the UK got the wrong image.  *sigh* don’t forget this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, remember the Europe only changes to both the Acid Wash effects AND the Nail Vinyl collection.

Finally, in the US, Rebel Bloom is a collection of lipsticks as seen here on Nouveau Cheap, wonder if we might see them in coming weeks??

Anyway, first of the new collections from the high street.  Lots of 3 for 2 offers on, so if this catches your eye, get on out there.  Did you pick these up?  Let me know in the comments.

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Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant – Skyline Blue

I’ve taken a quick break from the few polishes I bought in the US to share with you the Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant polishes that I’ve been wearing.  I previously posted about Spotting these here and here – so do check those posts out too. These are glitter toppers, meaning that they are clear or lightly tinted in the base and packed with glitter.  This is the first one I got on my nails, this is the blue from the set, called Skyline Blue.

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I popped Skyline Blue over a base of Wet N Wild Echo Dark (previously seen here) and it works fabulously!  The dark blue really makes the glitters pop and shine, and then when locked in with a shiny top coat, the effect it quite eye catching.

Its a mix of blue, purple and smaller silver pieces.  There is some light blue in there too!  I have one issue with these, and that is the application and formula.  They are quite gloopy, so I’d suggest you check the bottle before you bring it home.  I opened several of the bottles as when I picked them up there were large air pockets at the side and when I rolled the polish it didn’t move.  That was a bit of a warning sign so I opened it and it was exceptionally gloopy.  I picked up a second and it was better but still gloopy.  I checked all the bottles and others I have seen to ensure that it wasn’t just mine.

That said, it is quite easy one the glitter is on the brush to get it onto the nail.  This is one or two passes with the brush so coverage is variable.

I was surprised not to have too many blue/purple glitters in the stash, so this was a welcome addition.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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Spotted! New make up in Poundland

I’ve heard quite a buzz about the new make up range in Poundland – I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting my local store to be updated so quickly.  But lo and behold, it was.  I didn’t buy anything and I didn’t swatch or test anything.  Everything is £1, surprise surprise, but do your homework, as with any new make up ranges.

A number of images follow below, including a shot of the whole display so you can see how big it is.






The polishes look quite interesting and there is a small nail care range, including base coats, top coats and ridge fillers.  I haven’t pick up anything from the range yet, but if you have, do let me know my leaving me a comment

Thanks for reading!

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Spotted – updated stands for Christmas and some new items from Miss Sporty

A few of the stands in your local drugstores may be updated in the near future if they haven’t already. First up, Rimmel has a new end cap in Superdrug – in particular highlighting the new Pop Art topper and those Glitter Bomb shades.

Then new shades in the Miss Sporty stand….

Inlcuding another high street glitter peel off base coat, just like the new one from NYC New York Color.

And some new hologram shades.. not sure these are 100% new but they are in the new updated stand.

Finally, Barry M for the festive season, including slots for the limited edition toppers, only one seen here.

That is all this time, what have you seen out and about?

New Things I Have Spotted #70 – Cutex Ultra Cleansing, Seventeen Gel Polish & Color Show Stripped Nudes Collection

Quite a few things to share with you today, get ready!  First up, new Ultra Cleaning Cutex Nail Polish remover, you can see the little sign they have put instore, attesting to its power to remove glitter.  I used to love using Cutex removers, I haven’t for a while, but I might give this a go.  RRP varies from £1.60 to £2.20 so do shop about.


Just a close up of the bottle for you….


Then, in Boots, I finally saw the Seventeen Gel Colour, alongside stay put lippies.


Then, excitingly, I spot yet more new Maybelline Color Show – this time the collection appears to be called Stripped Nudes.  It consists of four polishes, like the previous limited edition run, two nude cremes and two glitter toppers.  These were in the main display, not in an inset as that slot is currently occupied by the new Street Artist line, but also alongside the Street Artist.




So there you go, Maybelline seem to be on it in terms of new products…. anything catch your eye?? Let me know in the comments!

Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Collection

Gosh, amazing what a few RT’s and a share on Facebook will do for traffic to your website.  Hello to all the new readers stopping by to have a look at this new collection from Maybelline in the UK.

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So as we know from Sunday’s quick Spotted! post, I surprisingly ran into the new Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coat collection in my local gigantic Boots.  I did what any self respecting nail lover would do and bought all four.  Then tweeted about it.

Oh and some of these are super cute!


01 Boom Box Black – a mix of neon green and black glitter in different shapes and sizes, there are also very small pieces of bar glitter in here and the occasional larger pieces (limited edition)

02 White Splatter – a mix of white, green, purple and green glitter with white bar glitter pieces.  The white glitter is in a number of different sizes, the green and blue in the small size and the purple and white is in the small size and the worlds teenist sized glitter.

03 Urban Vibe – a mix of neon orange and black glitter shapes in different shapes and sizes.  There are small bits of orange bar glitter (limited edition)

04 Alley Attitude – a mix of neon blue and black glitter shapes in different shapes and sizes.  There are small bits of blue bar glitter.

Formula was pretty good, what you see above is one good coat per nail and then a bit of infilling around the edges.  All sized pieces seem to come out well although there aren’t loads of bigger pieces in mine.

Dupes?  I think we’ve seen these somewhere before… such as Formula X for Sephora Bombshell I posted last week.  Alley Attitude has the look of Turbulent, Boom Box Black the look of Bionic and the only one without a good match is White Splatter, but the colour way is similar to Demolition.  Anyway, that only helps you if you are in the US.

So what do you think?  RRP is £3.99, and Maybelline is readily available in many stores, including Boots and Superdrug.  Which one do you have your eye on?  Let me know in the comments!

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New Things I have Spotted #69 – Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coats & Seventeen Gel Polish

Quick Sunday update for you…. I have literally just seen these in my local large Boots store.  These are the new Maybelline Color Show Street Artists.  These are a series of four top coats.  Interestingly, only two of these have ‘Limited Edition’ next to them so they may become part of the permanent line.


So, from the left – 03 Urban Vibe, 04 AlleyAttitude, 01 Boom Box Black & 02 White Splatter.  I’m not sure if the creme ‘Coral Craze’ is new or not, but it is in the stand.  RRP for the Street Artist is £3.99.

Interesting, the colours released in the US are not a cool as ours.  They have five, in red, dark blue, light blue, pink and light green similar to 01 Boom Box Black.  More images and links on Nouveau Cheap and on the US Maybelline site.  Nothing on the Maybelline UK website yet.

I’ve bought all four, so swatches soon and they are on offer in Boots with a buy one get one half price..  Also, in the updated stands, slots and inserts for the (presumably forthcoming) Seventeen Gel Nail Polish.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when they hit stores.


Anything catch your eye?