Sally Hansen – Rock Chic

So a quick post for you today – this is one of the many Sally Hansen’s I ordered from a US based seller on eBay.  I got several others at the same time. This is from the Xtreme Wear Color Vibrations Glitter Mania collection – from what I can see, its limited edition.

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There has been a lot of US blog chatter about how bad these glitter toppers are.  This one is not an exception to that.  As you can see, its a mix of bar glitter – which I know a LOT of you hate.  This is just awful.  Too much base and not enough glitter.  I did two coats over white and you can see the image above which shows the fill line once I had done that.  And the base bubbles like a biatch.  Awful.

Anyway, its pretty and I matted it up because the tiny bubbles were doing my head in!


Sally Hansen – Ripple Effect

Today I have a combo for you that I fell hard for.  I just adore this combination of colours! Lets hit the pics

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This is Sally Hansen Ripple Effect from the Spring 2014 Xtreme Wear Color Vibrations Glitter Mania Collection (wow THAT is a mouthful!) of which I have a few coming up over the next few weeks (blame eBay not me, I don’t have a nail polish problem oh no…).  If you want to see the rest of the collection (and guess what else I bought) you can see it over here on Nouveau Cheap.

Anyway, this is two coats of Ripple Effect over a base of Barry M Lychee.  I love the colour combination of the brown with the cool golds in this one.  Not a huge gold fan, but the Lychee base stops its from being too yellow.  The polish is made up from very small brown glitters with mainly gold in small to large sizes, although the press image does make it look more brown – hence my purchase.

Formula was as per most SH Xtreme Glitters, a bit of the gloopy side.  Glitter distribution is a bit uneven hence two coats as its best to do two instead of one thick never drying layer.  I top coated with G&G HK Girl to really seal all those glitters in and give a great shiny finish.

You can pick up Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes in the UK, but only on occasion due we get any of the ltd editions in that range.  And I’ve never seen a line of Xtreme Wear polishes in the mainland UK unless its in a cosmetics discounter, so its exceptionally unlikely that we were ever get these here.  Hence me going a bit nuts of eBay at $4 each…..

What else do you think I should try this over?  Crushing on this hard so its going to be a hard combo to beat!  Let me know in the comments.

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